Just advertisingWhen it is apparent propensity for black robes called Gradsky black sheep well, does not work. This flock flew the wrong way. Russian rock music has gone a different way than the world, the main trend is the consistent professionalization. Gradskij chose to go with the music of the world... Read more - Сколько стоит имплант зуба имплантация зубов. . Информация kitchen countertopa columbus ga на нашем сайте. Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Without the quotes

Magazine "THE WORLD OF STARS" № 1, 1992
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Lately I can not help feeling as if someone's going to muddy the trail. When does a conversation with a famous person, you can be sure - there have already visited your colleague. And they left their mark. It is worth great effort to overcome prejudice and to make the interlocutor to perceive you as a specific individual, not as an abstract of the journalist, from which we can expect any kind of trick. Sometimes it is not possible. And then you get a set of polished phrases, which is as far from the real thoughts of man, as the furniture - from the green groves.

Miles pardon, pardon, please,

I have a loaf of twenty-eight,

say it is edible,

little rococo.

A. Gradsky - Monologue loaf for 28 cents of flour.

Alexander B. Gradsky agreed to meet me, the benefit of the relevant recommendations of the foresight, I made ??sure. However, to be interviewed refused. Do not talk to me, and from that the result was embodied in the form of direct questions and answers. And it forbade quoting remarks - I myself can not write everything I want, but the direct speech on his behalf should not be. There are no quotes! Otherwise - promised to sue.

But it scared me to no avail. I'm accepted his conditions, and that is enough. Quotes will not be.


Our country is very high, against the background of its vast expanses of domestic rock music seems to be quite small. And not just because of its relatively short life, ineradicable infantilism and retardation professional, but also because there are very few truly significant events are really great personalities.

The Soviet figure of Alexander Gradsky rock is particularly large. And the more noticeable, it is worth it alone, regardless of currents and fields. He had a singular whole area - they started, they will end. By the way, he is remarkably calm and indifferent even speaks of himself post mortem (after death) - as always, however, the artist, who had much to do. One only has released records either fourteen, or fifteen - he does not remember exactly. Each of them - it is serious work with your concept and perfect for its time form. Even earlier, such as suite "Russian Song". Gradsky did it when he was thirty. According to him, he was then balabolom - developed, well-read, but still slackers. Now it seems strange that he was capable of that.

Speaking of Gradsky place in the national popular music, you can put it nicely, likening its granite boulder overlooking the bulk of small pebbles. And you can tell a simple and austere, he creatively alone. According to his chosen path no longer followed. Highway of Russian rock paved Andrei Makarevich with his "Time Machine" - on it went, "Aquarium," "Nautilus Pompilius" and many others of our group, whose work has always been defining the "what" rather than "how" and the words were presented more important than the music.

Gradsky left alone, not because the way he saw another unattractive, but because it was inaccessible to most. Perhaps it was the only one among rock musicians who have received such a thorough academic training. Violin music school, singing in Gnessin Institute, the composition at the conservatory - a number of education would be enough of an entire group to look down on their fellow dropouts, so is it worth Gradsky reproach, that he is sometimes too strict in the estimates? Giraffe great, he knows better.

He is particularly demanding for those who like him, devoted to the mysteries of the profession. The plate is "Juno" and "Perhaps", he turned off the fifth minute, because he heard a baritone singing by notes. Rybnikov a good composer, but why let the drive on which a false lead singer?


The creative solitude Gradsky has a relative and I would say, purely local in nature. This does not, he broke away from the pack. When it is apparent propensity for black robes called Gradsky black sheep well, does not work. This flock flew the wrong way. Russian rock music has gone a different way than the world, the main trend is the consistent professionalization. Gradsky chose to go with the music world. However, he does not pretend that it was his way is the only true, however, is not inclined to turn a blind eye to the failures of his artistic opponents. He's aware of how our rockers tumbled down the shaft to the West, as they have done with the records and how miserably they failed. Just all of these records were very poorly made, it was very boring for the Western ear music.

He has a very just released in Japan CD. Talking about his success or failure is still too early, however, one in either case is undeniable - he's done professionally. Salt of this work - in unusual interpretations, sometimes brought to comic effect. However, the humor is accessible only to people knowledgeable, familiar with both classical and popular works, and pop music. That's why is called "Metamorphosis." Masterpieces of Verdi, Puccini and Donizetti coexist here with monster hits Lennon, Sting, Brel, Andrew-Lloyd Webber, Simon and Garfunkel, are the best, in my opinion, the composition of the Gradsky. Plus, a Japanese song in the original language - a tribute to hospitable hosts. Such a strange work, different voices (the tenor, the baritone), sung, arranged in different ways and, most surprisingly, does not leave the impression vinaigrette. The secret of its internal consistency is quite simple - as a man well educated, are not closed on the narrow style, Gradskij holds the fundamental truth: the music is one, its laws are binding on all fields.

FOOL law is not written

For all his conscious cosmopolitanism, Gradsky never forgot where he was born. He is convinced that on the basis of someone else's creation of new music is impossible. All the same fate - not our idea. If you want to develop it, be sure to find something that connects to the music with your national art, to find common points. If they are, the genre can grow here.

Ambiguous attitude to his massive penetration of our poor western music market products. Indeed, regular screening programs have "Superchennel," "MTV", the radio transmission of "Europe +" and other commercial stations can not go without our diversity is not accustomed to the brain. Alexander B. sees this as both good and evil.

Too bad that the flow of quality music alien is able to plunge the local musicians in the gloom and pessimism, saying that no matter how hard you try, so we still can not - that no, this is not, in short - too tight shoes. Still, people need to learn - and the audience too. And then we have a very bad trend. Some of our group, improved in professionalism, while losing fans. Amateurism was a feature of our society, from politics and ending with the bakery industry. The worst thing in the domestic manners - this is when an amateur beats his fists into his chest, arguing that the lack of basic skills, crafts and is the most hempen, true and natural. And in this case is the response from the audience, too, by the way, consisting of non-professionals in various fields. The worse a man is, so it is closer to it today he told us Laba, tomorrow - we have it. It is hoped that the rapid flow of quality imported music promoet all gyrus, and it becomes clear who is worth. Alexander B. suggested this idea in a very expressive and strong expressions. If I had the opportunity to use the quotes, they would certainly have quoted - too neatly and juicy it was said. And so - I can not. Politesse does not allow.

POOR do not understand

Talk to Gradsky nice and easy. People taciturn and unsociable among rock musicians are not uncommon. Interview with similar extraction process of the board of rusty nails. From Gradsky pull is not necessary - the very pops up. Unless, of course, talk to the interests of his subjects. Music in all its guises - is the hottest of them.

Speak to Gradsky music - it is not only pleasant but also useful: if you do not get hung up on an emotional form of expression, one can always learn new information for themselves. For example, I always felt a strange combination of our rich classical tradition, a strong academic school and the squalor of popular music. According to Alexander B., no paradox here. Just not all of us imagine the real situation in the academic music.

The traditions of classical learning, and she was laid to Bolshevism. And gradually lost. To confirm his words Gradsky offers to pay attention to the sound of the orchestra sound tracks of old movies. How to seamlessly play music! And what we hear now? Heaven and earth. For thirty, thirty-five years, the orchestra lost culture of the game - except for those rare events, such as, say, orchestras Svetlanov, Temirkanov and Pletnev. In the bulk of symphony orchestras, this decline can be seen with the naked eye. Why did this happen? Because the singer gets his own show much more than a musician who works in the orchestra. After graduating from the conservatory are all good musicians were soloists in, no one wanted to get two hundred rubles a month and plow from morning to night as Bobby - in orchestras were the only ones who had nowhere else to go. They began to leave the Jewish musicians, representing a great artistic value, and the bands - fall apart. Classical music - not for the poor.

Talking with Gradsky, quietly rejoiced: time-after all it is reached. Here, for example, Paul Dementiev, pet Kobzon. It seems just another song sung here by Alexandra Pahmutova. Lo and behold - even in Israel.

A person can live where he pleases, - the Gradsky. Now lives in Malta, a project tomorrow in Tokyo, the day after returning to Moscow. The question is, where his house. Maybe he can afford to buy an apartment in America, or mansion, and when the feel that this is his house, was then able to say that he lives in America. In the meantime, his home here.

The big man Alexander Gradsky live in a very small apartment. For a family with two children, two rooms are not so much. But they still live piano and a lot of books. Beautiful old furniture gives it a comfort, but does not do more spacious. Many of you have the same apartment, and someone, maybe even better. The area, however, a good - quiet tidy street between Lenin Avenue and Avenue of Vernadsky, live here mostly mediocre intellectuals, university professors are successful rock musicians. A more exact address and gentlemen racketeers and gangsters even take out for yourself.

In a small apartment seem particularly remarkable large red lampshades. These can not be bought - they were made to order from drawings by Alexander Borisovich. Once these were hung almost in every home. Similar, but not quite. Shades Gradsky - other, they both have the memory of those from my childhood. It was such a little man saw them. And then he grew up. But the shades were still great - they grew up with him.


Cars, too, he prefers large. He loves to travel freely, to not want to jump out of the car quickly. On the "Lada" he always rode very fast, because she wanted to get there as quickly as possible and get out of relief. Now he drives a "Chevrolet." Very slowly, with dignity, like a white man. Is it comfortable in our environment have a car? Mend, really uncomfortable to ride and very comfortable. And soon it will be "Lincoln", "Town Car" - even healthier than the "Chevrolet" and, more importantly, the new - already bought, but here is not forwarded. And then the "Mercedes" all have.

Manners of the party, where the "Mercedes" is all he is well acquainted. I do not think they really like him, otherwise he probably would have tried to stay longer at the Bolshoi Theatre. And he sang only two performances, and does not regret that more did not happen.

Stargazer Party at "The Golden Cockerel," he suggested Evgeny Svetlanov. Maestro, apparently did not consider it significant that in the Big unlikely to be happy stranger - though with the academic school, but still a stranger, and with a fatal past. The news of this engagement was perceived as a sensation, and some people - as a scandal. Rumors, though Gradsky failed. At the same time came the cries of delight. Bolshoi Theater after all actually great: it employs a lot of different people - here and operatic tenor, and ballet dancers, and coaches, and cloakroom ... Everyone - his view on what is happening in the theater. Come see what's what, whose opinions about the artist carried the fame Party Stargazer - choreographer, actor Mimamsa or the driver stage?

Gradsky called to sing for the third time, but then he was ill and refused. Other suggestions are not followed. Why not? The answer is simple, like a cow mooing. While the play was not staged, full-time soloists showed no desire to be engaged in it - no one knew what dish comes out of this "Golden Cockerel". It is no coincidence it was the most vocally challenging party - Astrologer and the Queen of Shemakha - invited artists from the outside and sang Dodon intern. When it became clear that the show has turned his name in Japan, just as there were willing to learn, rehearse and play any number of submissions to the harsh conditions of capitalist exploitation, away from the socialist ideal.

Be on the site Gradsky anyone else, would probably have joined the fight for a place under the rising sun. Alexander B. did not. He says he once was.

But he is by nature a fighter. Do not just watch how he came into confrontation with the audience and took the upper hand. For some reason no luck on the teams concerts - every time he appears before the audience, willing to listen to someone else and does not hide his displeasure. But they usually parted friends. There was, however, a case where he did not break to pieces rejection of the public - all suggested that the thought of her and left. This was at the festival "Interchance-89", when in the second part was to speak Grebenshchikov, and fans of BG would not listen to anyone else. I think they would be able to Gradsky overcome, but did not. I'm tired.

Once the victory over the rebellious audience gave him pleasure. Now he is just too lazy to spend the gunpowder. Why this war? He has practically ceased to participate in the national teams programs. Agrees, in extreme cases where it is difficult to deny. It prefers recitals, which comes to the audience, understanding it perfectly. A tradeoff in detail the forces are not enough.

I am very easy to understand him when he says that he was tired. I'm tired not of himself in the music and the music in itself. Bytovuha devoured. Ceased to enjoy life as such. Is that only in New York. And in Moscow - a solid fight.

And this struggle is devoid of purpose. In his youth he sought to assert itself and its direction in music. And I am convinced that it has achieved. What more could you want? You can, of course, engage in professional improvement, he did not claim that has reached the limits of excellence. He just wants his achievements were highly appreciated, to be creative growth was marked by the recognition of the public. Or at least was reflected in the press, has been subjected to critical analysis, finally. Nothing. Well, the charts do not write it - it does not matter, Okudzhava not there either. It's a shame that the major work of its composer - music for productions of "Mowgli" and " Rasputin ", set by the Kiev Children's Theatre and the Ensemble Ballet on Ice "All-Star , "- hard not noticed by reviewers. Representation with successfully in the country and abroad, the public is crying from happiness, and the press portrays the famous sculpture: see nothing, hear nothing, nothing will not tell anyone. Bobrin puts "Rasputin", all interested to discuss how they figuryayut skaters, and nobody talks about what he had done Gradsky.

NOT AS A Daly - Turgenev

Do not believe the artist, who says if he does not care how he is treated - it does not happen. To afford this, you have to be Salvador Dali, to live in an old castle with a hundred-meter swimming pool.

If Gradsky was a lock, if he could make dinner for three hundred persons, and send children to teaching at Harvard, if he saw around palm trees, olive trees, but the Mediterranean beaches, and not the native industrial garbage, if not the dug the motor and did not change the wheels on the streets of Moscow, cursing, all in the shit, and would receive a daily basis gleaming limousine to the entrance, that's when he sneezed in the opinion of the crowd. But he lives here. And along with all standing in line for the sausage. Well, he has the means to go on the market. But there is no urine to see how jumping on a television screen next windbag - he becomes the first, he is the most popular, his records instantly swept from the shelves. At the banquet, he sits next to Gradsky ingratiating and looks him in the mouth, because everyone understands and knows his true worth. He did not sing, does not own an instrument, can not move as it should - no matter what it is not capable. But the audience is dragged from him, and not from Gradsky.

And then Alexander B. says to himself: "So, old man! Let's go to Tokyo!" And goes to Tokyo. Or in New York. And maybe, just leave. And here will come as Turgenev - shoot rabbits. If it is allowed, and if all the rabbits would not have eaten at that time. Together with the wolves.

Its audience is there for him - he knows. But it is not active, sits at home, listening to the plate - the plate again in the stores not lie, so - someone buys them. And the live audience in short supply, it is even said that and chandeliers hang. But his need for people for some reason he does not feel. And it is for the performer - the most terrible.

Maybe he lacks sensible administrator? Could be. But he would not want anyone else to create his audience that he loves. But in America without it, it seems, can not do? Yes, but there it occurs without the intervention of the Gradsky. They hear him sing, and the machine starts to work as if by itself. They all jerk - the country was. However, the illusions about America, he does not feed. Understands that the great success he had there would not be - not the age. But that will be evaluated as a good musician - is convinced.

Here everything is different. Do not just get, but you can not pay. He has long taught at the Gnessin Institute, but to collect their course at least two or three people, he was not allowed. And to educate people that take away someone else, the occupation is not very productive. Those guys who have already sent to him, he will bring to the issue, but hardly take up new ones. Even this outlet - the most like-minded people to grow up - for it is closed.

Unrealizable wishes it did not happen. He wants only what can be realized. I would like to, for example, to create its own theater. Not the same as that Alla, who looks like more on the Philharmonic, and the present - his home, with light, with a sound technique, in general - with all that is needed for the production of performances, preparation of television programs. From typesetting troupe - a performance of the season - on Broadway system. But for this project needs a lot of money. There is a kind uncle who wants to invest their money in the theater Gradsky - means the theater will be. A deal with cheap amateur under the guise of catchy, Alexander B. does not want.

Our country is still very comfortable for the talkers and slackers, for those who agree to have nothing, just to do nothing. For those who loves and knows how to work this hard. But it is not easy, and break away from the place where you were born and raised, it is difficult to begin life again, albeit in a great distance, but still in exile. We are too fixated on the country and can not understand that we live not in Russia, and on Earth. That's a Gradsky, as he admitted, is his own pain, with which it is very difficult to leave. Still, he hopes his children will live better. Better - there.

OTHER Gradskij

Family in his life means much more than it might seem. Olga, his wife, resumed his studies at the Economic Faculty of Moscow State University, which she was forced to temporarily leave because of the children. Two of them - a boy of ten years, Dan and charming five-year Masha. This is for them, he gathered his magnificent library to be free to gain the mind-the mind, not running around with friends and acquaintances in search of a good book, as it had a young Gradsky.

The attention he pays to the family, said inadequate - not enough time. And this is very bad, because the children are deprived of their proper participation, had copied his dad to borrow his good and bad sides. Sharpness, incontinence, for example. The very qualities that are so treacherously newspapermen, publishing his careless remarks about colleagues, and making him grouch and rowdy reputation. He's really saying what he thinks, but that he does not need the glory.

He does not want his son to go in the footsteps of his father, who received a classical education, not too engaged with serious music. And now Daniel plays the violin properly, can grow out of it a real musician. Well, no, no way. He's still geography, biology, enjoys, loves astronomy books to read, draw well. In general, small, not without ability.

Gradsky his children he loves. As he himself said, he had them kind of animal love. Especially when there was a girl. To the guy he was still quite a critical attitude, he could have his shpynyat, punish, and the rigor with Masha does not work. Even the comments to make, and it is impossible. She begins to sob, and Alexander B. immediately unstuck.

You see what it actually is. You thought perhaps that he is, what it shows on TV. And it is quite different.

Above all, he is not like most of those involved in our popular music. When you write about them, so tempted to put the word "singer", "musician" in quotation marks. About Gradskaya can confidently say - composer, lyricist and singer. Without the quotes.

Dmitry Lovkovsky