Just advertisingRock can be proud of, that has brought such a bard: his dedication Wysocki interesting not only narcissistic experience Makarevich, but the wonderful creations of our famous poets (yes, they will forgive me). A Gradskij obviously was on this day is not with the elite, but with ordinary people about what and told in his song, in this July day, the people accompanied the national poet. Perhaps, in his song is not so beautiful rhyme, but it is closer to the spirit of the Vysotsky... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? Авиабилеты дешево купить онлайн источник. and the music!

Alexander Gradsky:
"I'll order his music"

Magazine "Only You" №7, 2001

Alexander Gradsky. Photo by S. Babenko

Alexander, you give the impression of some kind of isolation from the whole of our platform and singing fraternity. Accidentally hearing your voice automatically said: "But the singing voice of the lonely lonely Gradsky" ...

I think I know how to sing and play, and that on many different. I've never tried to stand, did not invent their way - I am, what is there. But the viewer is clearly sees that I do not work like the others, he is born feeling that this guy is in itself ... not in the stream ...

You were taught music since childhood. But the boy with music books are not laughing? All are going to drive in football, and you - a music school playing the violin .

Yes, I was a yard guy, like everyone else, and drove in football as much as you want. Nobody was laughing at me, besides I was growing rapidly, with thirteen earned. My mother died early, she was an actress drama theater, is she dreamed that I learned music, but did not know that I did not violinist and singer.

You had a choice in his youth - music or something else ?

At some point it becomes clear that you can only deal with this one. Whether you yourself are so determined, or, as it says in my favorite novel, ordered for you by someone else. Before the elections, I was more than once, and it was a fundamental choice, but within my profession. I am a musician and still was not really in the Gnessin Institute has not yet acted, when he received a stunning sentence - to sign a contract with an American company to some incredible amount.

to buy your voice?

Bought myself with all the giblets. And I found a woman to marry, or a scandal abroad did not go. Dazzling Swede with white hair! I remember ... I refused the contract. I was only nineteen years old and I had to leave their country forever. I could not agree to this "forever". At that time, nobody knew that it will be possible to return, even with heroic expression on his face ... Then there was a choice - an opera or rock music, and later - the music business or the theater. I chose rock music, his own work and their own theater. Who Cow shaft being finished building in the Empire style, the theater for five hundred people, I was able to convince the authorities that Moscow simply needs its own musical theater. Today, he returned from the meeting, which refined the height of ceilings in the toilets. I insisted on the three-meter, can not stand the low ceilings, small space where he lived all his life.

to delve even in such trifles?

When continually run into people who would not want to answer, it is necessary to understand all of himself. Times seem to be new, and the irresponsibility of the same: let guys get together and we will do the small stuff .. Simply do everything yourself!. I'll write music, sing it myself, for some time now, even poems for his music I compose myself. Build a theater and so many years - a house outside the city on his own project, who corrected my friend, engineer, explaining what can and what can not. I realized that I stopped loving the city, I do not want to live here anymore.

Alexander, I'm sorry, but you're talking about yourself with such respect ... Are not you afraid that you deem arrogant?

I do not hide that respect myself. What motivate? I highly appreciate their professionalism, respect for the diligence with which we even fight: trying to relax, but I can not, I can not bring myself to sleep an extra hour.

Do you have weaknesses?

Hate drawbacks! What I strong and principled, then mumbled something unintelligible, do not want to show willpower, hard-to raise the question, to quarrel. And then my patience comes to an end, and begin to swing the ax. People are in a panic: how can he not know what to expect from it ... I wish I was equally, more predictable.

That you appreciate yourself for professionalism, your colleagues also did not die of modesty, and the people the songs composed by you does not pick up, not singing. When people come together and sing, then - "dugout", "Moscow Nights", "Oh, viburnum blossoms." Or "How young we were," was incorporated into the national repertoire, by the way, thanks to you. There is something in these songs is that they want to sing.

Guess something spiritual - the authors guess people heard. But for a long time relationship between the need for this spiritual and professional attacks on people's hearing has faded. The bridge from the author of the soul to the soul of the people disappeared, new bridges are not built, and old ones were in the same place, nobody Porush. And when waking up is something nostalgic, he would rather sing in the human soul, "Moscow Nights" than a fashion hit. In the Soviet song, at the same Tukhmanov, Pakhmutova, Fradkin, a lot of good, long-lasting things that once were the heart and withstood the test of time. Maybe I would like to write a song that would be one hundred years sang the whole country, but today it is simply impossible.

You want to say that there is this "Order" coming from the people?

I at least do not feel this need. So I continue to be on his own, he bought himself music, compose and sing what I want. I work at the intersection of the traditions of Russian classical music and contemporary Western, I try to grow, to set new goals, and not go public once and for all painted in the same paint. I do not argue, you can pick up the paint well and long to go round, but it's boring. Interestingly another - I shall add ever opera "Master and Margarita". I was twenty-five years of writing ...

Unfinished house, unfinished opera ... you is not depressing?

In Russian law this is normal. On the last - with tenderness, now is not too entertaining, all the main thing - to come. Probably surprised when suddenly everything is over: as so, brothers, I have not had time .. But I live with a typical Russian feeling that the mountains ahead of time ... I remember how terribly cursed with Konchalovsky in the film "Romance for Lovers "and suddenly Andron said," Stop yelling we are with you in front of eternity ... "I can imagine how to finish the house and sit down among the pines eating and drinking ... I'm not in a hurry, I do not like to live by strict script, I so have to always enter! yourself in the frame. You get one hundred proposals for something agree, and then only manage to fulfill the obligations ...

Women on the stage fighting for leaving the youth, and aging singers happen to jump as very young. You care what you look like on stage?

I do not hide her age, I do not mask it. The complex relationship I have with my weight only: losing weight, fat, sit on diets. Before smoking, I am now cast, and not suffer.

Alexander, and where you feel better - at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, or on any stadium ?

In a good concert hall, which runs a constant, well-educated audience. Generally its audience I'm not complaining, even in the stadium - there's just a little bit more on me manners sharp and bright.

You are disappointed a lot in life?

course. Napridumali any nonsense, configure illusions, especially on the subject of love, and then they dispersed. This is normal. Again fantasize ...

As I can not believe that the "stars" may be the failure of love ...

I was stylish, arrogant and smart women like it, but not all were favorable to me. If a man says that he can seduce any, do not believe, he was lying.

you forgive the weakness of women?

Do you have a weakness? In my opinion, all women consider themselves to be smart. Each has the opportunity to see this, because it at least once in her life she was smarter at least one man.

your uneven complicate family life?

By training my wife Olga economist, which means that it has to take into account various factors to take into account ... or not.

How could cross the path of a rock musician and economist?

Random. We were together at the Shchukin School play. It invited the sister who it was playing, and I - a friend whose girlfriend also participated in the performance, the students of the Shchukin friends. As a result of this multi-friendship, we lay down to me the whole company. It was the last day of February 1979. Ole - nineteen, I - thirty ...

She's staring at you from the bottom up?

No, it is not her view, and indeed it is, I looked at her, it was amazing! How many years have they all look at her eyes hatched ... We got married twenty years, she gave birth to a son.

You've been caring father?

Yes, what's the father - touch, hugs, swearing, kissing, and I do not have again. All work on children was one Ole. In those years, her views were formed under my influence, she was well-read, intelligent, but in fact very little girl, and between that girl and my wife - the abyss. Judges everything it completely independently, perhaps it comes to mind that might find yourself someone better. Women often get bored toys that they have in mind, they are even ready to part with them. More primitive man: he would not want to give her a toy, stupid realizing that it is not necessary to lose ... Whatever it was, we are together twenty-one years.

His children keep you in severity?

I threaten them more than seriously punished. At least one threat worked - Danka finished music school, violin, because I threatened: quit - just deprive, does not work, no money, no fig ... Now Daniel twenty, studying in British School of Economics, has already learned something completely for me inconceivable. Masha still small, she was fifteen, she was only very recently became our frustrating - comes too late in the evening. The daughter, too, are going to be sent to England to study design.

English education - one of the most expensive in the world ...

I worked hard and I work, money for education of children I have enough. Another thing is that there is no desire to show off, to splurge. It was in Monte Carlo, went to the casino, lost the ten dollars and left. Noted! I do not like these casinos - like checkers, dominoes, chess, preference. Friends already gutted long time waiting for me at the cottage. Everyone asks when I will dwell there and we play calmly ...

Interview by Tatiana Shokhin.