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Alexander Gradsky - Graduate Institute Gnesin, author of music to many films, operas "Stadium", the ballet "people. "He has written over 200 songs. As any thinking musician, he is always in search.
Dialog - Alexander Gradsky

— As though you formulated your musical addictions?

— I Love Bach and Beethoven, Wagner and Mozart, Chopin, Stravinsky, Musorgsky, Shostakovich... In our century of rough information only music of great passions can reach heart of the person.

— whether seems to you, what in the general musical stream tantsevalno - the entertaining element obviously prevails over the musical and semantic?

— It is natural. Entertaining music, in my opinion, doesn't put problems, especially doesn't solve them. It is consumption music. It it is possible, listening, not to hear. It is a sound background. The serious song lifting any problems, can cause someone's discontent not to be pleasant to someone. It is possible, therefore so appear are hardy «blood, love, again...»

— I remember the 60th years. Then «love, again» too took place. But there were Pakhmutova's songs which people of all age sang, Feltsman's ballads and Christmas, songs on Evtushenko's verses...

— Yes, these songs successfully carried out the function. But with them if you remember, also "wonderful songs", and «black cats», and "lilies of the valley" perfectly got on.

— I Remember the last interview to A.Efros where he said that noisy inventions, infinite rhythms bothered that it would be desirable to see silent, human, warm.

— In this case it is necessary to go on a concert of chamber music. My parents weren't musicians. They with pleasure listened to old Leshchenko and Vertinsky, danced a foxtrot and a tango. But it was necessary to see, how they gathered for opera performances! The opera theater was the art temple.

However I in principle against any genre prevailed over another. Programs symphonic, folklore, chamber, wind and surely a rock music that the youth didn't feel discrimination of its interests are necessary.

Conversation were conducted by I.Zinkina. V. Plotnikov's photo