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Musical Olympus

(Supplement to the journal "Echo of the planet")
mid 90s

From the archive Andrew Zadvornova

Alexander Gradsky

- Can you talk about punk as a musical direction?

- I never divide music by styles. Outside the same person, his demeanor, lifestyle, expressions of music and poetry have no special relationship. All this is just a shell, resulting from the fact that a person confesses a similar philosophy. But it has very little effect on him at the moment when he begins to write.

So how do we know that you punk? Someone suggested to you the word. He explained how to get a haircut, dress, behave in the street, about life. Not the same you made it up, right? So it all came over the hill and our people suddenly noticed that punk something close to them. But in actual fact it is a product of the Western way of life, having only an indirect relationship to us.

In Germany, my friend had a very funny story. At the entrance to the cafe he was faced with two punks of the kind that a man in a suit and tie had run away in horror. Guys just passed him and asked: "Excuse me, sir. Can we come in? "Then they continued to wriggle and grimace, went to the cafe, but behaved very decently. In this there is some strangeness. Maybe for some it is just a game, but for others - a way of life. Here are our bums - it does not punks? Absolute punks, though do not know the word, and do not listen to music.

Punk rock, in general, not much different from the music that is done by others. Poems ... Well, maybe ... demeanor on stage .. But then the "Rolling Stones" - also punks. They behaved provocatively, defiantly ...

All of our modern music has a gypsy-Jewish-restaurant-thug shade. That is, if you take any song in the style of thrash or punk and play her guitar under the driveway, it turns banal melody under three chords. It says that all of us sitting in this musical tone, which brought up the whole country.

- What song would you sing with Johnny Rotten*?

- I think, "Yesterday» or «Hey, Jude», since all agree on this.

* Johnny Rotten (real name - John Joseph Lydon) - British rock musician, one of the most prominent figures of the punk-rock, singer of the band Sex Pistols (1975-78) Founder and leader of the band Public Image Ltd (1978- 1992).