Just advertisingBut in contrast to the vocal instrumental, using a synthesizer, a very dramatic: tools like commenting on the tragic content of the song, its very interesting elements of modal variability and unusual rock semidolnym meter... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

"Rock in a few individuals"

Yevgeny Fyodorov

Moscow, "Young Guard", 1989
live collection

Alexander Gradsky. Singer, songwriter, poet, grandfather of the domestic rock 'n' roll.

History of the life and work of Alexander Gradskiy written with the words of the musician in 1987. In light of recent events, you can argue that the star Gradskiy only dates.

Strange thing

memory. How often do we try our best to fix something very necessary and important in the mind, but after a couple of days there is nothing we can not remember. A memory, against our will, with playful ease, using a mysterious unexplained device captures a bright, colorful and clear fotoslaydov picture of our lives by choice. Sometimes a demonstration of "slides" accompanied by the subconscious and sound ...

Scene One. Disheveled boy with ink stained fingers, wincing in discomfort, trying priladit bulky violin deck to lean collarbone. Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si-do ...

Scene Two. On the table, gleaming gloss, are plates with pictures of foreign performers on the envelopes. Uncle boy, dressed in a stylish pants-pipes, shoes "microburst" and luxury gabardine raincoat, going to go out in the rain and mud on the village street. Shab-oak-oak-oak ...

Scene Three. Beach. Sitting on the sand of a bronze tan man with a tattoo on his shoulder. In the hands of his guitar, and stand around two hundred people relax and enjoy his singing:


motif on "I Love u",

I am for you, my love, I sing.

the sounds of tango - Tango I sing,

How I love you, I love ...

"If I - thought the boy - even one day I could be in his place as beautiful tanned and regal indifferent, and the crowd will be standing around the divinely beautiful girls, it is - just of my dreams!"

boy named Sasha, the name - Gradski. By that time, that is, by 1963, he had entered at the time of adolescence, on the right his thirteenth birthday. Behind Sasha had a few years of musical school in violin, serious sport to the detriment of piano lessons and a strong belief in the fact that he - a creative person. What he will do next - poetry, theater, music, Sasha was not sure, but believed in its being included in the art.

He loved to sing, and he turned bad. The repertoire of the young Gradskiy were different products. Even in early childhood, he memorized from records rock n roll Elvis Presley, no less attention and enjoyed songs from records Lydia Ruslanova, Georg Ots, Mark Bernes, and arias from "Carmen" and "The Barber of Seville." The relations of the opera as a "temple" Sasha was not. The music is perceived simply and naturally, as the appeal of tunes.

Just sing, of course, a good thing, but even better, fast smeknul novice artist, accompanied by the voice of the accompaniment. And as he played the piano pretty weak, Sasha decided to acquire a trendy tool - a seven-string guitar. He began to select appropriate chords on the guitar and the piano and gradually learned to "strum" on semistrunke.

Any kind of creativity can not be active and develop on its own, without going public. By the end of schooling Gradsky began performing at school parties, playing guitar songs of a wide range of repertoire - from the "gateway" to Okudzhava and Vysotsky ... Notebook with songs of Vladimir Vysotsky, rewritten crooked boyish hand, and still kept the scores of folders in the apartment Gradskiy ...

In 1963, quite by accident, Sasha started playing in a rock band. The fact is that in high school Gradsky Interclub began attending MSU, where he was spotted beat a group of Polish students. "Cockroaches" - as it was called - was invited Gradskiy to his team and even gave several joint concerts in which a novice artist sang solo rock n roll from the repertoire of Elvis Presley and the first Soviet twists interchangeably with "cockroaches".
Then suddenly

Gradsky contracted theater. The guitar has faded into the background, and on top of hobbies out theatrical circle. A new friend, Mike Turks, once led Sasha to his home and gave the recording to listen to the English band "Veatles".
The music of this group

Sasha heard before, but thought that it would be her true knight all his life, did not arise. But was in the songs "Veatles" a message that has found an echo in the heart of the young artist and make him crook persuade his father to buy a tape recorder. Began sharing records, music "Veatles", "Rolling Stones" and other fashion in the years of Western ensembles penetrated the blood begins to "rocker", forcing him to involuntary imitation. But first and foremost, of course, the ensemble "Veatles" ...

Young Friends Gradsky Turks and decide to create your own ensemble, in order to play this music and ... to become famous.

soon found the room - the club Gorbunov. There were also two binding bit-member ensemble Quartet - Victor Dyagterev and Glory Dontsov. Changed several names - "Moon Dog", "Silver Strings" and finally, " Slavs " ...

In 1966, the first concert at the House of Culture of the Foreign Ministry. However, before the band played on the dance floor, but these actions did not have the color of prestige and respect for the audience, like concerts. The guys played music "Veatles", accompanying songs unprecedented at the time the show: both musicians cling to one knee, shaking his shaggy head. Shocking effect was evident, and hence - if somewhat scandalous, but still glory.

However, "Slavs" was to short existence. The fact that the "collapse" of the group led Gradskiy desire to write his own rock songs in Russian, which was at that time unheard of innovation, resigned, according to the other "Slavs", an absolute failure. Meanwhile Gradsky by then composed a few songs in their native language, the most interesting, in my opinion, was "Blue Forest". I think that's not too safe to say that this song was one of the first (or the first) rock songs in Russian.

so happened that in 1967 Alexander Gradsky was active in three rock bands: the "Scythians" who professed to instrumental music in the spirit of Jimi Hendrix in the ensemble with the Latin American name "Los Panchos", created by Alexander to speak at dances, and "buffoons", where there was an experimental work on the program of the songs of his own composition.

Soon goodbye to the "Scythians" and "Los Panchos" Gradski switched completely to work in "buffoons." The program introduces songs in Russian, which immediately gaining success. Group proposals were made to sleep in the one or the other clubs, and each time her performances attract many fans of rock and simply curious snobs. However, "the process of translating the" rock of the locomotive on the rails of the Russian language is very difficult and even painful ...

Gradsky himself explains it this way:

- While not popular to play his music. And in many ways it was caused by the fact that no one really knew how to do it. Now something every kid knows that it is sufficient to take the guitar and sing two or three accusatory words against them noticed by the disorder, and now it is believed that he was playing rock. At the same time we did not know really what rock music that we play, how and why. We had no information. What sort of record, what sort of records! Only in recent years, it has emerged. And then almost nothing, just had to come by in the search, with errors.

The first part of "Skomorokhov" played three musicians: Gradski, Bujnov (known ensemble "Jolly Fellows") and Vladimir Polonsky (known for his work in the ensemble "Gems"). Composition, it must be said, was an extraordinary, one might say, unique. In the mid-60s, even in the West, there was virtually no groups who dared to play rock by only three musicians ... However, some time before this is done "Scythians".

Members of the ensemble "Buffoons" and Gradsky including, were convinced that it is necessary to compose their own music. Otherwise, regarded musicians, all the work will consist only in imitation, which eventually discredit the whole genre. In 1968, "Buffoons" during his performances sung in Russian only. And for reasons of economic times with professional teams, going on tour and singing popular tunes. Ability to master the instruments and sing intentionally hide, to use the creativity only to return to the capital. With the money procured equipment for the "amplification" of the rock.

Soon the group comes bassist Yuri Shakhnazarov and Alexander Buynova drafted into the army.

"Buffoons" back together. But, strangely enough, the musicians are increasingly noticed that the audience comes to listen to them. And even at the dance around the group formed a wall of people who do not dance, and listen.

In 1969 concerts begin. Musicians study (empirically) to communicate with the public and the concert in the end find the best way of developing the program and show ...

In the late 60's on the Soviet stage, a large number of professional vocal and instrumental ensembles. Keeping the shape - electric guitar, percussion - they filled the repertoire of Soviet pop song that does not have to really rock almost irrelevant. However, thanks to a musical policy they had the active support of the composers whose songs are played. Therefore, in the case of VIA as, say, "Gems" and "Jolly Fellows", did quite well.

In order to improve the deteriorating economic situation of the group, two of the "Skomorokhov" - Gradski and Polonsky - go for temporary work in the ensemble of "Gems". After three months Gradsky leaves the team, and Vladimir Polonsky remains ... New drummer "Skomorokhov" becomes Yuri Fokin. Since then the group finds hard sound. Soon they are joined by Alexander Lerman.

- I think that from the time of my "group" activities, this was the strong line-up, - said Alexander Gradsky. - We are free to sing in four voices, each of us wrote songs. The whole group was very scenic. The success has been phenomenal, and I think we were at that time the undisputed leaders of the Moscow rock bands. And there were at that time about three hundred ...

unexpectedly in 1971 and Fokine Gradsky remain at "square one." A month before the All-Union Festival "Silver Strings" in Gorky left the band and Lerman Shakhnazarov. Just a few days before the festival Fokin leads the ensemble Igor Saulsky young musician who could play the piano. Begins accelerated learning new group member to play the bass guitar ...

The success of "Skomorokhov" at the festival exceeded all expectations. What was going on in the room, is beyond description. Delighted the audience expressed very different and not always traditional ways ... "Buffoons" shared the first place with the Chelyabinsk "Ariel", which was then still an amateur team.

musicians have returned to Moscow winged. Began weekdays ... Although "Buffoons" had carte blanche in Moscow, they were still "amateur" with all the ensuing consequences. The collapse of the group was inevitable.

But "Buffoons" and later one Gradsky, have time to write with Arcady Petrov - musicologist, one of the judges of Gorky's festival - the studio of radio station "Youth" a few songs. These were the songs on poems of Burns and Shakespeare, which were then used in radio and gained wide popularity.

In late 1972, at the invitation of David Gradsky Tukhmanov records for his record several songs, of which the disc has two. The album "What a wonderful world" was the first among the domestic records of popular music.

in 1973 is being released first solo EP Gradskiy with the song "Spain", "Buffoons", "Blue Forest" and "Girlfriend collier." That same year, Arkady Petrov, taking on the role of godfather Gradsky, resulting in a recording studio on the "Youth" film director Andrei Konchalovsky, Mikhalkov. There is a meeting with a "budding singer and composer." Directed offers grad write and perform songs for his film "Romance for Lovers." Grad have to learn in a hurry to write the score for a symphony orchestra. He learned ...

It should be a little distracted from the history of art Gradskiy in the field of rock music and say a few words about what he did other than rock. After graduating from music school, a young fan of "Veatles" did not immediately find their place in the adult world. Rock music rock music, but this is no more than a Hobby ... On the professional career of a rock musician Gradski had not yet dreamed of. He changed several jobs: worked as a loader, laboratory ...

In the end decided to seriously study music. Since Gradski had really strong voice, it's pretty easy to come to the school as a Gnesinskoe vocals. There's a really learns and falls in love with classical music. In the future, this is the love and the impact on all the works of Alexander.

At the same time, is a violent Gradsky organizing activities to promote rock music. He heads the various rock clubs and associations active in helping novice musicians, sits on the jury and the organizing committee raznolikih for participation and scale rock festivals ... In short, active, restless nature Gradskiy becomes quite obvious and well-known not only for lovers of rock, and the strong and clean, well-trained voice attracts and encourages cooperation with the young musician various intellectuals ...

So, in 1974, in light of the album with the music for the film "Romance for Lovers." The success of the plate - to match the success of the tape itself. Interesting detail: the American music magazine "Billboard" awards Gradskiy special diploma "For outstanding contribution to world music" for his work on Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky.

Alexander leaves work with the group and began writing music for films. Fortunately, the number of offers from filmmakers is unbroken. But, alas, many directors, sensing weakness, "texture" pictures, try to attract viewers to its known weaknesses creations by fashion composer whose name gets in the film's credits. Of course, nothing good from such cooperation can not go.
However, large

syuitnye forms captivate Gradsky, and he's trying to find a way to continue their work in this direction. It adds a few new songs to recordings made from 1971 to 1974, and thus completes the cycle of songs, the combined title "Reflections of a clown."

Also in 1974, Alexander finishes Gnessin Institute as an opera singer, and is going to work in the theater. But the success of "Romance of the Lovers" inspires him to a bold step - write and perform their own music. Gradski decided to study music further. He refuses the singer's career and entered the Moscow Conservatory on course Tikhon Nikolayevich Khrennikov. However, having studied quite a bit, Alexander had to leave the walls of the conservatory for family reasons ...

Gradsky continued to record their work and in 1976, completes the first part of the "Russian songs." In the same year he was invited to work on a professional stage. Up to this point, these proposals have already been made, but always rejected for one reason - the musician wanted to play only songs of his own. In 1976, this condition is fulfilled. Gradski goes on tour with his repertoire, advertising, etc.

"My love is in the third year" - the title of the film, for which the composer wrote the music of Alexander Pakhmutova. She has to perform two songs from the films of the grad. This quickly becomes a reality, however, the fate of the songs were far from easy. The fact is that in those years on the stage domineered baritones - Magomayev, Troshin, Bernes, Leshchenko, walk, Gil ...

And so easy to imagine the extraordinary performance impressed tenor pop songs, and even more so in a tense, even dramatic manner. However the song "We Were Young" thanks to the persistence of the composer has found its place on the radio, and on television. Its success was so undeniable, that she became a member of the traditional festival "Song-77." The result of this success to the very Gradskiy was somewhat unexpected.

fact that Alexander was at that time known as a singer and songwriter who preaches progressive rock music (which at that time was not in the best of terms with the traditional pop music). So much of the general public learned Gradskiy with media primarily as a performer of songs by Soviet composers. The work of the same artist was to stay in the background. Part of the audience (from the "experts" rock), prone to snobbery, then turned away from Gradskiy as the "renegade." The other part, a little familiar with the work of a musician at his concerts always asked to perform "We were so young." In short, this song is pretty cool all confused, and, as it may seem paradoxical, it is thanks to his success.

Meanwhile, the musician did not think to compromise and to renounce all its earlier declaration. Gradski as creative personality had every right to try to force in any genre, keeping their individual style. But the attitude of the radio and television to rock music has distorted the true situation caused by the "bias" toward the stage. I do not want to create the impression that an attempt to whitewash something Gradskiy-"rocker." It is smaller than all the others in need. Especially now. Just out today is better visible musical metamorphosis of those distant years now ...

But, to put the points on the "i", is probably worth a short digression. The path that the participant did Gradsky rock band composer to large forms, is huge.

One day I happened to be at the concert "Skomorokhov" - the music did not have any memories but feel some unprecedented and somewhat controversial holiday electric guitars and drums, accompanied by strong bursts like the trumpets of Jericho, vocals. "Plant" the audience was very sincere. What there is heavy metal! In all this there was something, but what - I can not say. Musicians came from a powerful energy and confidence in yourself and your business. That's all.

Gradsky as a solo artist I feel closer and more understandable. In his songs (whether composition based on poems by Shakespeare, Burns or scar) is always a bright individual musician. His reading of classic works invariably opens new poetic face, highlighting unexpected nuances and accents. Extraordinary voice allows the singer to easily create a remarkably rich sound palette for each song. Here, everything is thought out, well built and very professionally done. Loudness, so integral to the rock, the songs Gradskiy no more than paint, which is used with a sense of proportion and taste. And most importantly - all visible work of a professional of the highest class.
Sometimes the author

impression: whether a Gradskiy less pure and powerful voice, the number of his fans from the rock would increase significantly. The thing is, that rock music is still a field for amateurs. And where, in fact, learn this music? That is why freedom with vocals, which value in rock is primarily in the originality and recognition, and brought to our stage rock singers that exist solely because of the "savings on the genre" - say, a rock, and therefore not worth it strictly ask.

only that: now fashionable word "rock" is used by all who want to - from the former enemies of the music to outright hacks. Some of the "poets" to justify ignorance and ideological emptiness lyrics laws of some "rock poetry" ... Hence, it turns out that rock poetry - it's the same verses, just bad, rock music - the music, but incompetent, illiterate. All this, taken together, does the genre much more damage than hitting his most ardent opponents. And because every professional working under the banner of the rock can do a lot for the development of this area and, of course, for the audience. And the attacks on "seclusion" votes or "complexity" of the music, at least irrelevant. But all this is so, a propos. Accumulated just ...

Back in the late 70's. By this time Gradsky already knows for sure that he is interested in and are subject to large musical forms - complete song cycles, which must be written carefully to a very good poem. Or opera, for example, such as "Stadium". Work on it began in 1973. Seven years later Gradsky attempted to put it, but for some objective reasons, failed, failed him, and burn it to a disc. "Stadium" in the form of the album was released only a few years.

general, between the date of creation of the work and its output, for example, in the form of products of "Melody" is always a certain amount of time, the length of which depends on many factors, often quite inexplicable. This state of affairs at the time the industry has generated tape albums that crook recorded in the studios of rock bands and spread on unknown channels with the great urgency for the country. About their quality - a separate conversation, but the fact that rock musicians do not want to wait for many years, estimation of the creation and desire, which is natural, immediate fame ... Albeit informal and scandalous. And many, I must say, in this case succeeded.

Gradsky fundamentally rejected this path. He preferred to wait, although he could effortlessly shoot "scum" after recording each track. Well-recorded music with a certain touch of "non-recognition" and even "banned" could bring huge dividends if we have in mind in popularity. But for Alexander, for his deep conviction that the chief was (and is) a statement of rock music specifically as an official, full lines of our musical culture. And it can be done only with the cooperation and support of official organizations, designed to promote music. And above all, the firm "Melody", the pace of which legends. I repeat - the terms. There is hope that things will be different now ...

But, looking to the past, to create a much more convenient retrospective picture creative musician dates finalized work than, say, a time-release them into circulation. And so, making Gradskiy discography, I decided to indicate the year of creation of a cycle of songs, especially since almost all of them are already out or come in the near future, "Melodies".

So, in 1974, the musician is finalizing "Reflections clown," and in 1976 - over the "Russian songs." It shows up on the radio and television, but without much success. On the advice of several artist Arkady Petrov cycle alters the composition and adds the final, which gives the "Russian Song" totally new, unexpected sound. They are published in 1981.

Without going into too much detail, listing all the subsequent work Gradskiy in chronological order of their creation:

1979, "Utopia AG" the verses of Burns, Beranger, Shelley;

1980, "Satire" - Vocal Suite on verses of Sasha Cherny;

1981 - "Life Itself" (suite of poems by Eluard), 1982 - "Star Field" (lyrics by Rubtsov);

1983 - "flute and piano" (lyrics by Mayakovsky and Pasternak);

1984 - "Nostalgia" (lyrics by Nabokov).

choice for Gradskiy poet - it's always an accident, but an accident, as it were natural. Classic is always combines timeless themes are universal and high aesthetics of the word. At every stage of life were closer grad certain authors, whose view of life is most consistent with his own attitude ...

Speaking of poetry. Death of Vladimir Vysotsky, Alexander served as the impetus for the creation of the songs on their own texts. They are a little bit - maybe ten or twelve, but the song is different topical themes, uncompromising denunciation of social vices. No, Gradski never thought to take place or continue business Vysotsky. They are too different. Just need to speak to a very specific topic led Alexander to write poetry. There is nothing surprising in this, because for him Vysotsky - rock singer, and perhaps the best ...

- I do not consider myself a poet - said in an interview Gradsky. - Poet - a person who can not write poetry. I get around fine without it. But if I write the lyrics myself, I try to do it as thoroughly as possible. Sometimes, working on a poem by the year, and more ... For me, music is a means of expression. But without it I can not imagine ...

Indeed, Gradskiy that music is the main creative material, which is quite rare among rock artists, making a bet on the lyrics. Often, listening to the rock band, almost intuitive feel of truth, the idea of ??the composition, but it remained only in the hearts of musicians who, because of various reasons are not able to disclose it and beat. Gradski also endowed enviable ability to convey all my feelings and thoughts to the listener is in the form in which they should be expressed. He knows how to skillfully, unobtrusively accents, make them hear ...

His is engaged by several things. The main work of the day today - it's opera "The Master and Margarita" to a libretto Grushko. Creating this piece commissioned by the firm "Melody" has been going on for several years. Back in 1980, the composer completed the score of the ballet "The Man" on the famous fairy tale by Kipling "Mowgli". To date, completed his record.

Musician finds time to go on tour, to participate in the rock club, of which he is chairman, to act on radio and television, and so on and so on.

... I hear the first chords of the ballet "The Man" - and plunge into the jungle noises that conceal hidden life strange creatures. And suddenly - a lone voice in this huge world of a man who survives, no matter what, will find its way.

Opposite me sat by the ballet. Maybe his memory draws from "the vaults" pictures of successful concerts in Yerevan in the year 70, when even the police do the twist in the aisles between the rows, and then enthusiastic audience of musicians carried two miles to the hotel? Or a concert in 1972 in Kuibyshev. Musicians did not know then, and they were forced to wear a buffoon costumes capture unsold tickets and act in order to advertise in the central market. And after the concert crowd did not disperse for about forty minutes ... Maybe Sasha remembers something else? ..

music ended, and only hear the sounds of the kitchen inept violin. Alexander's son - Daniel - teaching them the basics of the musical school.

Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si-do ...