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Alexander Gradsky - a brief chronology - 2005

In connection with the introduction of "Forum site" brief chronology not being .

The daughter Gradsky stolen car

( According to the materials: " Moskovsky Komsomolets" December 6, 2005 g.)

In Gradskaya Mary - daughter of the famous Russian singer and composer Alexander Gradsky - stole a new luxurious car "Porsche Cayenne" worth 2.8 million rubles.

As it became known "MK", Maria arrived in Kozitskii alley where the apartment is located Gradskij, at about 2 am on December 2. She parked her new car, bought this spring, at his parents' house. Closing machine which was equipped with a standard alarm, she went home. Loss she saw when she woke up, around noon on Friday - and immediately went to the police.

The investigators found that the car was stolen Gradskaya about 5 o'clock in the morning. The whole process of kidnapping foreign car was captured by surveillance cameras, which are mounted on buildings. Hijackers acted very professionally and quickly. On the alarm off it took them a few minutes. After that, the villains revealed the car and drove off unhindered towards Tverskaya Street. Anyone who may have witnessed the theft is asked to contact the police by phone 973-91-46.

Concert Alexander Gradsky concert hall in Russia

November 4, 2005

Concert ...

«Native newspaper" asked famous people: "What a Vysotsky song for you favorite?»

( According to the materials: " Native newspaper " № 27 (113) 22 July 2005 ., band 33)

Alexander Gradsky, People's Artist of Russia, composer, singer:

- My attitude to creativity Vysotsky - wonderful. More than I like Vysotsky later work, mostly late seventies. Such an encyclopedia of Russian life. I am proud to have lived with Vysotsky at the same time. And my favorite song - this is probably the "glass»:

play tired, stumbling in the orchestra.

closes the circle,

not break my ring.

Calmly I have to leave, smiling,

But still I dopoyu until the end.

Chelyabinsk Metallurgist Day

On Saturday, July 17, in Chelyabinsk toured famous entertainers Alexander Gradsky, Marina Khlebnikov, Garik Sukachev, Vladimir Markin, as well as the group "A Studio". The tour was timed to Metallurgist Day celebration professional.

Gradskij: In concert halls vocal imitation should be banned

( Source: " Rosbalt " 29.06.2005)

MOSCOW, June 29th. The concert halls of vocal imitation should be banned. This was announced today at a public debate, "Swan Song plywood" in the framework of the project "immoral Russia" in Moscow "Rosbalt" singer and composer Alexander Gradsky.

In his words, "it is necessary to prohibit by law the customer to use a low-quality product." "I personally do not care, I do the more fonogrammnikov, the more spectators will come, but the state should not spit, because otherwise it will grow Society morons", - he said. He noted that "society should be mature, not to accept a fake, but it will take 25-30 years." Moreover, as emphasized Gradskij, "duping the population increases, and because we run the risk to come to that 5-6 generations of young people with a bad taste will not be able to develop themselves." "We need surgical measures, namely banning" - Gradski said. He explained that everyone sing "under the plywood" should act in clubs and openly declare that engaged in "vocal imitation".

According Gradsky, those who now imitate, are in direct subordination of the producers, completely dependent on the media, and are easily replaced. "This situation has led to the fact that even today we are certain to send to" Eurovision ", which is a basic condition for performance without a soundtrack," - said Gradskij.

«Artists alive or can sing or not, if they sing to the sound recording, then they are lazy and cheat the viewer" - Gradski said. He stressed that today 99.9% of the performers, except for the musicians and singers of songs, sung by "plywood."

TV BLITZ And you happen to oppose itself to the state

( According to the materials: "Evening Moscow " 09.06.05)

Alexander Gradsky, composer, singer:

- I myself do not oppose anyone. Are you talking about Khodorkovsky's all ask? I have something to do with it? Most likely, this state thinks sometimes that someone confronts him. I personally have never themselves are not opposed to the state, because I think it is stupid occupation. And that's what my thinking about the state, I do not know.

Monument homeless animals put in the capital's subway

( Source: "Interfax" < / i> 21.04.05 18:09)

The memorial sign "Empathy", dedicated to stray dogs and cats, is set in podulichnom crosswalk at the entrance to the metro station "Mendeleyev".

As told on Thursday "Interfax" a member of the Russian Academy of Arts, sculptor Alexander Tsigal, the reason for the creation of the monument was the murder of a woman stray dog, so to stand up for his dog.

"Inadequate woman trying to separate the dogs inflicted multiple stab wounds homeless mongrel, from which she died," - said the artist.

According to him, the event stirred up the public. the board of trustees to establish a monument was created. It included a large number of well-known artists, including Alexander Shirvindt Alexander Gradskij, director Mark Rozovskii Elena Kamburova, as well as more than 20 folk artists of Russia.

"I want to emphasize that this is not a monument to a particular dog, and a sign of our sympathy, compassion and our attitude towards homeless animals in general", - said A.Tsigal.

The prosecutor's office will abuse animals

( Source: "Interfax" 24.02.05 18:09)

The prosecutor's office in Moscow has started checking the facts of cruel treatment of animals. "On behalf of the city prosecutor Anatoly Zuyev prosecutors capital checked the validity and legality of decisions made on this issue", - said today the official representative of the Prosecutor's Office of Moscow.

Previously, some Russian cultural workers appealed to the Prosecutor General of Russia Vladimir Ustinov with a request to take personal control of the investigation of the facts of the two high-profile animal cruelty. "One of the most egregious cases in the past year - a dog chainsaw murder, which took place February 6, 2004 in the village of Plyussa Pskov region", - the statement says. Among the signatories to appeal - Yuri Antonov, Valentin Gaft Alexander Gradskij, Alla Demidova, Valery Zolotukhin, Andron Konchalovsky, Lyubov Polishchuk, Eldar Ryazanov, Paul Chukhray.

Who we love and do not love

( According to the materials: " www.vmdaily.ru " )

These questions we asked celebrities capital on the eve of New Year.

Alexander Gradsky, composer, singer.

Which one of you TV stars have been invited to the New Year?

I meet the New Year with the television people, my friends. This is a unique case when the TV people - decent people.

Which program would you like to participate?

In no. Although I have to participate in them. Why? Because it is today probably the only way to deal with the television. Because as much as ninety-nine and ninety-nine hundredths of one percent of people on television - morons. And editors, and leading, and those who were invited, and those who sit as spectators. Unfortunately, I have to participate in all of this and answer questions debility. But there has to some people to tell the truth!

What kind of transmission is fundamentally not see?

All do not watch. Nearly. Exception - Sports, news programs.

What the show watched from start to finish?

I do not watch that shit.

Your personal TV rating?

No. All - shit.

If you were telenachalnikom, who would have dismissed?

All. First and foremost, those behind them who secretly steers TV. Because no matter how they grimacing, no matter how wagged all know who really controls the TV channels.

[ Brief chronology - 2004 ]

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