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"At Home Among Strangers"

Feature Film

THE USSR; Mosfilm
1974, 93 min.

Kajdanovsky Alexander, Yuri Bogatyrev,
Nikita Mikhalkov, Konstantin Raikin
in Nikita Mikhalkov's film "At Home Among Strangers".

Composer Eduard Artemyev
At Home Among Strangers

A small provincial town in southern Russia, the 20-ies. It ended the civil war, but to the complete victory of the Bolsheviks still far. In the district are active bandits and five friends, the former red fighters come to them in mortal combat. A missing gold cargo threatens their very friendship.

Suspicion of betrayal and danger of death - not too much for one person?

A comment Nikita Mikhalkov: "For the second time I have worked with Edward Artemiev (we met on my diploma" Calm day at the end of the war ")," - he wrote the music, in my opinion, simply beautiful. Especially like "Song of the ship", sung by great Alexander Gradsky - at the time it was a revelation for me.

Nikita Mikhalkov, the Bureau of Propaganda of Soviet cinema, 1981. A. Lipkov.

We know of at least three recording "Songs of the ship" Edward Artemiev on poems by Natalia Konchalovsky by Alexander Gradsky.

Oleg Petukhov, 27.10.04

At Home Among Strangers - A poster of the famous artist and film activist Alexander Adabashyan. From Oleg Petukhov archive
A poster of the famous artist and filmmaker
(including the role of the artist in Berlioz Bortko)
Alexander Adabashyan.