Just advertisingWhen I heard on this stage «Skomorokhov» - I felt sick. I was all by Meryl Beatle, and it appeared that in all respects «Skomorokhi» above - Fokin clearly scored on drums Ringo Starr, Gradskij sing like Lennon and McCartney together and chetyrehgolose «Skomorokhov» completely overlap watery Beatles chord.... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement and the music!

From the archive of Mikhail Emelyanov

From the archive of Mikhail Emelyanov - Alexander Gradsky

I am sending ... two magazine clippings soc. countries, do not remember what exactly. Gradski at the contest Bratislava Lyre and won. One photo from the newspaper Moscow news. This Buffoons ...

Mikhail Emelyanov (23.05.07)