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"Unfortunately, I - the only
professional musician in Russia"

The newspaper "Persona"

July 1998
Unfortunately, I - the only professional musician in Russia - Alexander Gradsky
  • I dream of a friendly rivals
  • Vysotsky was closer to power than I
  • Mayakovsky very rock 'n' roll
  • Women love men restrained
  • In my work there is no criticism
  • Today's young people will not allow anyone change what we have now
  • information about me always dosed
  • do not see how you can separate democracy and patriotism

- Alexander, why do you always swear to journalists?

- I do not swear to them. Where did you get it?

- Out of the interview that I had read before our meeting. Take, for your interview in the "Top Secret", where you talk to the journalist in a raised voice.

- When people talk nonsense, even if it is a woman ... Actually, I know her, she is one of the journalists provocateurs. We also have a Daria Arslanova, and this here is the same. She is a very nice lady, a beautiful girl, I know her well. But every journalist chooses a style of communication with those with whom they want to communicate. And there are some journalists who are choosing a provocative manner that is obviously stupid question, and waiting to see how it will respond. If the answer to the harsh, severe, then this is exactly what was needed journalist. Here the idea is to avoid the expense of intelligence or knowledge to stand journalist, but by sheer stupidity.

Sometimes my colleagues and I admit the possibility of such a game, instead of saying "Goodbye. care." As for specifically that interview you mentioned, I just wanted to play, to learn what happens. As a result of who I was, so I, in general, and stayed in the newspaper.

Then, these people, like me, to communicate very clearly manifested zodiac sign. And I Scorpion, and how to talk to me, so I say - the softer, gentler time I, the more, the more I'm sharper. You can, of course, respond differently, you can splash water or juice, and you can throw it away so that people will forget the way to you. I prefer the second.

- Why you almost can not see and can not hear now?

- I was always to be seen and heard. On television, on the radio, in the media about me was almost razblyudovka. That is, how much information to give me.

It was under communism, and now the same thing happens. Because everywhere are the same communists, only today they have no party card. Yes, yes, it's the same Camye people with the same imagination, the same proportion of professionalism. A cultural worker complained to Stalin, he says, it is difficult to work with writers. Stalin said: "I have to have no other writers, work with these." The same position and I have - I have no other editors that affect my presence on the air.

- What you did not like it so much?

- all easily explained. Without undue ostentation, without false modesty, so far I see myself as, unfortunately, the only professional man in what is called modern music. This is true, unfortunately.

I say again that this is not bragging, because for me it would be better if we were ten, twenty, thirty, forty. In this case I would have an incentive to work hard, try to be better, try not to get lost in the background of other good performers, which I as a friendly rivals can only dream of. I sometimes allow myself to be lazy. Know in advance that whatever the concert, I will not be difficult to get out and "remove" another artist. Any compilation concert - latent competition, it is a domestic, it does not show the public. This is such a tricky game, but the actor is so constituted can not be otherwise.

- So after all, what you do not like that power? That sang about something "in Izhevsk logging"?

- Well, that means not like the government? I can not say that because she really did not like ... Although in my songs had a lot of indecent, in quotes of course, that is unacceptable. In any case, with all my love for Vladimir Vysotsky, with all due respect, we owe him, I think he was much closer to the government than I do. He talked in a very clear language, his songs were, so to speak, clear. Simple form in which to do it all, Vladimir, could not hold the bosses, but the plot and themes of the songs they were close. We know of examples where members of the Politburo, their daughter and grandchildren listened to music on their dachas.

And when I sang "Here willingly crowned heroes, but to the grave first upekut," it is no one would like. In this sense, I clearly have a predecessor - Galich. On the one hand, he was like a man and the chamber had not a great voice and serious musical talent, but on the other - he was a great poet. Word in Russia has always meant a lot. So, if I was not so much as Galich, acute, sharp enough to make me not want to see in the media.

also play a role and manner of performance. Volodya manner was an actor, known for a hoarse voice. To him it was possible to find fault, if someone wanted it - they say it is not particularly musical, yelling all the time. While all this stuff is wild. He has a wonderful musical discoveries are rarely told. There are two people who consider him an outstanding musician. One of them - I.

- Who's second?

- Schnittke. Alfred said to me: Vysotsky's songs - melodic outstanding musician. He has a fantastic song. All others say his acting start, his poems.

But if you go back to your question, I will say so. Whereas previously the editor treated you well, if he believed that such music should be, he could, risking cvoey career, secretly put it in another program. Now, when to pay for everything, it's impossible to do. Paradox, but the then idiot mode I still somehow could appear on the air, but today it is almost impossible.

In fact it is the policy and it is explained very simply - is the continuing line on fooling people trying to recapture their taste for quality throughout. This can be compared with the Chinese surrogate of crap. When we talk about the Chinese jump, all their achievements, I just have to laugh batters. Because a low-quality product than the Chinese, it is hard to imagine. Take any clothes, any shoes, any of their food, all this - crap. They mass produce shit. And it is very cheap because labor is cheaper there, because the Chinese enough daily bowl of rice and a cup of tea. Russian people will never understand. It's funny, when the Chinese Communists way shout. I feel like saying to someone Zyuganov: "From now on you eat a bowl of rice a day and a cup of tea. And ten hours will be standing at the bench and try to move away from him for five minutes." It is necessary to understand the mentality of the country, when you talk about such things.

As for music, there is stupefaction, alignment. And suddenly there is a man like me. There are two ways - to try to hold on to the rest of my professional skills and make me competitive. Or - to pretend that I do not. Then all will be good guys. Well, maybe, somewhere will bulge Pugacheva, Kirkorov, maybe Grebenshikov, Makarevich, "Nautilus", but this is not so, not much, just a little. And have chosen this path, because it's easier than haul all this shoblu to such an artist who was able to do something and that is not ashamed to deliver their programs in New York or Tokyo.

- Do not you feel sorry for people who listen to this, as you said, "Chinese" music?

- I'm sorry. But, first, what I am saying is quite immodest, but I really used to saying what I think, and therefore is forced to say that. I think that is why me well are people, because I say what I think. Unfortunately, it seems to me that all of this is true. Communicate with anyone, all agree with me, but little by little take part in this. I'm afraid to offend anyone and to name specific names, I do not want this. So, I, too, to some extent involved in this public idiocy. I'm quite frank to say about this, but not honest to someone right to say, "You're a bad player." Do not want to offend the people once again.

- You wrote a great song cycles based on poems by Sasha Cherny, Rubtsov, Pasternak, and Mayakovsky. This is from your craving for true poetry?

- By the time when he began to do it, I matured as a person who wants to speak in syuitnoy form. After all, a song cycle, syuitny cycle - is a broader canvas than the song. All this from an entity which possessed me to what to think of the larger form than a song. Though the song can achieve fantastic success, and so it is a difficult genre.

- Why did you choose such a complex poets?

- The fact that I did not consider myself a person who writes good poetry. A poetry of these people - the multilayered and meaningful - I've always been very close. Poems by Sasha Chorny I took because they were written, as they say, about the date. I must say that my problems with the authorities began not only with my poetry, but also with songs based on poems by Sasha Cherny. Just listen: "patchwork family and friends whiners, funny carnival small fry. From the service of friendship, rotten politics immensely tired brains." These poems were written 90 years ago. And we are still the same. Most poetry is associative on any Russian time.

"Guchkovs, the Duma, sleet, darkness, cloudberries. My dear, you are not pulling out of the window on the pavement bryaknut shaloy head? Do not pull, right? What next, my God?" And then the question - "Where is our closer, sweet, blood? Where is our infinitely loving her?" Here is the longing for a native Russian, native Russian, if you will, the understanding of art, of life itself, the calm of the understanding of life.

When I began to understand that there are some tunes I separate from that to apply them to someone's poetry, then began to write poetry myself. But when I had to write them, already had experience with good poetry, and my poems are better than ever. Then I began to allow myself to write poetry all the time. But that period is over in my 86-87 years.

- The more you do not write poetry?

- No, do not write the songs on other people's poems.

- You were the first one who wrote the music to the poems of Mayakovsky?

- I do not think so. On Nabokov, just first.

- Is it hard to work with poetry of Mayakovsky?

- Oh no ... The most important thing - to find the rhythm of the verse. But for some reason I immediately thought to myself that Mayakovsky was very rock and roll, very frank and slogans. Poems Kincheva and Choi - it is also clear slogans, with unimportant poetry, in fact, it's just Spartak chants. A poetry of Mayakovsky also like chants, but with very great poetry.

- Yeah, it's hard to name or slogan chants are his lines: "Mary! Your body I'll take care of the soldier, lopped war, do not need nobody cares his only leg. Your name is, I'm afraid to forget how poet afraid to forget in the throes of nights born word greatness equal to God ".

- Yes. But never forget that there were two different Mayakovsky Mayakovsky, humble himself, becoming on his nose, and Mayakovsky - overly romanticized, a kind of lyric to the expression, I would say sometimes lzheekspressiey. In adolescence I'm terribly fond of this lzheekspressiey, thought that this is a real poetry. How is it in Mayakovsky? .. "Which do you invent heaven Hoffmann, cursed?" When I was older, I realized that these women do not like men. They do not like those who are trying to do something for them to pull it out of my chest at his or her, or lying, that will remove anything from the sky and does not remove. If he had something really shot from the sky, then it can really make a woman somehow. But in reality it was just a lie, dust and taking up around gravel, no more. Women like men very discreet, with a deep inner strength, like Boris Pasternak. That's why its cycle on poems by Mayakovsky and Pasternak, I put on one disc. This is like my own, male transition from explosive lzheliriki to deep lyrics Pasternak to domestic consumers of this love within man himself.

- Your opera "Stadium" unfairly forgotten and ignored by critics.

- A general criticism of all bypassed. No criticism of my work. Here you come to me, and sat down in front, asking me questions and I answer them. But criticism - this is when you do not come to me, take this or that my work, listen to it and write about it themselves. No such criticism. Basically, they all want to hear what I will tell about their work. I think that all the senses, when I die. That's when the talk is no one, and people are finally going to write not about me, but about my songs.

- you have been contacted for "Stadium"? What is the history of this opera?

- The story is very simple. Many of her try on the events in Chile. Emotionally, it's really true, but purely emotional. Just a couple of months, with Margarita Pushkina began writing the libretto, we have grown from the topic of the topic Chile.

Libretto we wrote more than two years. Year and a half later, I wrote the score. Then we started to try to put it is, I went somewhere, but it was impossible. Only in the 83 th, I had the opportunity to record it.

- How did you assemble such a stellar record on the team - Alla Pugacheva, Makarevich, Kobzon, Andrei Mironov, even sang a little, almost a three-minute aria?

- Yes, yes, this was a major challenge, because no other singers could not sing the way I wanted it. So I had to invite the most well that neither is talent. Then, the recording of this opera, was assembled a whole bunch of actors and pop celebrities who were at the time, in 84-85 years. And the singers are very different genres - Elena Kamburova Makarevich, Kuzmin, MAZENKO Boyarsky, Mironov, of course, Alla Pugacheva, there even Yarmolnik shouted a few words.

way, participated in the recording of Yuri Shakhnazarov, who later withdrew from the music. But few know that it was one of the founders of the "Araks", a group that has done almost everything for Mark Zakharov. Mark Zakharov rarely recollects it, but to actually "Juno and Avos", "The Star and Death of Joaquin Muretty" and "Autostadt" were made by the group "Araks". That is, all the music that is then created Lenk as musical theater staged a wild rush around him, it was all done on the basis of musical performances. Of course, the merit of Mark Zakharov in the theater business is huge, but do not forget that my former bass guitarist founded the group "Araks", made arrangements for the three superspektaklyam Lenkoma.

- I remember, it was announced that the film will be based on the "Stadium".

- Yes, there were many different attempts - and a film shoot, and just put. But failed. I'm glad that it did not happen. I realized that the best form of realization of such large forms - a record. This is the most perfect form. Record, like a book - you listen, you read, you imagine. All - in fantasy. As soon as the film for any book, in 99 cases out of 100, he is unworthy of this book.

- Do you personally present in the role of a singer?

- I personally? .. Sure. The "stadium" I am present in every game. Even in women's roles. I am sure that Bizet wrote Carmen based on the fact that he knew about women, or the fact that he knew about them.

- you, like no one else on the Russian stage characterized by citizenship, not sugary and not ostentatious.

- Of course, I - a patriot. And very active patriot, I was him, even when they could not be. And I became a Christian long before the church was again similar to the institute. At the same time I'm a Democrat and I do not understand, as a patriot can not be non-democrats and vice versa. I have a friend - a rather famous person, I will not call him - who calls himself a Democrat, while he allows himself to say that Russia is quite a damn about him. When he did speak, I think he's a fool or lying, or does not understand, or simply confirms what is often said about the Democrats patriots. Personally I do not understand how you can disconnect the patriotism and democracy. Democracy - a government of the people, and patriotism - love relationship to their place of birth or residence, permanent protection of the interests of the place, the interests of the people among whom you live. Democracy - is just a way of governing.

- But Russia needs democracy?

- I am confident that our people and it is unnecessary. You watch TV when they interview people on the streets. What's the difference between now and what it was ten years ago? People are freer say free thought, they have completely different faces. Someone very famously said: "The value of democracy begin to understand when you lose it." Any autocracy involves rejection of freedom of expression of thought, freedom of behavior. And the people have tasted democracy, to judge everything and for it not to be hanged, shot or jailed, begin to understand it. Now, for the first time in the history of the Russian state has enough ability to speak freely. People who have tasted it in full measure, young people - a huge social base for a democratic state. Those who call for the autocratic monarchy, to the dictatorship of a single party, do not even realize what resistance they get from the young.

I often predicted the development of events, even guessed them very often. So, by all accounts, young people cool enough to apply to any election. Most people go to the polls of middle and old age, because they are aware of their responsibility for making decisions. Youth believes that whoever is chosen, everything will be as it was. And I am in agreement with it. We now go on this path, even if tomorrow the president of Russia will choose Zyuganov, then nothing will change. Once the CCP require Zyuganov action brings to power of the Communist Party, he immediately dispel this party to hell. Creates a situation where a country can not be managed differently than it is now.

- Well, what about the negative effects that occurred in a democracy - prostitution, drug abuse and the like?

- What, it was not before? Just before this no one knew. And then, people did not have money. As soon as the money right away there are people who want to take and redistribute the excess funds.

When all lived for 120 rubles and someone privorovyval, took away from work or nails brooms, everything was fine, everyone was equal. But it turned out that someone is talented, some worked, and some are lazy. Therefore, there are ten percent of the population with more money. But not terribly so, and appalling that people do find it abnormal. Maybe you could do something different, but not immediately, but after 20 years, 30, 40. And our people want to get everything at once. They forget that the process was long, even in developed democracies.

I idiot optimist, pessimist rather, a partisan of critical realism, but I will say that we were lucky. The way that England was 400 years, and the U.S. for 200, we will go for 40 years.

- It's your prediction?

- Yes. In 40 years, Russia will be unrecognizable. Today's young will not allow anyone to change what we have today.

- You had no desire to leave the country?

- No, never. Now if I was 19, I went to work. Today, I'm losing a lot of time struggling with some idiots. Now if I was 19-20 years old, I could be completely different career in the world, if you like, art.

When there was a question about my departure, as he stood in front of me, but I did not put it, I was offered ...

- Who the KGB?

- No, God is with you! I was offered a contract to marry, in general, everything is normal. Very serious offer. But I did not. Because then my departure would be leaving for good. I could not afford it.

- Alexander, we talked about your citizenship in the works. But if you remember your song, then they have more pointing to the sores of society, even some derision or irony over our lives.

- You see, the problem of the singer - in any case do not give recipes. The task of the singer - show weak points. name them.

- quote from you: "We have not dealt with the times, because all of us ... all the same".

- but it's true, it's an explanation of why we had not made it. It is necessary that people are rooting for their country, worried about the way we live. You see, all the famous deeds of 20-30 years came from the fact that people have been enthusiastic, was actually a very great enthusiasm. Another thing is that they were deceived. You can not trust the autocratic regime and can not be under the influence of passion tyrant.

- Today, we do not cheat?

- No, we can not be deceived, today is another form of government. Now we are assigned the task themselves to decide them. That's the essence of democracy - no one will not dragged by the ears.

And what was that? Stalin went to the podium and said, "Vpered, tavaryschi! Pastroim Belamor channel!" and all the crowd enthusiastically running, hands, feet, teeth built this channel. We thought, "Oh, now we construct and will have luxury life!" Yeah no shit! Built, and then all - one in jail, one in the camp.

remember telling Galich: "Beware of those who say," I know how to. "Stalin did not know how to, he knew what he wanted, and for the country it is necessary, he did not. Though was a wonderful person in every way, as they say, evil genius.

- turns, and you can not tell how to?

- I should not have said that. Once a person says that he knows how to, it is for me, roughly speaking, is the enemy. So he thinks of people dumber than himself once explained to them how to live. I do not consider myself stupid people or smarter, treat them as equals. But show them the pain points, once again remind them about it. Moreover, in most cases they themselves know them, without me.

- Do you have some kind of melody or song that you often think?

- Own? Almost there. However, very rarely remember. I know them all, and to me they are tired. To his music, I am quite critical. When I make out, I see a lot of shortcomings. But if you compare me with other artists, to me, I repeat, it is very sad that I do not have an incentive to self-improvement recently.

- you are well-endowed man?

- I am publishing the plate, I have a lot of work abroad.

- And what kind of work you do abroad?

- There I also releasing his records. Here soon I will have solo concerts in Tokyo, then to New York. In Tokyo, the release of the third CD, and the concert will be the sixth or seventh.

- What are you singing the Japanese?

- Music. Classics, romances, some songs. Sorry, the Japanese are very fond of good music. They know the songs of Okudzhava, Vysotsky, well known music Fradkin. They love melodious music, good voice. Does not bother them that I often sing in Russian than in English. They are very tidy people, come to the concert program that holds the translation.

- you are friends with one of the musicians?

- Probably not. I have almost all good relationships. I'm fairly well acquainted with those involved in rock music. And no friendship. Uninteresting. I'm friends with people from other professions.

- strange.

- nothing strange. Musicians - a sphere of people locked-in.

- you are called the patriarch of Russian rock music.

- This is nonsense, a nonsense, pure yarlykovschina. I started playing this music, one of the first in Russia, but how can I be a patriarch, when so many younger? This is ridiculous.

At one time I did start playing Yuri Ermakov, Sandpiper Glory, Glory Atran, around 64-65 years. They continue to play to this day. For example, violent played with me in the same group. You see, you have made the big eyes ... These are the metamorphoses occur. The man is doing what it has to do. Although when the 66-year Bujnov played with me in the band, he wrote a completely wonderful things in rock style, was an excellent musician. Now you look at me and shake your head, and I say - that's what happens to a man as it changes when one moves away from the music and moves to another. I am not saying it is bad or good, just that that's the paradox. No one does not believe, but true.

many such examples. The same Vladimir Kuzmin started with active rock, then pop it became more. I too am changing, I do not play as played before, and I do not sing as much as before. Just my style remains the same, is my relationship to the word, to music.

- you said that you do not have an incentive to excel because of the level performers. But can still call someone an equal? ??

- No, this is ridiculous. Just ridiculous. They can not do anything.

- Just one?

- Virtually none. In pop music, working quite a lot of professional musicians who humble themselves and do all that shit. The same Vladimir Belous, Presnyakov-senior, well lots of people who are great musicians in their essence, but holds a primitive music.

There are other, very great musicians, they are engaged in a complex music. For example, Vladimir Vasilkov, who for many years played with me. He has his own band, they play jazz, great music, but it is not popular. That is, you know, good musicians as if divided into two categories - one engaged in explicit shit to survive, while others are complex and little popular music on the one hand, as something to live and enjoy the music. And somewhere in the middle - top, side or bottom - I am, playing complex music and still earn good money. In our situation it is - an anachronism.

In Moscow, I'm trying to do theater, musical theater. When I do it, it will tear all their foreign contracts and going to work in Russia.

- What is the idea of the theater?

- I am an official working in the Moscow government for almost nine years. I have a former cinema, is now engaged in its reconstruction. I think that in two or three we open.

- Alexander, did you have any plans or ideas that do not come true?

- None. If something is not done, it is only my fault.

For eighteen years writing an opera based on the novel by Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita".

- A "Stadium" still to deliver, when will a theater?

- None. He will remain in the record. It can not deliver. Technically this is done, no one can.

- So maybe, after all, we'll see "The Master and Margarita"?

- "Master" will be even more difficult to deliver. This is a very deep thing, and people are unlikely to sit out in the hall. We put something different, more theatrical.

Interviewed Andrei Morozov