Just advertisingAs for the music, there is stupefaction, alignment. And suddenly there is a man like me. There are two ways - to try to hold on to the rest of my professional skills and make me compete. Or - to pretend that I do not. Then all will be good guys... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Book of Records Gradsky

According to the materials: "Ozon"
Book of Records Gradsky

Alexander Gradsky long been brought into the category of not even ancestor, and some fossil dinosaurs national rock. But in addition to this wonderful song about the circumstances but looking back passer and the first time it is in modern mass consciousness does not present. Meanwhile, Gradskij - a unique phenomenon in the world. It is not so much a singer and musician, as music Chamber of Weights and Measures. Or more precisely - a walking book of Records </ p>.

At Alexander Gradsky no underestimation of the complex, is a complex invaluable. He still laments that no one understood what he was really capable of in all its power and glory, no one can hold in your mind the awareness of his greatness. He suffers from its uniqueness, the fact that nobody except Kobzon could not even put a number to the other in musical ability and skill. Above these statements can laugh. But the most striking is that all ... and there! </ P>

Gradskij - the first All-Union created the well-known group ( "Skomorokhs") which performed rock in Russian </ p>.

Gradskij - the rarest in the world with a tenor voice trehoktavnym range. He can sing any opera aria complicated, not to mention the pop and rock repertoire.

In fact, he - the only singer in the world a level that is at the same time - multi-instrumentalist. While recording his stuff on the radio in 1972, Gradskij performed not only all the vocal, but also almost all the instrumental parts. This is only done before Paul McCartney.

It Gradskij Alexander wrote the first in the Union of the rock opera "Stadium" and gathered under its banner unique composition vocalists from Makarevich and Yarmolnik to Pugacheva and Kobzon. In addition, he is the author of three ballets, including - the acclaimed "Man," based on the works of Kipling.

Gradskij first created a suite of vocal on the verses banned Nabokov and proved that Mayakovsky - rock 'n' roll poet ( "Nostalgia", "Flute and Piano"). And his "Satire" on whether the program is not a seditious verses Sasha Cherny become perhaps than his own albums.

He is the author and other equally ambitious and successful musical experiments. With his rock band (!) "Skomorokhs" Gradski also recorded a vocal suite "" Life itself "on poems by Eluard, who, it would seem, is simply impossible to sing, and" Utopia AG "(Berenger, Shelley, Burns).

Alexander Gradsky became the first man who recorded an album of rock songs popular domestic treatments - from folk to the revolutionary march. "Russian Song" became his "mission statement" along with "Reflections jester". He became the youngest musician in the Soviet Union (23), which is entrusted with writing the music for the two-part film ( "Romance for Lovers").

Once again a record: for this work "Billboard" magazine recognized Gradsky "Person of the Year"!

Alexander Gradsky - one of the very few musicians performing songs on their own ... not texts, namely poetry, poetry of a very high artistic value ( "Fruits of the cemetery," "Song Nesvoevremennyya ").

Speaking of concerts. Gradskij belongs to the absolute world record live performances: 5 concerts per day in the same trehoktavnom range. And not under the plywood. As some of the "stars" of show business during "chesov" and grand rounds - live! It did no one ever.

Even from their anniversaries Gradskij manages not to make endless laying of wreaths, and a large-scale cultural event. Discs "Alive in Russia" and "Alive in Russia - 2" shows how the singer is laid out during the execution of any thing by Jose Arias to "antiperestroika blues". To top it off, he mounts his musical movies.

The man many achievements - still unique and unclaimed - that he refuses to move from new wins and notorious of all the perpetuation of his name.

Without batting an eye, turned down the offer to lay a star in his own name on the appropriate Alley. I do not want cuckoo in the asphalt adjacent to such "leaders", which is the place of culture in the trash rather than the stellar alley.

brilliantly executed game Stargazer in a Roman-Korsakov "Golden Cockerel", did not want to engage in squabbles and intrigues of the Grand. When he began to press in the struggle for the right to ride with the "End of the Line" World Gradskij all cultural and proudly sent away.

refused the offer Alexis Herman, who, with his mad genius "saw" Gradsky starring his superfilm "Khrustalev, the car!" But it would be a real step toward a new round of popularity, to actualization in contemporary cultural space. But Gradskij again chose the "ivory tower".

for a long time might With his connections, the authority would afford airtime to score their own video, unleash the radio any of his many musical projects. She does not want. Refuses to pay to those who, in theory, should pay him. And stay away from fashion, from the popularity of Fame ...

But this is nothing absolutely does not mean: Gradsky plans remain ambitious. That there is only an idea from scratch, from nothing, from the "Gradska ruins" to create their own musical theater ...

He does not care what they say about him his contemporaries. He did not care whether he will remain in the memory of future generations. And he continues to work. This means that we are waiting for new records. That's how this man - Alexander Gradsky.

Andrey Pirogov 2001, 'Ozon', April 2001

Reader Reviews:

Gradskij - not a man but chelovechische, and I must emphasize, we sample the modern "fossil" intellectual - about what the author writes, not focusing. One word - "zhurnalyugi", and how much it all ... only he had the right to the authorship of the word.

Gennady Bondar, Russia / Moscow, April 17, 2001

Unfortunately I do not know Gradskogo.Hotel coordinates would be invited to give a concert in a small rock-n-roll club in Chisinau.

Ruslan Uskov, Moldova, Chisinau 16 April 2001 g.