Just advertisingWhen I heard on this stage «Skomorokhov» - I felt sick. I was all by Meryl Beatle, and it appeared that in all respects «Skomorokhi» above - Fokin clearly scored on drums Ringo Starr, Gradskij sing like Lennon and McCartney together and chetyrehgolose «Skomorokhov» completely overlap watery Beatles chord.... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

This is my rock

(The fate and the fate of Alexander Barykina)

Excerpts from the book "ROCK FIRST HAND"
Nicholas Dobryuha
Moscow, "Young Guard", 1989

In the Army, I began to prepare for admission to the School of Music - feel that there is no other way, though his mother is still very much wanted to "poke" me in some chemical institute. I listened to it, "the institute, the institute, the Institute!" and ... went to the Gnessin the vocal department of classics. It was there that he learned Gradsky! About him I had heard up to the army. Gave the impression to the service of capital and other names, some I knew personally. For example, Lerman from "Winds of Change."

- You have a really good fate. Good also because that brought you to our rock stars of first magnitude, so that you are able to reveal himself as a true Russian ... National Rock Star. And remarkably, it happened, mainly in the "Jolly Fellows" in which, as perhaps nowhere else, rock musicians, for your words, feel shackled. However, that's for sure - a blessing in disguise ... Downright living paradox!

What remained in your memory of those who twenty years later was destined to become "the patriarchs of Russian rock"?

- ... About the glory Malezhik I'll say this: it is we have always considered a sort of student-massovika entertainer. It has never been anything rebellious. There is no alternative state! He was always flexible, soft and sly, but talented. He always sang a song about it some berries-raspberries. He loved beautiful women ...

- And the girls loved him?

- Actually liked ...

- Do you ... Monogamous was?

- Am I Monogamous, but we all, as they say, is not without sin.

- Okay. Go on! What do you have to say about Malezhik?

- I like it and as a poet. Poems he always had some extraordinary, some college or something. To me, it perpetual student, perpetual students massovika-joker. So it was, so it is for me and left. Probably will stay.

- A Gradsky?

- Well excuse me ... Gradsky! Gradsky in Russian culture of the second half of the twentieth century will be a long time. This is a man who is worthy of any encyclopedia. Because Gradsky - this is a serious man who always went against the tide, and that - rock. Here Gradsky is a real rock! Pure Rock! Not that that is associated with the concept of arranging or music, but rock itself. Gradsky - a personality. Even his rudeness ... it is also a rock. In short, I like it. Great intellectual. In all respects. He is a poet and musician. Philosopher. Rebel. You see, a rebel ....

- In-oh-oh ... And I watered it ... - interferes with nowhere appeared Bujnov. So-and write ... Bujnov but it ...

- No-ee, Bui, Gradsky - cool dude.

- Well, so write as Albar said - with a slight perturbation begins to cheer me Bujnov.

- No, Bui. You are wrong. He always went against the flow - as if defending himself, is trying to argue Barykin.

- All right. And even against me, against the Shah, and against the group - does not give Bujnov.

- And he does not care - Barykin activated.

- That's right - he does not care - Bujnov angry - all the "grandmother" folded into a suitcase and "dumped" somewhere - from a group of ...

- Yes, that's not the "grandmas", guys - begins to attack Barykin. - Gradsky is a unique shpyn, which goes against the whole ...

- That's right, in the seventies and the sixties, when you're with him did not know, and we've played with him, he just "Grandma" folded in a suitcase - is Bujnov in retaliatory attacks.

- May be ... May be ... - Retreats in confusion Barykin. (I've been watching him and saw him still continuing by inertia in the determination of estimates and ... growing confusion caused by the unexpected appearance of Buynova. To somehow defuse the situation, shouted: "I am the owner of here! Bujnov - walk! Barykin - do it! "It's amazing, but once they hear me, and I am continuing an interrupted conversation:" Well, what - Gradsky? ")

- So ... ... I'm going to the bath Gradsky, in the first room, where previously the merchants in the Central Baths soared - back to business Barykin - there are all the "idols" are going. There is no space. And for Gradsky as for "wedding general," always keep - you know? He is there anyone of speech does not say. And me, too. He is a man. Gradsky. Word does not give anyone say. He more than anyone knows. On the one hand, someone does not like it. I also do not like something, but this is his fate ... a.

(Visibly plump juicy Barykin remembers bath, and I look at it on a sudden the child of Russian merchants, and, as Oblomov's Zakhar no, I can not imagine it without the loyal and cunning Jyrki what he and the cook, and talk, and Sweden, and the reaper and the dude igrets, in one word - everything that can come together in the concept of "musical adjutant of." I look at Barykina and involuntarily begin to smile. Meanwhile, my new rock-hero continues his very ironic memories.)

Gradsky wrote most songs, even more than I do. However, there are almost no one knows. (Laughs.) But in the songs such poetry ... Alex Black, Klyuyev, Tsvetaeva, Svetlov, Mandelstam, Rubtsov ... Well, there are steep-case. Maybe in fifty years, these songs will be someone to listen, but so far they have not wanted ...

So what? It suffices me "raspberry" tossed?

- Well, what you in Gradskaya did not like? -I stopped him.

- Avarice and greed. It's always been there, as in such a man as Yuri Antonov, who will occupy the evening when 20 cents, in the morning he'll always remind you about this, although it - four hundred million. But the talent for it - perfect. The fact that the character and talent - are two different things. I can, too, so ...