Just advertisingFor me personally, the church and faith - two different things. Christ said that he wanted to erect a temple in his heart. I think he told me this directly. I do not need intermediaries to communicate with God. There are people who need a church, need holidays, commandments, prayers, communion with the priest, and I respect them, so it should be. But I do not need... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Four rotation
Alexander Gradsky

"Students Meridian" 1981-1983 year
Four rotation Alexander Gradsky

in the life of every musician, there are moments when one has to choose where to go, what direction to develop. The musician, of whom our story, there were four such rotation.

One day the parents took Sasha to the music school. They really do not know yet, on what it should be taught to play. At the threshold of the school my mother had the idea that most of the cello will be hard to drag the boy. And he began to learn the violin. It was the first turning point in his life.

school was good. And the teachers are excellent. They instilled in him a love for music. Maybe that's why he became a master, and other instruments - piano, guitar, all of which you can extract the music, he was very interested.

His uncle was a dancer in the ensemble of Moses. He once gave him a plate of Elvis Presley. Sasha learned it by heart. "Tram-ta-ra-ram" - brenkalo piano, and no one had heard of these timid chords confident handwriting singer and composer Alexander Gradsky. No one. Is that the boy himself.

The school had to serve at parties. He was singing. He sang, of course, under Robertino Loretti. Then all the boys as they sang.

In the early sixties, was born in England, the ensemble of "The Beatles". All felt that it was some new music. Then she gave the name "rock", but then the last thing young people think about how it's called. Then there were the first of our ensembles, amateur.

The first was formed at Moscow State University, in Interclub. Sasha, of course, could not resist the pleasure of running back and even played with them. In late 1963 or early 1964 he decided to create his band. And it creates. At first it was called "Moon Dog" - quite in keeping with the fashion of the time, then - "Silver Strings". Finally - « Slavs ».

After some time in the ensemble began the differences, it is quite natural in the group, gathered by chance. Gradskij away from it. He realized that he can not play other peoples music.

As soon as he understood it, Sasha Gradskij become a musician Gradsky. It was the second turn.

- We live in a country with a rich musical traditions - classical and folk. And we decided to play, Russian, and music. To do this in the first place was created ensemble "Buffoons." We often got together and talked about music, writing music. Born terribly cunning plan to sit godok or two, quietly compose a lot of good songs, and then with the whole repertoire of audience reach and impress everyone. But to realize these intentions, we needed tools and equipment. We had to develop another plan, however clever: together with the "clowns" to organize the second ensemble - "Los Panchos", to speak at various dances and ceremonial gatherings ...

«Buffoons" began performing in 1966. On the "Los Panchos" and I forgot to think, but still from time to time each of us had to go on tour with other ensembles, to somehow correct the "buffoon" of the case. Finally we have a good equipment - we can already make all their plans. By the way, we were the first ensemble, which played repertoire consists entirely of songs written by band members.

In 1969

Gradskij decided to enroll in college at the Conservatory. In fact, after graduating from music school could come soon in the Gnessin Institute, or conservatory. But all first went to college, so he decided to do like everyone else. In the first round said, is not capable. Then he transferred the documents to the Gnessin Institute, and imagine - did, and even at the opera department, where it's difficult to get.


Gnessin Institute made no mistake when he heard a strong by nature, but "raw" voice Gradsky rudiments excellent tenor. By the third year of training, he has sung opera in all batches of its course, was one of the best (ahead of the event, we note that at the present time, A. Gradskij teaches vocals at Gnessin School).

Institute, he graduated on time and with good results. There were serious suggestions: you can go and work in opera. But it was possible to continue to act on stage. There were thoughts, vibrations, though short-lived. Gradskij stayed true to rock music. Their music. It was the third turn in his life.

Gradsky Institute gave the Executive a lot. Not every singer has received such training. He was able to develop all the best that nature gave him. In the opera perfectly mastered technique, learned "in a fatal" to sing with all light, all the voice without a trace. Examined the different style of performance, he managed to master the difficult and very oriental methods of singing - the so-called double-sounds and a quarter-tone sound production. All this applies to them in practice - in every show, every time you write.

And what about "Buffoons"? They continued to exist, though, when he studied at the time Gradsky was not so much. In December 1971, at the festival "Silver Strings" in the city of Gorky, the jury awards the Grand Prize to two groups: no one was not yet known amateur "Ariel", who had come from Chelyabinsk, and the ensemble "Buffoons" Alexander Gradsky. With this victory, starts a chain of successes: the Gradskaya say on the radio, nine of his songs recorded and the radio station "Youth". "Melody," released first, flexible plate. On her: "Blue Forest", "Spain", "Buffoons", "Girlfriend collier».

In 1972, refers to the Gradsky composer David Tukhmanov, has written two songs for his first solo album. Gradskij doing it, writes, "Mona Lisa" and "There was, I».

Radio, recording records, and make regular tours Gradsky popular not only in Moscow. It is no longer considered "amateur" singer.

Finally, he was invited to write music for the film "Romance of Lovers." It was the fourth turn - Gradskij became a composer.

In fact, he wrote the song before, but it became a professional composer, then, in 1973.

- At first I thought of two decades of musical excerpts, which at various times have had to compose. Of them chose seven or eight - they were the main themes of the picture. Later, Bulat Okudzhava and Natalia Konchalovskaya were written texts (only the "Song of the Birds" was founded on the ready-made poems Glazkova). Work was hell. I absolutely did not understand in music for film, could not write symphonic scores, did not know how much.

At first I did not succeed, all went very badly. I am sure of success, but pretended to have no doubt, and worked. The music for "The Romance of the Lovers," I even dreamed about at night ...

for her 1974 music magazine "Billboard" awards Alexander Gradsky title "Star of the Year". Since then he has written music for eight feature films, many cartoons.

It began the most fruitful period in his life Gradsky. For two years he studied at the conservatory composition class in TN Khrennikov. He wrote the opera "stadium" ballet "Mowgli" song cycles "Reflections of a clown" and "Russian songs", music for television movie "Heirs of Prometheus." Writes songs for the film with music by Alexandra Pahmutova ("My love is in his third year"), George Saulsky ("The sun, the sun again"), Gennady Gladkov (cartoons).

Prior to the listener

came, unfortunately, only the latter "pop" songs Gradsky representing only one, is not home, the side of his creativity. People who have not been to a concert Gradsky, usually asks: "Gradskij? That which is "We Were Young"? "Therefore it is, I think, to learn from the very Gradsky of important works for him.

- longest working on the rock opera "stadium." It all started in the autumn of 1973, when the terrible news came first from Chile. For two years we, along with the libretto written by Margarita Pushkina, while I was composing music. Changed the concept: the music and story. The death of Victor Jara shocked me, and initially I intended to write an opera about the last days of his life and heroic death in a stadium in Santiago, which the junta has turned into a torture chamber. Over time, the idea expanded. The main character was a composite image of the singer. Will force the artist to give their lives for their beliefs? Enough, if it is real, true artist ...

series "Reflections of a clown" consists of ten songs, at first glance unrelated to each other without. Each of them was written in a different musical style: "In the fields covered with snow and rain" - in the baroque-rock, "Song of the Fool" - hard rock, "Our old house" - folk-rock. "I - Goya" - a philosophical and social fate. But all together they give a more or less complete picture of the artist's attitude. These are the songs that surround a person, about what he lives, what he loves and hates. This is a song about life. The four songs mentioned in this series came out in 1978 on the MCD "Ringtones».

But the songs included in the other series - "Russian Song" - musically related. They are based on well-known and little-known Russian folk song. LP recording of these songs are combined into a suite, recently came out. It not only sing but also play at all - fourteen - instruments. It was a very difficult job, and I'm proud of it.

Telefilm "Heirs of Prometheus," a historical, it is a great utopian socialists - Fourier, Saint-Simon and others. I wanted to use musical imagery, coupled with documentary footage to tell about how the idea is born, as it diverges on the world as people take it for service. Were taken from the classics of poetry, it's to much obliged.

From music to the "Heirs of Prometheus" suite is arranged now, she should go to the "Ring».

work the last time - a song cycle on poems by Sasha Chorny. Incidentally, there are in this cycle, and "Lullaby" - because in my last son was born ...


range - from opera to a lullaby! I once asked Alexander Gradsky, as he defines the genre, the style of his music.

- What is style? I do not know. I only know that I play rock music. For me, it is important that it was my music. I myself have great respect for the older generation of singers - and Claudius Shulzhenko, and Mark Bernes, and Leonid Utesov. Everything they did, they did really. Sincerity - the main advantage of a musician ...

Gradskij sensitive to music, any false, fake it feels right. Unprincipled - is in his mouth the most terrible curse. And what he does - it is really music Gradsky. Recognized not only voice but also a creative artist's handwriting, his rhythm, his breath.

has long been observed that the artists are not born. Become masters. Gradskij was named not only because they played a lot, studied music in the schools and read a bunch of textbooks. In his work can feel the mind, erudition, and not just music. He loves to meet new people, eagerly listening, watching, reading, absorbing everything new. He loves poetry and he writes poetry. Books lined the walls of his small room. Books everywhere - on the table, on the floor. And of course, cut off half of the room a giant piano. And then goes back and forth Gradskij three free books and a piano meters and talks about his music. Tonight, he comes on stage, pick a deep breath and hit the strings of the guitar. He will sing. About the mother and the motherland, love and treason, the heroes and commoners, and the other and the child ... And then will the applause, autographs, the fans. Will all that usually happens around the artist.

But all that was "before" and all that will be "after" - books, meetings, and ups and drop and turns - all for one purpose, for the sake of what he lives. For the sake of music.