Just advertisingRock can be proud of, that has brought such a bard: his dedication Wysocki interesting not only narcissistic experience Makarevich, but the wonderful creations of our famous poets (yes, they will forgive me). A Gradskij obviously was on this day is not with the elite, but with ordinary people about what and told in his song, in this July day, the people accompanied the national poet. Perhaps, in his song is not so beautiful rhyme, but it is closer to the spirit of the Vysotsky... Read more - New records remastered CD and the music!

"Golden Oldies"


CD 1996 г. MTKMO,
records from different years, as previously published on phonograph records,
and previously unreleased:

Disk 1: (1-15) - LP "Reflections jester";
(16 -18) - LP "Concert Suite";
(19-21) - LP "Expedition";

Disk 2: (1-6) - LP "Romance for Lovers";
(7-12) - LP "Monte Cristo"

Golden Oldies

    CD 1

  1. Skomorokhy
  2. You and I
  3. Findlay
  4. In the fields covered with snow and rain
  5. I've always loved animals
  6. Ballad of War
  7. Our old house
  8. Spain
  9. You forsaken me
  10. Only you believe me
  11. Friend collier
  12. Song jester
  13. Blue Forest
  14. I - Goya
  15. Final
  16. Song on television
  17. Double
  18. So Dad sang
  19. The passing
  20. I want to understand
  21. He loved
    CD 2

  1. Love
  2. Song about friendship
  3. Song of the Birds
  4. Song about mother
  5. Return
  6. Death of a Hero
  7. Song of Monte Cristo
  8. Song about "crazy"
  9. Song of Freedom
  10. Song of gold
  11. Song about sin
  12. Song about hope
  13. Farewell
  14. Not fly
  15. Bright evening
  16. Ballad of white and black
  17. Giordano Bruno
  18. Will gentle rain
  19. Song of the Seagull
  20. Prayer
  21. Autumn


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