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Rhythms and tastes

"Komsomolskaya Pravda", 21 декабря 1975 г.
Collected for the site AG - Oleg Petukhov

One of the great said, "Speak little, your art speak for you better." I - a professional musician and review editorial mail ever written, but for now, I feel it is necessary. For here it is - a weighty stack of letters from readers of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" that excites both them and me, that is an essential part of the spiritual life of many young people: music, big beat music, or, as they call it in the whole world, the bit music. What is a big beat? In English the big beat means "great rhythm." New name, but the sources - in the folk, classical and jazz music.

I am 25 years old. 11 years ago I first picked up an electric guitar, but by the time he graduated from the School of Music in violin. At the same time I first heard this music. Then realized that my music, I have to learn to speak its language. In those years, Moscow had accumulated to nearly a dozen guys with electric guitars, we all knew each other. Only three had been elementary music education. We all wanted to learn to play and sing. But first things met - difficulties. What? The same, of which the authors write letters lying in front of me.

"Why do you like this music? - ask us. - It is alien to you ..." In this case, the music itself associated with the appearance of musicians and their demeanor on stage. Had fairly rapidly to prove that the music in his best specimens independent, interesting, modern. Now, probably, the problem is alive only at the family level, for example, it is clear from the letter of 16-year-old Sasha D. from Moscow: "There - he writes - parents who forbid their children to listen to the music beat. They say" You all do not understand it, but simply imitate fashion ..."

Recently, the "Pioneer truth", I wrote about what it is, in my view, big beat, what it can be different, why are they so keen on the young. For all its complexity, its language has the ability to penetrate the hearts and souls of so many people. Express the greatest ideas, the most vital issue. Fight for human rights and humanity. This alone can be called the art bit, with what appears to have agreed to all of the music theorists.

Another thing is that the music is good and bad. And the poor, unfortunately, it has more. Here is why. Worked "cash" interest: through hobbies such music could improve cash charges in concert halls. Vocal and instrumental ensembles in some Philharmonic began to multiply like mushrooms after rain. There was no shortage of artists: only in Moscow, there were at one time about 200 ensembles. Choose the best, "do the hair" them under a running style, promise earnings - and all is well. Commercial interest prevails over all others. Musicians who have recently argued and passionately defended the right to life of new music, began performing old and well-known songs in the "bit-candy" wrapper.

might ask me: why do these artists do not promote their own musical ideas? Because the bands are often formed of musicians from various creative manners, directions, regardless of their wishes, capabilities and specific talents of an artist.

hardest to hear a good song in the Soviet "new arrangement." For the civil subjects were taken to cover the often poor quality of concerts, not realizing that sacrilegious to sing, for example, a word about the tragic war in the pastoral melody. The "average" student allegedly likes dizzying heights in the art.

The different fate for professionals who have dedicated themselves to this music.

Personally, I was lucky. While working on the music for the film "Romance of the Lovers" from the director Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky I heard one: "Do what you know, how you feel." And the work was interesting. We have tried to give the film what they could.

Many of my friends who play in professional ensembles, was less fortunate. "Happy? Making the music?" - I asked at the meeting. In response to: "What are you, what music! Played on three or four chords, its nothing." Yes, and how to play their own, if a relatively short period of existence of a Moscow professional ensembles in him changed over fifty musicians? The ensemble can not play "his" without the authors and like-minded musicians. And what concord with such a reshuffle?

How many in our country professional groups known. But no one knows how many earners. "In amateur ensembles - writes L. Bashkirova medical college student - a lot of talented guys who are outside the stage, they have no one does. Think that holding contests, festivals, amateur vocal and instrumental ensembles would be the first step to solving many problems. "

I could not agree with the author of the letter. The more often that attempts to create amateur music clubs. They were created with a noble purpose to unite all the "street" to lead them, to help than is necessary, namely, equipment, organization of concerts, school, etc. But it fell apart due to lack of specific assistance. Who in this case should take the helm, I honestly do not know. In any case, the help of the Komsomol necessary as the assistance of professional musicians, according to Mr. Gordeev from Kurgan.

We must teach children is good music, and not the cheap imitation of Western groups like Jeff Christie or "Slade." And nothing can be justified by the desire of other men, armed with electric guitars, please the public by all means, write and sing so-called hit. Of course, it is tempting: that the whole country if successful sing. But there is worse in art: averaging mass audience.

No, you have to tell young people: that's complicated, interesting music, try to understand it. Let someone like her less than usual hits famous ensembles. In the end, I'm sure the audience will choose to taste.

Many participants

professional VIA, even leaders, unfortunately, have often not only higher music education - even none. On the contrary, in the amateur compositions often meet people with conservatory diploma. But the "watershed" is not here, a good musician feels and understands contemporary music, fully formed, while the poor do not know and can not, picked up the upper, sober "materialist", "shlyagerist" without a shadow of personality.

Needed and popular lectures and concerts in a large auditorium with the broadcast on radio and television (like lectures Au. Kabalevsky for children).

In conclusion I would like to appeal to those who handle an electric guitar.

If you decide on this, not content with little. You should carefully examine musical notation, the best examples of classical and contemporary music, work hard.


Before you go on stage, ask yourself, "Do I have that right? After a minute I see the audience. Will I be able to tell her his own, new?" Without this confidence does not come out. But if you are devoted music and you need to deal with it at least for myself, first of all, think about reading and writing, and then, having learned to speak, speak loudly and clearly.

Alexander Gradsky, composer.