Just advertisingYes, I do not understand. Yes, difficult poems. Yes, unusual music. But what a voice! How to own an instrument! How to move! What a great actor! I guess it's interesting. We must look, try to understand... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

There will be music

"Soviet culture", August 1, 1978
Collected for the site AG - Oleg Petukhov

In my opinion, VIA genre - is a kind of "guitar-modern" breaking of one or more parties we are all familiar mass song. Apparently, so our leading composer of songs so quickly found a common language with vocal and instrumental ensembles. But this, in my opinion, and the overall "similarity" VIA - it stands out among them, as a rule, teams, taking as a basis for their song songs folk music material.

I am personally acquainted with many musicians VIA and I can say that they are more suited to the option to compose himself. This way there may be groups, each with its own repertoire, with several leaders of the authors, there are creative individuals. But just be a little creative individual, one must also possess outstanding professional skill. And that after all the young bands that do not have mass popularity, but want to get it, often seek to fulfill the already known "running" repertoire, mistakenly believing in this, that the public is better takes of "recognizable" and those that are simpler. Of course, some truth in it, but it is clear that in this case the young ensemble follows the path of least resistance and the desired success of the public will not have. Patted him, of course. But the song or ensemble? I think that song.

By the way, we now have a tendency of audience to think of a complex musical form, good poetry, embedded in this form to get involved in the art of the interpreter, his intellect. And yet still growing in popularity and entertainment to visit (but high in artistic terms) programs. Listeners often complain about the so-called "high volume of contemporary vocal and instrumental ensembles." It seems to me that they should be reproached for not so much for high volume, but for the lack of nuance in the performance of various works. As you know, the music must attend a variety of patterns and colors sound effect. Any music is built on contrasts sound on the ups and downs of the highlights of the speakers. Of course, this is somewhat schematic explanation of the structure of music, and even a simple "scheme" performance of songs the vocal-instrumental ensembles meet.

would like to add that the term "music alien" or "alien genre" for me at all acceptable, as many genres of contemporary music (opera, symphony, oratorio, ballet), born on other grounds, but later got in our country of his "permanent residence" by the creations of such masters as Glinka, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich.

Objective realities of Soviet jazz. And if (as I see it, just because of lack of information), one thinks that "good poetry and" bit "incompatible", well, I respect the opinions of others, but he has long known that it is not. < br>
For me

Soviet "bits" - an objective and for about ten years, there is a reality that is created on the professional stage as a jazz-rock ensemble Kozlov and "Buffoons", in which I am involved, and some amateur "bits" - group, which, oddly enough, played by many professional musicians. All of these teams also required extensive advertising on radio, television and on the record, because they promote mostly serious, repeat, serious music, about which there are noisy disputes.

repeat: let there be on the radio, television, on the record, even development of all genres and directions - a philosophical music and entertainment, and "bit", and VIA, and popular song, and creativity of individual soloists and performers. Only in this case, students will be able to choose something for themselves, the right mood.

Alexander grad, composer and singer.