Musician, composer, poet and singer


October 1979
Musician, composer, poet and singer - Alexander Gradsky

Songs performed by Alexander Gradsky, their melodies, and often poems written by him, remember and LOVE listeners.

Gradsky finished music school in violin, then the vocal faculty of Musical and Pedagogical Institute Gnesin. He studied at the Conservatory - composition class Tikhon Khrennikov. Now it himself. Teaches at the school Gnesin. Recently entered record "Alexander Gradsky and ensemble" Buffoons "" - if it contains an integral work, which presents the topic and civil, and the lyrics, and drama, and a joke.

- Alexander, we can assume that stage - your main compositional object?

- It depends. Compose music for theater productions, films, cartoons - the so-called application, it is the background the main action. Writing and specifically for the record, and this work I prefer, as in this case, the independent role of the song. As for the pop - concerts in different cities of the country, I sing my songs to the guitar, accompanying himself.

- What have you got there before - lyrics or melody?

- When there is a melody, I try to back it in verse. But finding a decent poem, I try to pass them to music. In any case, the problem - as clearly as possible the listener and emotional thought.

- Who do you think the standard of the musician? To whom would you like to be like?

- The standard, like ... These words do not carry to Dmitry Shostakovich, the great musician. Compose the music - this dream is too bold. Because one has to be the way he was, and live life as nicely.

- What to fill your leisure time?

- And I work - music and entertainment - music. You can not say "rest of the books" - books are required, necessary ... I love to swim, play volleyball, root for "their" football team, sometimes participating in the rally.

- What's new now write?

- Finished rock opera "Stadium" (for orchestra), dedicated to the courage and resilience of the Chilean patriots. Completed the cycle "Russian Song" - stage-vocal suite based - Russian subjects, folklore, preparing it to record to record. I work on the opera by Lermontov's "Masquerade", conceived it as an opera in disguise, where the development of the mask on the characters will change.

Interviewed Kozlovskii.

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