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With hope

"Moskovsky Komsomolets", May-June 1979

From the archive Andrew Zadvornova
With hope - Alexander Gradsky

in Luzhniki Sports Palace from June 8 to 12 will be held the big pop concerts with composer and singer Alexander Gradskiy. Our correspondent met him before the performance.

- What place in his creative work, you are giving live performances?

- my main work in accordance with the degree of completion Gnessin School is teaching vocal. Now I am a class of pop vocalists with a specialization in the same Gnessin.

Then, of course, to study composition, and in recent years there has been a bias towards the creation of a large form, in particular, music for films. The work on the music for the film «Diamond Trail» (Kievnauchfilm) and feature films «Nikushor», «Talk, brother» and «Who is the chief?».

takes a lot of time working on new songs songs, record them. In particular, did the recording «Russian songs», which are expected to be available on the record.

As you can see, the time for playing concerts is not much, but still speak regularly for the last 2-3 years has traveled many cities. Concerts in Moscow, by the way, my first speech to the Moscow audience so vast - it is like a subtotal of my live performances.

wants to show his countrymen those things that almost connected my formation as a composer and singer. This is, so to speak, a kind of anthology of my songwriting.

- What was included in the concert program?

- My performance in the concert lasts about an hour, mostly I'm the one singing to his own accompaniment on the guitar. Only a few compositions connect my friends in the group "Buffoons" - Vladimir Vasilkov (drums) and Yuri Ivanov (bass).

will be performed mainly rock songs, most of which was written in the early seventies. Some of them are known to the wide audience of the film « Romance for Lovers» («Song of the Birds," "Oh, yes spree ..."), recently released by "Mignon." But many of the songs had on the radio, television or records did not sound.

- Where is the famous song "We Were Young" Pahmutowa N. Dobronravova? After all, your popularity is largely due to her.

- In concerts I sing only songs - that's my principle. Pahmutova song (I really like it, and still deeply care about), and a number of works by other composers - an experiment in the use of my data in pop, popular song. This experiment can be assessed in different ways, but further experimental case has not yet gone.

I do have a tendency to experiment - so now I was asked to sing operatic roles in the experimental student theater Gnessin School. And why not? After all, I studied as an opera singer. Try.


now negotiating with the creation of a special Rosconcert touring band I played in for staging and execution I wrote the rock opera «Stadium».

I write music for a ballet based on the story Kipling «Mowgli» (N. Konchalovskaya libretto). Also interesting, too, of a kind experiment.

As for popularity - there is much to determine the number of times on television and radio. Maybe someday, and songs written by me, will be just as popular.

- Are not you afraid to speak in the Palace of Sports? Huge audience, dark hall, the audience can not see ...

- The difficulties of course. Many of the songs I have built on the forced, powerful sound of the voice. For the full performance in the great hall of the equipment needed to install a powerful, as is done.

As contact with the audience, then surely it depends on two things - the skill of the artist and the viewer the desire to make contact.

I have my own theory about the number of viewers. Regardless of the size of the hall, at any concert there will be a certain part of "your" audience and "random" audience. The more, therefore, the size of the room - the more "your" viewers who know where and why they came. So it should be fine.

-What do you expect from these concerts?

- very much, and excited as a little boy. For now opinion of me is often created by overhearing things. This is perhaps true. Nothing can replace the personal contact of the artist and the audience at the concert. I think I have something to say Moscow audience. If the audience after the concert would take the same - it will be an incentive to further improve my work.

I already said that I find these shows to some extent the result, but that the result - it is always a beginning. What will be a new beginning - in many ways the audience will decide.