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Unusual Concert,

left a puzzled audience, held in the youth center "Vanguard"

newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets"
29 May 1983.
live collection

Well when the concert ends with applause and shouts of "bravo." Worse, when he just had finally ended. And it really bad when your emotions derived from the performances, the audience expressed as a critical letters and various authorities.

So for us, the editors, it is a recent letter:

"May 4 at the youth center" Vanguard ", a concert A. Gradsky. We, the audience, who had come to this show, it is angered, and as the organization itself, evenings, and the behavior of A. Gradsky" - write Komsomol Krasnogvardeisky District - "sorry we lost time".

What a disappointment awaited the young men, in advance and happy to buy tickets for the performance of the popular and beloved of the singer? Forcing LA Sazonov, G. Gross, E. Poliakov, A. Melnikov, and their comrades, workers of solid scientific research institute, in such a categorical phrase at the end of the letter: "We want to continue this does not happen again!".

try, with the help of the letter authors and direct organizers of the concert, the events that took place that evening in the "Vanguard".

A. Pavlov, head of the Propaganda Department of the Young Communist League Krasnogvardeisky RK:

- The night we spent in the "Vanguard" the concert, which was supposed to attend the singer A. Gradsky and the authors of the 16th page of "Literary newspaper" A. Hort and B. Zawadzki. Knowing that the speech of Gradskiy precedes delivery and setup of equipment, we have used it to prepare for the evening. According to the agreement sent a car for equipment, a working group, which was to help her unload and set the scene. Because of all this, together with the setting out at least two hours, and the last film show in the "Vanguard" ended about six in the evening, we have appointed a concert at 20.00.

T. Serebryakov, director of the youth center "Vanguard":

- Tools and equipment belatedly brought A.Gradskogo group, and he arrived alone at seven. Then it started. "Again they brought the wrong equipment! With this act, I will not!", - Said the singer. Began the showdown between Alexander and his Gradsky gpyppoy, which was responsible for the delivery of all necessary. As time went on, and we did not know whether he will perform or not.

this evening in the "Vanguard" has gathered more than ever. Thousand tickets were sold for the concert. And listen to your favorite singer came not only 18 - 20-year-old fans of pop music, but also a more "mature" 30-even 40-year-old people.

"We have long been absent, so to speak, are familiar with A. Gradsky. heard him on the radio and television, in the movies - explain the authors of the letter. - But we live far away from the city center, and it is difficult to find the time of daily routine to go to his concerts. Perhaps this never would have happened if he had not acted in "Vanguard", which is located in our area. Such a possibility is of course we tried not to miss ".
And all

concert did not start. To distract waves and procedures already tired of people (many of them came here an hour before), the administration of the youth center began an impromptu disco. Finally, "A Gradsky and the" come to an agreement and "not the kind of" equipment was placed on the stage. But it still takes time and considerable, to set it up, and part of the audience is beginning to grumble and be interested in where you can drop tickets ...
Around 20.30

concert still decided to start.

"on stage Gradskiy staff came 16th page of" Literary newspaper "Hort and Zawadzki, through which the public mood has improved considerably. thank them very much." (From a letter)

It seems that the organizers of the evening could breathe easy. The audience - in the audience, artists - on stage, but ...

T. Serebryakov:

- When was the first action Gradski said again that act will not be, because there is no piano. What do we do in this situation?

A. Pavlov:

- And at the ninth hour of the evening with a group of guys, we went to a music school and "good faith" begged the director of the tool. And then the truck carefully kept it from all sides, that he accidentally upset by a certain impulse.

If guys knew that the piano did not need ...

first part lasted about an hour, and then asked the audience T. Serebryakov again leave the room to A.Gradsky able to set up the equipment. Of course, the measure of this forced, as a curtain on the stage, "Vanguard" is not, and "tune" musician should in silence. But you see, and note: the clock moved to ten, and the promise of the poster "sings A. Gradsky" they still have not heard ...

"At this point, the patience of the public came to an end - the hall sounded outrageous remarks about the concert. A. Then Gradsky already on the scene, said that if there is a replica, it is now gone." (From a letter)

and exhausted people waiting again left the room.
When initially

eleventh spectators were again on its own, the tickets already purchased, places, it became clear that they were leaving them in vain.

- The equipment I had won, - said A. Gradski - I will sing to the guitar ...

and sang under the normal guitar, which can be set at home before the concert.

T. Serebryakov:

- Played it for about forty minutes. And with such force struck the strings that the hall was thunder ... During his concert six or seven dozen people left. Almost every such care with a commentary by A. Gradsky on the microphone.

from the letter: "amplifying device was tuned to these frequencies, we all cracked head ... One of the girls sitting next to, literally deaf and ran out of the room ... Unbelievable ambitions and disruptive behavior (sharp shouts into the microphone, comments toward the audience) A. Gradskiy extremely outraged public. After each song, the audience deserted the ranks ... disgusting performance of songs, disregard for the public is, at least, puzzling ".

limited to these statements about the actual musical part of speech of Gradskiy. We note only that all who had to talk after, concert, were in the same state.

- you lose heart - says Pavlov. - After all, our center and was created for young people to the distal region of the city could see and hear the artists, visit their performances and concerts. But to come to our proposal has already answered a polite refusal of the Lenin Komsomol Theater.

A. Gradsky performance in this respect was very important for us. It was to be the first sign of something. And such a failure ...

Now is necessary to prepare a new night, and we're just afraid to invite someone from the top. First of all, can take and not to come, well, and secondly ...

a pity. After such youth centers in Moscow only three.