Just advertisingI often break off their viewers. For instance, my only promoted the song of his career was, «How young we were.» Of course, people waited at the concerts that I will do it for dessert. And I do not like this: the song is not my style, not rock 'n' roll. And I purposely did not sing. as if I was not asked... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

"Susana's notes"

Fragment of the publication of Andrei Maksimov
"The Sparkle", № 05 (4732), February 2002
Susana's notes - Alexander Gradsky

Television is a huge exhibition. It's not just that many people want to appear on the television screen with one goal: to show themselves, to show off. Even if a person does not want this, even if he came to say something very important from the screen, someone will say about him anyway: "flaunts."

I wear glasses, because I do not see it from my childhood. I began to wear my beard at a time that was not easy for every man, when he had already parted with one wife, and on the other, had not yet met, and therefore, without knowing where exactly the morning would find me, it was just, I think, judged that it was better to go Bearded than unshaven. Long hair from me because my friend divorced his wife. This wife sheared me, when they got divorced, there was nobody to cut, and I basically do not go to hairdressing saloons, because I can not stand when other people's hands are digging in my head.

All this was called simply - appearance. To be more precise, it was not called at all. "Here's Maximov came" - so it was all called ... After the first broadcast my appearance was purely Russian nickname "image", I was asked how I work on it and how I chose it. My simple answers were not satisfied with the journalists, they seemed frivolous, and even mocking ...


After the first few weeks on the air, I was recognized on the street. After the first months - poke a finger and say: "Oh! Look -" Vremechko "is coming!" After six months of work, a bottle of vodka was given free of charge in the St. Petersburg restaurant. I must say, for the first time in my life. Once I caught the car, the driver looked me over with a studying look and started to call me on my mobile phone: "Lyudok, can I tell you who I'm bringing now?" Well, you'll burst like that! You know, such a fat, uncombed? Well, from "Vremechka" ... Yes, As if he were wearing glasses.

I can not describe what I felt at that moment. I only know that I did not feel anything like this before or after. What struck me most was not even the fact that they were studying me in my presence, but the fact that the man did not say a word to me.


Almost recently, on a plane flying all the way to St. Petersburg, the stewardess, embarrassed, swam up to me and, blushing, whispered in the very ear:

- Excuse me, for God's sake, we argued: is this you or not you? I say: he, but everyone objects to me: no, definitely not him. You are Alexander Gradsky, are not you?

I admit that, sincerely respecting Alexander Borisovich, I did not find the strength to refuse to spend at least one hour of flight in his skin.


I am confused with Hradsky on a regular basis. Sometimes it happens quite funny.

Once I caught a taxi. The driver, as I recklessly thought, recognized me, and I was prepared to answer numerous "television" questions, but in vain.

- Are you Gradsky? The taxi driver said in confusion.

Not having a foolish habit of arguing with any of the helmsmen, I agreed, just in case. Shocked by the communication with the great, the chauffeur was silent for a while, and then whispered (in my opinion, himself frightened of his courage):

- San, sing, huh? Oh please.

I immediately began wheezing, referring to a cold and a complete lack of voice at the moment of my cold life.

But the driver did not fall behind:

- One couplet. You are welcome. "How young we were ..." Well! I'll tell the wife.

The argument about his wife, of course, solved the matter.

I, of course, lamented the complete lack of voice, but something croaked. (Forgive me, Alexander Borisovich!)

And then I was once again convinced that the magic of the name is a great thing. All possible epithets were expressed to me immediately and in a very emotional form.

Fortunately, we arrived quickly.

The driver, of course, did not take money from me (Gradsky), but asked already in his own way:

- San, autograph something cherkni!

Since childhood, I was assured that signing up for others is not only bad, but also amenable, so I flew out of the car.

Probably, the driver more than once later told his wife about the strange singer Alexander Gradsky, who does not want to sing in the car, but he does not want to autograph autographs.


By the way, with the present Gradsky we almost got into a fight during our first live broadcast. Alexander Borisovich somehow decided to curse one very famous musician, but somehow I decided to protect this musician.

I said this to Gradsky:

- I just want to hit you for such words.

But then the broadcast ended.

We were arguing with Gradsky and during the recording of the "Old Apartment". I forgot the essence of the dispute, but I remember very well the ending: Alexander Borisovich struck the strings and sang, looking me in the eye:

- Oh, the TV scum ...

And with all this I really love Gradsky, a man extremely talented, interesting and kind. He can say anything and anything, can be harsh and quite unpleasant, but I do not know of any person to whom he would cause real evil. Purely specifically.

Besides, he is a unique person. I am now talking not only about his singing and composing talent. It is clear that each of us wants to appear different from what he really is: everyone wants to seem better. Sasha persistently wants to seem worse. Being extremely kind, he always puts on himself a mask of anger and irritation.

Once my wife and I came to Anatoly Malkin to the dacha, and our car broke down. Guests at the dacha were crowded, Mulkin and Sasha Gradsky repaired the car.

This Hradsky in this - in a desire to help. Everything else is for the entertainment of oneself and others. To really not get bored.

By the way, Sasha, I think, remarkably said about me (I apologize to the ladies for the non-parliamentary expression).

- Maximov, - said Gradsky, - looks like oh .... Balzac.

Rough, of course, but, in my opinion, for sure. I like it.

In general, I like to communicate with this person terribly - you never know that he will otchebuchit in the next minute, but you know for sure that something amusing will tell you for sure.

P.S. "The tenth book, or behind the scenes" Vremechka "Andrei Maximov published in the publishing house" Astrel "