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Alexander Gradsky:
"In Russia, there has come a stagnation, and it's good"

Fokina Xenia

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25.12.02 19:39

In Russia, there has come a stagnation, and it's good - Alexander Gradsky

Famous singer Alexander Gradsky, who at the beginning of next year, after 12 years, will please his fans with the release of a new album, believes that we all lack a wise and tough leader. And while it is not, he advises everyone to "paint his fence," expand his horizons and not be lazy.

- Alexander Borisovich, what was remarkable for you last year?

- For me personally work. It was a year of struggle, overcoming and titanic efforts. He was very difficult. There were many problems in different areas, the solution of which required more strength than I expected to spend. This is a period of struggle for their own ideas.

- And what, the effort was not wasted?

- Fortunately, some kind of victory was won, but they cost a lot of forces. It so happened that this is one of the most difficult periods in my memory. There were only 4-5 of them in my life.

- And in areas not personal - public, political?

- I'm not interested in politics. That is, I am aware of what is happening at the level of newspapers and TV. But this is clownery and nothing more. Clownery, which brings people a certain earnings due to the fact that our people are still ungracious, unfortunately, and not keenly reacting to the fact that it's being fooled.

- And what should we do?

- It is necessary, and especially in such an acute period as the one that we are now experiencing, to have a broad outlook. I think we need an enlightened dictator. But it's not on the horizon. When someone says that Russia needs a stick, it's only half true. We need an enlightened despot.

- Do you wish us all to have an enlightened despot?

- I want an enlightened despot, but for a short period. It's a game of words. An enlightened person in reality can not be a despot, truly enlightened, not only educated, "educated", as Solzhenitsyn said, but a wise, bright person.

- But is not this a utopian idea?

- It happened. And now our country needs it especially.

- And what remains for us, mere mortals, without an enlightened despot?

- You have to look at yourself from the side. Paint your fence, as they say in England. If everyone thinks that they owe something to him, he has worked all his life and has nothing, it's all true, on the one hand. And on the other hand, they robbed him, because he was lazy. You can not take the indolent one.

- With what feelings do you enter the new year, with a sense of disappointment?

- No, of course, I achieved everything I wanted, but so much energy was spent that I feel exhausted. I recently returned to Russia, and now I feel killed. I still have 2-3 days of serious work. I'm recording a record.

- A new record? So, do you have high expectations for the next year?

- Well, in general, yes. The first record in 12 years comes out at the beginning of the year. Recently, only CDs with recordings of concerts and old works came out of me. The last such work was in 1991 - "Fruits from the cemetery."

- During these 12 years a lot has happened in our country. This will somehow affect the record?

- I would say that it is very apolitical. There's nothing to do with my songs on social themes, although it has something in common with that record.

- More lyrics after 12 years?

- In general, everything is lyrics. Yes, this is a lyrical record, although it has a rather old-fashioned name and it is in a strange way arranged.

- ????

- It will be called "Reader" and consist of works named by genres and by conditional definitions. Waltz, tango and so on. Once upon a time, in 1971, I was making a record of "The Fool's Reflections." It was an experience of playing music in different genres, and something she echoes with my new work. She is very dear to me, and my friends appreciated her well.

- Why did you decide to move away from social themes, after all?

- Now we, thank God, there is a period of a certain stagnation. For Russia this has always been good. Someone, of course, is doing some nasty things: tariffs are increasing, nerves are bothering people. Although one does not understand: an increase in tariffs can lead to collapse. People need stable concepts: sausage costs so much, there is so much bread, and oil so much. That there was no fear that tomorrow everything will rise in price 10 times.

- Did you become interested in this topic?

- Social themes can be a background of music, a background for explaining the events that occur in life. In the 1980-90s such events were. Now came the period of stagnation.

- Is it really that good?

- From my point of view, it's good. 2-3% of annual quiet growth without beating the muzzles, without screams, without rudeness. That's when the artist and the opportunity to turn to his inner world, to the lyrics, if you want. The inner world of man is much more interesting than social problems. Social explosions only lead to misfortune. Therefore, I wish all of us to calm down and stop yelling.