Just advertisingTopotushka three legs, two legs in the topotushka - famous Russian rhythmic education. Rock 'n' roll, deliberately organized as a rhythmic structure that makes people over react. Classics of drums used only superemotsionalnyh points. For example, for a long time, about 20 minutes, develops the theme in the symphony of Shostakovich, and then suddenly putty in trombones. Drum cover: the listener - a catharsis. A rock 'n' roll hits at once sharply - TY-doo-doo-spirit!... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!


Alexey Petrov
Essays on the History of Russian rock music

Alexey Petrov - First - Essays on the History of Russian rock music

In the 70s, when I was "sane" and, just like many of the heroes of my essay, ugoral by "The Beatles", "Creedence" and "Rolling Stones "in our print anything serious about the Soviet rock music have not been contacted. We are in the outback, seriously we think that our rock music - is VIA. I will not lie - to say that this music is not like us. But we already knew, of course, that with Western rock is any comparison does not go. How are we to know what we are witnessing is the final act of the play exciting?

Before we only occasionally, accidentally came the echoes of rock boom of city life. The desire to get at least some information about it was great, and that somehow quench this thirst, I, for example, collecting clippings from magazines and newspapers. In these publications, it was told, basically, on the western rock musicians, and only occasionally (rarely) - our. I remember an absurd article in a "crocodile", which reported an ugly fashion to the English group "Jumping the bugs." So the authors have translated the name of «The Beatles». The article ends with an ellipsis thoughtful, biting irony: "Beatlemania continues ..." Say, hey, not much time left. It was the 60s. It was this clipping from the magazine prompted me to start a collection. The most progressive Soviet magazine we thought "same age", but there is more written about "Quinn", "Beatles" and "ashes" .... In 70 years, we were chasing not that part of the issue "Sound Track" of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets ". They wrote about our musicians with knowledge of the matter. We are very worried that "MK" could then subscribe only Muscovites. Thank God, I have friends in Moscow. They always left me for another edition of the newspaper. In the end, I have gathered a few plump folders such material, but the information was fragmented and still quite scarce.

And then the "perestroika" and the Soviet rock music began to speak aloud. There were not only serious articles in newspapers and magazines and memorable TV shows, but also voluminous book. And then there was the opportunity to create, finally, for themselves a single "historical" picture.

Of course, I usually did not witness the events about which I write in the essay, why I not call myself the author of the essay, and his "compiler". The sources from which I took this information to your work, I try to point directly in the text (not to fret the notes and footnotes, and not pose as a sort of cabinet of the worm). Here I will mention only two of the book, which I mainly oriented and during the preparation of this text: "Rock in the Union, 60 th, 70 th, 80 th ..." A. Trinity and "Rock firsthand" N. Dobryuhi. The section devoted to, for example, L. Berger - it's just written retelling of this remarkable book Dobryuhi vocalist. I consider it important to stress this, because these respected journalists have done a tremendous job to write his books, and indeed were in the midst of those events, of which I speak to sketch.

Please also take into account the fact that the work on his notes, I finished three years ago (in the last century! ..), But since then much water has flowed, and some of my statements today someone may seem controversial. The main thing for me, for example - is that by studying the past of those musicians who are today on the mind and to whom still quite recently I was concerned with a fair amount of skepticism, and now look at the past of our pop music quite different eyes ...

Aleksey Petrov - 2003

Note. VT .: Telecast "Old Apartment»


Journalist (opening book): In his book "Rock the Union" is written that ...

Gradskij (interrupting): Who is the author?

journalist Artyom Troitsky

Gradskij: You can close the book