Just advertisingWhen it is apparent propensity for black robes called Gradsky black sheep well, does not work. This flock flew the wrong way. Russian rock music has gone a different way than the world, the main trend is the consistent professionalization. Gradskij chose to go with the music of the world... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Do gadskih Gradsky?

Friday Speeches ANDREW Vandenko


1 августа 1997 г.
live Collection

Anyone can hurt the artist, but artists do not take offense at the fools

- For the seed, say, Alexander, do you believe in the pattern matches?

- Absolutely.

- Then a picture from life. Yesterday I had two in a row to hear how very different people seem to be randomly negotiated and lose the letter by saying your name. You probably suspect that was the result?

- I do not like to guess.

- "R" fell, and became Gradsky gadskih.

- Oh-oo-oo ... This is an old Hochma.

- Once the old, which means you do not take offense?

- I do not see in myself nothing ...

- Gadskih?

- Well, yes. And in the eyes of me so no one has called, in the newspapers - read it, but that in the face ...

- In person, I just repeated the words of others. Incidentally, one of the pair - a colleague of mine, and the second - yours. I can not be responsible for the musician, but on behalf of fellow guild'll take a guess. I think gadskih - is the answer to your label "zhurnalyugi," whom you are awarded a humble toilers of the pen.

- Dear, try never to speak on behalf of someone else, treat her.

- I am speaking as the guardian of corporate interests. If I call zhurnalyugi ...

- And you call?

- So far, it seems not.

- That while and enjoy. There is zhurnalyugi journalists, not to be confused with one another.

- And what do you think, the ratio between the first and second?

- Three percent of Journalists, no more.

- Zhurnalyugi - synonymous with scum?

- Or worse, non-professional journalist or a journalist, writing for pulp magazines. But initially I did not put in the term "zhurnalyugi" negative sense. Rather, it sounded ironic, then it is, the word has become a label.

The same story is with the "scoop." In my mouth it was not a curse, but a kind of condescension, even love, what can you do, we are ...

- And you are?

- And we do. A living example. For a long time I remained restricted to travel abroad for the first time seriously hitting abroad only at age 38 - to 88-year was in the States. And before that I was released only in Bulgaria.

- Yes, the chicken - not a bird, Bulgaria ...

- ... not abroad. That's it. In the GDR, a visa is not given to me. And then - once America. Well: it was in the 88th year. Then I traveled many times abroad, but still not got a credit card. Continue to travel the world with cash, showing all that remains a classic scoop. I know nothing about these cards, I'm afraid to go to a restaurant in your pocket if you do not crunch bucks. How am I going to pay with card? And what will not? What a shame!

So I have a scoop. However, this word has gone out of my vocabulary. I repeat: I do not like the meaning that it is now investing. Especially since I usually prefer to call a spade a spade. If you bastard, you bastard. However, over the years trying to avoid the moments when you need someone to declare publicly that he is the shit. Perhaps wiser with age, I realized that it is useless. These statements I did not re-educate, and proud of his own uncompromising even more stupid. It is best to avoid contact with those who disliked you.

- And often have to dodge?

- Rarely. For one reason: I have no one I meet.

- How do you manage it, living in the center of Moscow?

- Just do not leave the house.

- This is seclusion?

- I've always lived. Sometimes it was chosen in the light or in the twilight, looked at the people themselves, and show ... back home. For example, I have never been fashionable in artistic natures spree.

- In terms of drinking?

- No, I drink a lot, but does not lose his head because of the spree, feast. You know, as we have adopted a, burn it all by fire, buzz - buzz so! For me, it is possible. Maximum - up to two hours of the night sit in the company of good friends. And so until the morning, day second - no. Of insomnia I have violated the acid-alkaline balance. At night I sleep.

- Since you out of the house will not be selected, perhaps, and could sleep off the day?

- During the day I work. It seems you have forgotten, but I'm not just scoops of neologisms and a writer come up with, and write music. True, I did not have television or radio broadcast promotion under any secretary general - nothing to do with the old, nor in the present, so it is no wonder that you do not remember what I was doing. Every two months I was let out on the screen, but only to then say, "How are we Gradsky stifle? Shows it showed." Did not even remember when he heard his song on TV.

- More recently, on the Russian channel was your full-fledged concert.

- It's two years of its way! For the first time in my life I was given did not broadcast after midnight, and in prime time. This has not happened in 33 years that I sing.

- On TV you do not favor, you do not spend a tour - there are only concerts in the kitchen of his own apartment, right?

- Johann Sebastian Bach, too, is not on tour. Once a week he wrote a mass for the local church, and that was enough for him to worldwide fame.

- I appreciated the comparison.

- Why not? I'm talking about the principles of professional work. It is necessary to distinguish a long time career and rise to two or three years. It is clear why the rush to the current pop heroes in a hurry to work out the money invested in the promotion. It is clear that demand will not last long enough to dig even a shovel, and ... shovel to make sure the emptiness and lack of talent these guys.

I stayer. Of course, I do not collect, as once, ten stadiums in a row, but if you count my audience over the years, you get an audience that could not even dream to those who are now praying for the youth.

- In short, to reduce the number of fans do you think philosophically?

- Can not live without losses. In the long run, I knew ups and downs, anyway, but I have those students that offended them would have been madness. This audience may bring to me the claim.

- For what?

- I often break off their viewers. For instance, my only promoted the song of his career was, "How young we were." Of course, people waited at the concerts that I will do it for dessert. And I do not like this: the song is not my style, not rock 'n' roll. And I purposely did not sing. as if I was not asked.

- And then wonder that some stipulated by saying your name.

- But I'm not only from harm then rested! It seemed important to get done on the stage the main thing - to perform software product. If there would be time, then sbatsal to "How young we were."

- But no time left?

- Of course ...

You know, in a sense, I bulldozer. Both my daughter is this: it is useless to try to move, put her horn - that's all. Solves tightly. Capricorn is the zodiac ... She said: "I will go in these shoes." - And will let parents get on the head, proceed with saliva. However, we are not jerks - are used to.

So I did. It may, indeed gadskih because that was willful, disobedient?

- A?

- Today it is easy to pass for cool. Anyone who is not lazy, it is permissible to do everything - write, speak, sing. Can it! It's boring ... I spit into the wind, but to piss all over the company will not ...

- Built a personal closet?

- I'm not a toilet - theater system. With the blessing of Mayor Luzhkov, I was given a building, but to actually get the keys to the former cinema "Petrel" had four and a half years to litigate. My right was legally confirmed. Another year has taken the development of a renovation project. Who ends up examination of this document. You will then begin a new phase: finding the money for construction.

- His money in the theater you do not invest?

- Why should I do? First, the money earned by the music, you need me for life. These amounts are ridiculously small to influence the process of reconstruction. Secondly, I'm not the ranks theater for himself.

- This will be the theater of the song?

- I do not know what it is. Some zhurnalyugsky nonsense!

- Why zhurnalyugsky? Alla Pugacheva has long said that he was going to create a theater song.

- Well, let him speak. Why you repeat it? Or maybe you are ready to explain to me the meaning of this nonsense? I want to do musical theater, in which the song was assigned to be the main role.

- Rock-song?

- You are once again forcing me to ask another question: what is a Rock? I hate the terms, they do not explain anything, and just all confusing.

- For example, you can sing in a theater or Grebenshchikov Shevchuk?

- But they do not sing! Both have no voice, nor hearing. Gentlemen, you mentioned - socially important characters, expressing the aspirations of a certain group of people and having something to do with music and poetry. Finally I was able to say out loud what I think really!

- What do you make it hurt before?

- I knew the place and role of the "Aquarium" and "DDT" in our society and did not want to destroy their assessments of the bright image of their leaders. Moreover, I have always strongly supported and Grebenshchikov, and Shevchuk, although they have never perceived myself as musicians or poets. Some of their stuff, I even hummed, but always "Aquarium", "DDT" and all that remained for me socially charged amateur.

- A "Cinema", "Alice"?

- All the more. These groups may have their fans, the fans, but it has nothing to do with music. The same lightning rods are in the West, but there is no ability to sing and play the idol of millions, yet not to be. We - you can. However, it is not just a problem of domestic rock or pop music. Russia has long been a country of non-professionals.

- You are trying to demonstrate the level of their skills assessment when moving beyond pop, rock and roll, and you undertake to sing opera arias, old songs, try a stage of the Bolshoi Theatre in "The Golden Cockerel"?

- I do not need to prove anything. I sing well.

- What about modesty, which is to decorate?

- Let the decorated, but I sing well. Taught me this. I have a diploma, which says: "Opera and concert and chamber singer." And the score is.

- What?

- Good! Once I was taught, I have to sing. That I do.

- And yet I can not escape the feeling that you are trying to convince the world, as if created for more. This is probably because I know what you have missed a chance for youth.

- Yes, in the nineteen years I have made a very serious proposal that could radically change my life. Solid American firm, was among the five leading producer companies in the world, offering a fabulous deal. As I have invested money to make a star. Star by western standards.

- Sorry that slipped my turn?

- It's hard to say ... As if there was life there, is unknown, but there was Gnesinka, then the Conservatory. I know a lot, and can, therefore, is not afraid to go on stage, together with any foreign executor.

- Means that the bird was still preferable to a crane?

- No, not so. If I now nineteen, went to work without hesitation. Check out the not so terrible, if you know that you can always come back. And then, almost thirty years ago, it was necessary to completely burn the bridges. I thought that I lose, and I realized: I could not. In addition, the planned departure of a complex: the whole legend of a fictitious marriage with even some zamorochkami ... I could not currently answer, for which such sacrifices? To lose the house, friends, country ... In fact, even having achieved success, I still would have remained a stranger there. I am a Russian in spirit, in thought, in life, I am both a patriot and a Democrat (apart for me, these concepts do not exist).

- Patriots and Democrats place on the barricades. You been there?

- None. It's a game of Russian national revolution. Go to the barricades to shout their hearts' content, and then embrace the enemy and go get drunk together. Do not men need each other to raise the forks and gentlemen, comrades, to negotiate among themselves. When the top do not want to, then there are barricades.

- Are you a masters-mates communicate?

- It is extremely rare. Once I was acquainted with Gorbachev. With Yeltsin's "hello, hello" exchanged.

- Believe, Boris identifies you?

- I doubt it. I think the president knows those who recommend him to know. It is unlikely that I get a favorite ... I can not say that it was me so very sad. The main thing is that the people with me are still good relationship. However, this is a manifestation of emotions, even painful. For example, I love to travel, go shopping at Cheremushkinsky market, but vendors got into the habit thence plant on my free item.

- Then try to pin too, and giving.

- But I did not ask about it! Take a wildly uncomfortable, refuse to start, run off the bazaar ... And one time it was a funny story: I have a cap with a Ukrainian nationalist symbolism ...

- With a trident, or what?

- Yeah! I gave a friend of the hat. It is very convenient to walk in the winter - a real felt. In short, I came to the market for onions. A seller (as it turned out, from the Crimea), he caught sight of a trident and says: "You, bitch zapadenskaya, no selling". I took off his hat, a man almost died, "Sanya". I had to explain that I am not a nationalist Ukrainian, and Russian, a trident, as Fienka burden, saying that the enemy must know in person.

But this is a joke. In fact, I have no enemies.

- And I think I know another man who would not refuse myself the pleasure to play with the letters in your name. At least Anastasia Vertinskaya of life together with you says out loud without much pleasure.

- Agree strange if Nastia began to praise me as the perfect husband. Otherwise we will not be parted.

- By the way, and you somehow diverged very rapidly.

- We spent about three years and honestly tried to stay together. It did not work. Then, over time, I realized it was not for my family, and registered a novel - a beautiful, rugged and passionate. As it is in the novel, emotion, beaten over the edge, so I threw it endlessly in the hot and cold ...

- But, say, a contrast shower is good for health.

- I do not know ... Sometimes I felt that I was one foot - in boiling water, and another - in an ice tub. Every case, but I remember the joy - the moments of happiness, joy. I remember when flying to a meeting to Nastya and had an accident, broke vdrabadan car, barely survived ... If Anastasia did not want to talk about the good, it's her right. I am also very grateful to our novel, at least for the fact that it was born from the idea of the ballet "Mowgli" - the best instrumental music I have written. With this novel, I realized something in my life - and in the plus and minus. I guess I did not meet some expectations Nasty, and it's a shame.

- You?

- She. I repeat, except the feeling of gratitude, nothing. I do not remember the bad, and say thank you for the good. We parted with Nastya almost twenty years ago, it's time to put under this segment of our lives point. I live with Olga and her only knew what a real woman.

- On the second marriage, you do not speak of principle?

- Second marriage was to Vertinskaya. And for the first time I married a girl who was friends with whom, and thought that I love. Then began our feelings grow cold, and we decided to sign to save the love. Children's innocence! In the end we got divorced a couple of weeks ...

Why I say: Olga gave me a family. Everything I have achieved over the past eighteen years - its merit. I'll tell you: I can not imagine my life without Oli. To admit that we are divorced? Deleted!

- Knock on wood.

- Even I will not knock. Of course, life is full of surprises, but that we have left ...

- You are my teas poite and wife in Cyprus. Well meet the prince?

- With all the time next to Olga's son. Danko just 16 years, and growth vymahal a ninety-meter, so take them for all the loving couple.

- And what did you not go with your family?

- Let the rest without and from me. Yes, and work here do need someone.

- Is it all being forced to sweat for a piece of bread and butter?

- Concert give the strength of every month. However, I can already do not sing - do not die of hunger.

- In assorted programs are performing?

- Rare. It really catches the eye is the difference between me and the rest. I was perceived as a necessary evil: there must be in concert at least someone is not singing a "veneer". They look like a psychopath to, and do not take offense. And I have not offended. Because I - Gradsky. Do you hear? Gr-rr-rr!