Just advertisingI got up in the morning. And I dreamed the night «Latina.» That's so, «I do not blame anybody, I did not catch up ...» This is imagined, then, an hour for three or four, I wrote the lyrics, the chorus written in the evening, the day started to do this sort of computer processing, and then arrangement, then led the orchestra, and then imposed this orchestra, and then reduced. The case was delayed for two weeks and spent about another thousand dollars on all this Baida. And the result was 15 songs... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!


Знатоки возвращаются (1971-1989)

19-я серия: "Дело №19. Пожар"


Производство: СССР, ЦТ, 1985, 100 мин., цв.

Режиссер: Юрий Кротенко
Авторы сценария: Ольга и Александр Лавровы

В ролях: Георгий Мартынюк, Леонид Каневский, Эльза Леждей, Сергей Гармаш, Наталья Тенякова, Антонина Дмитриева, Валентина Карева, Владимир Ильин
Оператор: Юрий Исаков
Композиторы: Давид Тухманов, Марк Минков, Александр Градский
Текст песен: Роберт Рождественский
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