Just advertisingIn contrast to the «Slavs» and «Scythians», «Skomorochi» is mostly performed their songs - Gradsky, Buynova, Shakhnazarov. Each long and carefully rehearsed - thought over the party instrumentation. Creativity was a collective, proposals were accepted or rejected by the whole ensemble... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Heart, given to the songs

Ear number 2 (September 1982).
Heart, given to the songs - Alexander Gradsky

From Gradsky we were delighted, and somewhat as the English say, perpleks'd, ie are in a quandary. Obviously saw something great, nice and real, but too much goes out of the usual circle. First, it's not quite rock, he sings, or a simple guitar, as a bard, or - as a one-man band, while accompanying himself on piano, synthesis, and bells. In both cases turns out better than narrow specialists. Golosina stronger than all the rockers in Moscow and Leningrad, taken together, As for content, in spite of good rocker tradition of singing only his Gradsky sings mostly foreign, and not a "friend of the poet Fyodor," and the classic Sasha Cherny, Oleynikov, Shakespeare. Own words, though sometimes clumsily for the thin sound of hearing salon ladies, very sincere and convey the mood of unspoiled form. But these songs - have a clean bardizm:

Oh, Mary did not go on a date, yes,

can see she did not like our Vanya.

Viktor Ivanovich took her to the restaurant

To report information about sex.


Rock can be proud of, that has brought such a bard: his dedication Wysocki interesting not only narcissistic experience Makarevich, but the wonderful creations of our famous poets (yes, they will forgive me). These poets have proceeded with a haughty air inside the Taganka and wept there in the company of some S. Kunyaeva, who did not hesitate then to the pages of the Literary smear mud tomb revered by the people. A Gradsky obviously was on this day is not with the elite, but with ordinary people about what and told in his song, in this July day, the people accompanied the national poet. Perhaps, in his song is not so beautiful rhyme, but it is closer to the spirit of the Vysotsky:

.... in a tunnel going bessvetny,

He gave the last concert ...

Oh, what wonderful collections,

Oh, what a useless success,

astronauts, students, miners, and actors -

He has been a mainstay for all!

It's true about Vysotsky, not hidden behind thoughtful grimaces. Thank Gradsky for it.

His speech lasted till midnight - do not let go. I hope that smart people with time to tell us more about Gradskaya and about this new singer-rock direction in his work. Continue to review the positive part of the festival. Were greeted warmly AQUARIUM (April 19) and "Last Chance" (April 21).. The latter is very small, as usual, Muscovites have changed their program so writing about them, nothing special: as always, all were satisfied. A Leningrad wrote a couple of new songs, such as, for example, "Splendor" Borin to your favorite theme: "the woman - she was a fool." We played well at first, started the hall, in spite of the specific audience. But the machine, well served, "Panorama", then for some reason was cut down. They say that kicking a local operator. In any case, it does no credit to the organizers. A good third of the "Aquarium" was so crumpled, and in publishing the buffet after the festival had to hear the speech that expected from the BG-de more - although it is nothing essentially to blame.

Another participant of the festival - Ginter Yautakayte from Lithuania. A very nice woman with a wonderful voice. Well played. She wrote the song one time (three years ago, according to her). But the program it quite pleasant to the ear, more suited to a conservatory. They say people in the know, that before it was fun.

That's what I can tell you about the festival.

Alexander Kaverznev

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