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Novelty of our stage!

"Literary Gazette, "August 27, 1980
Собрал для сайта АГ - Олег Петухов

I can not respond to the performance director K. Mikhailov "Take care of the song" ("LH" № 24). It is not clear yet is directed against anyone article. Either against VIA, or against singers, "Singin '...", or against innovation in general.

Yes, our inherent Russian song melody. But not only. Every little bit educated musician knows that the Russian folk song amazingly diverse, multi-genre, if you will. Ditties, shouting all sorts of lamentations, often atonal, workhouses songs, suffering, last, lingering lyrical (yes and list all possible) - this is our tradition. Develop any one genre - and thus impoverish the Russian and Soviet song.

Next. To better convey to the listener the content of vocal works, you need to use as many colors and nuances. Appropriate here and whisper and shout, and "sudden pause," and "mind blowing pause", and many other techniques, which can only know a professional.

course, have to be on TV programs in which the old songs sound, once the most favorite, but there must be programs in which sound innovations. NEW our stage! About our new platform. If we do not look for a new, even when you make mistakes in this case, there is nothing you will not find.

To "excessive volume" (incidentally once Wagner - - blamed for "loud music"): First, the concerts of popular bands occur in large areas, such as sports arenas. In this case, the audience sitting at the end of the great hall, too, would like to hear something. Hence - the audio quality and, of course, the costs in the form of a large volume for the first series. But it is necessary to step back a little bit, and in the ninth-tenth series sound quite tolerable. My advice: do not buy tickets in the first ten rows, if not like a loud sound. I know the fans who are happy to acquire tickets there. Can be avoided and these inconveniences. But to do this requires special equipment, which at high power does not sound unpleasant sensations. Such, for instance, was at a concert of some foreign "stars". Unfortunately, the quality of equipment, most of our pop bands do not and you never know when it will be.

Can hardly blame the musicians and singers in an effort to familiarize the audience with the latest peripheral stage. Not all, of course, are talented, not all excellent taste, but ... By the way, not just in concert viewer should aspire. One love "vociferous rhythm group", others - no. One likes Leshchenko another - Pugacheva. The big drawback - the lack of accurate and timely advertising. Every viewer has to know exactly what kind of music it is expected. Read the letter, I notice that some of my suggestions to improve things pop repeated from year to year (availability of equipment, on-time advertising, skilled direction, modern lighting equipment, beautiful costumes, the quality of the texts, etc.). But "things are out there." It's time to help the song thing.

Alexander Gradsky, composer and singer.