Just advertisingI was told that you are not happy, but before that in the 7000th Sports Palace in Kiev, the people rose up after the song about Vysotsky. It was in the 80th year. He sang the same song in '81 in Leningrad - filmed concerts. I am sad and think about it, and nice, I think of myself as a person who is respected... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

The life ...

(V. Malezhik)

Gradsky could do the same thing as did Sting, who led the British youth of Shakespeare

Excerpts from the book "ROCK FIRST HAND"
Nicholas Dobryuha
Moscow, "Young Guard", 1989
The life ... - Alexander Gradsky
Photos from the archives A. Gorbatov

- Yes, what we have "lost generation" if there are among us and continue to operate at the forefront of people like Gradskij?!

- By the way, if you really thought about it, agreed to end, because I really like Gradskij may be one of the leading personalities of our samples, yet misunderstood, generation.
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- Well ... To begin with, that before the last trip to Germany in the early summer of 89-year, where we went with him on tour, I was literally hypnotized Gradsky: he was the only artist with whom I was afraid to act together. He once crushed me with his field, and in this way, I recently confessed to him. After that, as a stone with a load off my mind: I was released from the binding me to hypnosis ... Anyway, I hope that was released.

Gradskij - a very gifted man. And the gifted, in my opinion - even though it may be, and will hurt him to know - more like a poet than as a musician and singer. As a writer of music, he convinces me less, though, if he now was near, he would have found a lot of arguments, to me at once, and because of its onslaught, I would have stopped and said, "Yes, Alex, you're right!" It is also one of the important characteristics Gradsky.

Gradskij, again, in my opinion, the man who first realized that if they create a Russian rock, then this should be done at the Russian base. Even the title of his program of "Buffoons" ahead - will not apply to all, but I'm just ahead - for seven years. Gradskij - a man who was odiozen and popular back in the 67th year. And not just the way he sang, or stand on the stage, but the way he behaved at home. Perhaps, if by protesting against the stagnation then applies the term "punk" then Gradskij was just such a "punk" is already long before the concept became a universal phenomenon. He was a kind of Jim Morison and Mick Jagger on our stage. Insanely ambitious, which, incidentally, worked to his advantage. Yes! He was a locomotive, which moved many to accompany him to stop congestion. And, although all of them bantered, I think it was nevertheless a necessary consequence of its own popularity. He was an indicator of youth attitudes. And, although Dyuzhikova as a guitarist and singer, I put the above Gradsky, however Gradskij great. Large in its general effect and impression they produce on society. But his faults and burrs of his life only to make it more lively ...

- What are the disadvantages and burrs?

- Well, for example, the concept of "singer" I put my professional perception is important for me as a singer is the word, as he says ... Gradskij same in this regard had already sinned became sin, especially when studying at Gnessin School. His narcissism beginning to slip, although again this is my score Gradsky goes to the highest categories of demands. These disadvantages are, of course, he is hindered, but do not spoil it, because doing it live. With that, he was the guitarist is worse than Dyuzhikov, despite the fact that he often lacked the technology game, he did - because he knew how to present themselves - not lost in the eyes of the public ... The concept of "Gradskij" I would include: musician, singer, poet, artist and ... "Gradskij!" What is the word "Gradskij"? The word "Gradskij" - is all it's kinks, and there are tremendous self-confidence, faith in our strength, which, I must say, really talented!


By the way, I forgot to make a significant touch in portrait Gradsky. Gradskij could do a lot if it was for the younger generation a little more popular. The fact that he wrote one of the few whole cycle of songs based on poems by Sasha Cherny, Vladimir Nabokov, and many others left something in the shadow of the masters of the pen. The great popularity would enable him to lead them to countless deposits of Russian and world literature, huge masses of young people, and thus introduce them to the larger culture, that is, Gradskij could do the same thing as did Sting, who led the British young people to Shakespeare.