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Autodafe without Inquisitor

The new program Dmitry Dibrova on NTV

Pavel Rudnev

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

December 18, 1999
Autodafe without Inquisitor - Alexander Gradsky

cvoyu new transmission " Autodafe " Dibrov began with a presentation of its strategic ideas. On the one hand, it will auto-da for the famous musician (a sharp, hard-hitting dialogue with the audience); on the other - by his performance in the most incredible and unimaginable combinations of genres ... with other musicians. </ P>

This important task seemed uninteresting. Mindful of musical tastes Dibrova, our sophisticated brain began to write fantasy pretzel. Grez most fantastic jam sessions, new "Pop-Mechanics", something like a combination of Vladimir Spivakov and Sophie Ockrent, Micah Jumanji and the Kirov Ballet and Dmitry Revyakina and DJ Groove. </ P>

The case turned banal than it seemed. Before us was a normal television interview with casual audience, which many infrequent interspersed musical numbers. A sort of "Musical Ring" with one boxer unsportsmanlike species. </ P>

The first guest was Alexander Gradskij. The most unfortunate figure for the beginning of the cycle. And from the point of view of modern musical interests, from the point of view of the original "combination" (on a recent anniversary Gradskij already sung to the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra) and the choice of material (he sang "Satire" Sasha Cherny - Gradski, of course, was the "voice" but not his voice), and in terms of excitement interlocutor. Gradskij spoke of his talent, that wrote so many songs that do not even fit in the triple plate format; then send ( "The theater begins with sewage"), then quoted Saltykov-Shchedrin. It was obvious that an experienced interviewer Dibrov in horror trying to spice up the dialogue, have resorted to the most recent way to distract attention - infinitely provoking Alexander Gradsky to flirt with a young girl's audience. </ P>

As ever, it was obvious that Gradskij remained sweet voiced minstrel bang-perestroika, the strongest numbers which were satirical ballads about the Soviet zhituha. The musician, who allowed himself and his interlocutors to call himself the "grandfather of Russian rock and roll," while alive Grebenshchikov and Naumenko is dead, alas, proved their destiny, that the quicker the professionalism, the farther away from the canons of the rock, to which so earnestly want to classify it, writing in the "legend". In fact - dull, technically singing and texts, which do not want to listen. </ P>

flirty interview with a man who knows that he is a genius, do not clash with the style of the new transmission. Imagine autos without penalty, without torture, without exhausting interrogation without evil "finale audience," weeping and benefactors - a striking lack of drama, conflict, movement, ties, finals, television cutaways, a dossier on the hero: for ulcer menu. Somewhere in the distance, on video screens, the entire transmission raging fire of a passionate, seductive reminds us of the promises Dmitry Dibrova incompatible push and turn from night to night anthropologist inquisitor. I would like to see a decent headset for this is lifeless, though fire wallpaper. </ P>

In recognition of the fact that the "Auto de fe" is shot in the studio "Vox populi" Yevgeny Kiselyov, and at the same decoration of the hall, it was thought that the economical management of NTV wanted to infuse the energy of the elite "Anthropology" in a purely commercial drives, adding to the extraordinary sharpness and elegant sociability Dmitry Dibrova little pop at the most that neither is on primetime. "Autodafe" is intended to be officious-folk version is clearly dying "Anthropology". </ P>