Just advertisingI understood immediately why he jumped out the window. This is a win-win situation. His head forward like he fell down and I seen all the others - the flight into the heavens, dramatically throw back his face, his hair flying, arms outstretched, eyes fixed on the unknown... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

1971, "Lagged behind lebёdushka"

Chapter from the book by Valery Yarushina "Fate named Ariel"

Based on materials from the official site: Valeria Yarushina

Valery Yarushin - The book 'The Fate named Ariel'

The those years of "All-Union Competition Hello", we search for talents It was a project of DH. Like athletes were first qualifying, regional, then regional, and in the final Moscow. And so we participants in the regional competition, the Urals and Central Asian passing in Sverdlovsk in January. But on our misfortune in the it participated Tashkent group Yalla. There, before the concert, we recognize that have no chance national cadres decide everything...

I remember, as a leading Alexander Maslyakov already held for the photos back among the winners of the soloists and ensembles in the a time when there was competition! Ariel there are not have been...! Our second place was tantamount to failure! This puncture has hit our self-esteem. Again gossip began: at fig us your songs, go into... underground. The first resigned Fendel. Here also surfaced Sergey Sharikov candidacy, organist Pilgrim. That's not objected. However, as the saying goes, there is a blessing in disguise, after a bad performance, to the I was approached by Alexander Shishkin from Gorky: Guys, do not hang nose, soon us at the Volga will be a grand competition-festival Silver strings. There'll be honest... We come to life! From he knew the conditions. Although Sov, in the end was relief: the composition of on the choice of the there you can play anything you want (even on the! in English) We here have started to learn a favorite song Beatles from Monastery Road Golden Slumbers.

It is to the place was born Lev Gurov masterpiece Silence song about the dead soldiers. I weighted arrangement, invented the organ solo, and she was impressed by the solid composition! Our musical tastes are not closed on the rock 'n' roll bands. We are equally loved monsters underground 70's Deep purple, Led Zeprelin. I remember when I was working on an old Russian folk song lagged behind swan, like to start it very impressive, such as the pagan! And here helped dippeplovsky entry language, which at first shocked the audience, and then it seemed organic. This song I understood that he is ready to more and serious...

The this time we waited for the new pereselelenie now in the truboprokatchikov Palace. Generally, these migrations, we can be easily explained by the pursuit of good equipment. Appeared Regent-60 in the Palace of Sports We to get; Hungarian BEAG - in .. DK SBV and m d The last owners were allowed to be called Ariel and, sending a request to the Gorky, sewed our great coats of silvery hue in the style of Russian epic fellows. Especially a lot of fussing artistic director Lydia Adrianovna Uskov Our Mom. So enthusiastically preparing for the competition that even slept in the palace.

And here Bitter, December 1971 year Festival Silver Strings, posvyaschennny 650th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod, on the essentially the first All-Union competition of the bit-and rock bands. Attended by more than 30 groups in the country. Arriving, we feel to the currently some coolness, even indifference. Apparently, he overestimated himself we are not know. On the Exchange before the competition, we not traded some steelmakers to... Urals. But this role is Dark Horse He played us on hand . Rehearse, we not have become. Firstly body broke. And, while our radio operator Toll Semenenko tinkered with tool, rehearsal time is up. We decided to act to go come what may! For the scenes was a verbal fuss: the first place, almost all predicted some scandalous trio Skomorokhs with the soloist-guitarist Alexander Gradsky. He strode impressively for the scene long-haired, in the -drops glasses for its fashionable flared sweeping the scene .... Most of the his dressing room came the highest vocal raspevki. Kaplun immediately once zarevnoval. All the time, I poked and ask: What note ? I it called. Boria here also took on the tone and above, raskrasnev from the pleasure, wandered through the corridor. Another very kotrovalis Sun Stone from Donetsk and Leningrad Argonauts . We Petrograd looked very colorful organist at 2 meters tall, carry a tool to the shoulder... Like at the and their guitarist Sasha, Many years later, I know that it was the famous Rosenbaum! (Then it does not have been whiskers and on your head is something growing ...)

Finally, our turn. All performances then started for the curtain. I has decided to the end of the intrigue of the jury and the audience, so I went on trick I asked leading not have to declare who we are and from, and is a report after the first song. On the the opening of the curtain the audience sees the picture: there are five good fellows in the chic coats and mow Hardy under the Deep purple ! The hall Shock Who is this from ?! Then comes the announcement: such and such, such and such an ensemble of ... Chelyabinsk. The song Silence It has already passed on , moan but broken body, and Beads moved for the piano. After the execution of Golden Slumbers with the cries of the hall had to go to the bow again, although it is in the conditions of competition are not have been provided. It should be to say that the popularity of just collapsed on the us! I was suddenly seized some people, dragged into a room and reported that there is a press conference. Girls with notebooks and microphone, a man with a cameras, flash...! All this was somehow strange!...

Trio Skomorokhs Gradski, Saulsky, Fokin acted brilliantly, putting on ears proprietary audience, performing blues of Ray Charles. Especially after the George Hall almost got! But it was the expected success, and, , was less showy appear; on. The jury got in a difficult situation. And first have to be divided between Ariel and buffoons. By to the same Gurovsky Silence received the prize for civic subjects.

So Ariel found strong wings for further flight. However, as the saying goes: a blessing in disguise, and on the contrary! A month later, we learn that the laudatory information about the festival penetrated the American magazine "Fortune", which was published a photo of our two guitarists Leva and Valera in quite home environment: behind the scenes, yawning, one of them scratched leg. A next to noggin with ... chain. And sign: working guys from working in Chelyabinsk are in the weight magical world of Western music! This boast in our Soviet circles had the opposite effect. Came a dispatch from the Moscow on our teleradiokomitet: demagnetize and to erase all the information regarding our group!

After a while of the ensemble goes terpenes (the so-called Slepuhin Leva).