Just advertisingBy working with blank verse, rhymed in the absence of the usual completeness, there is enought to confusion - but it is rather Gradsky even encourages, gives an opportunity to play with non-standard «Neshlyagernymi» melodic solutions... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Alexander Gradsky's answers to the questions of the correspondent of the magazine "Banking series" Gorbatov Andrey

The magazine "Banking series" has repeatedly asked the Russian music singer, singer and composer Alexander Gradsky to give an exclusive interview. The patriarch of rock music referred to employment, and several times refused.
And yet, through a wonderful mega-site dedicated to the "Grandfather of Russian Rock" - Gradsky.com we went out to the biographer and archivist A. Gradsky, Journalist and music producer Andrei Gorbatov, a long time not only a fan of the singer, but also a friend.
It was Andrei Gorbatov who, at our request, nevertheless penetrated (into the coryphaeus at the invitation of the singer) and persuaded the "Golden Voice of Russia" Give our magazine a blitz interview, which we also give below.

Photo: S. Babenko

Your compositions, written in different genres, are always full of dynamics, emotionality, poetic and unrepeatable. What is the source of inspiration for your work?

Nowhere to go: we have to sing.

E. Presley, F. Sinatra, F. Shalyapin, K. Shulzhenko, "The Beatles" - yet whose creativity more influenced your decision to become not only a musician, but also a singer, composer, poet?

All together.

How did it all start? When did you realize that you and the music are inseparable, that this is your element?

In ten years.

For what and for whom do you sing, do you write?

For yourself

How do you feel about your own uniqueness?

With humor.

Do not you feel lonely on the modern stage?

I feel.

Or does the feeling of individuality give you a sense of unordinaryity and special power?


Does your eccentricity help or prevent you from perceiving the surrounding people, colleagues, subordinates, partners, relatives and friends with their trivial ups, downs, failures, failures?

And it helps and hinders.

How thorny was your path to the musical Olympus?

Not really.

What difficulties had to be overcome?

Work always produces results.

In which sphere of creativity do you feel the greatest satisfaction from self-realization? What can not you live without?

Without that - without which I could live.

What is the evolution of your relationship with classical vocals?

I won it.

How was the idea of the leadership of the vocal department at GITIS born? What did you learn on this path?

I myself taught them all?

What, in your opinion, is the difference between music and movies from pop songs? In which cases do songs that are written for movies acquire their own destiny?

Given the talent.

More than ten years have passed since the decision to create a Moscow theater of contemporary music, the mayor of Moscow supports you. At what stage is the construction of the theater today?

Let's do it! In a year and a half or two.

You do not like to talk about what kind of theater it will be, but with the current scarcity of professionals, how are you going to recruit a company for a particular performance?

There will be a contest.

Are you still a member of the Presidential Council for Culture? What did this work give you in person? In a professional?

I did not know, I do not go - there are too many members of the presidential council! When it was all organized, my friends - those who created the council engaged in, told me that there will be twelve people in the council in the field of music, painting, museum business, where Piotrovsky (the director of the Hermitage - AG) should have been, others Representatives of different spheres of culture, but when I came to the first meeting, there were about eighty people. I did not come. This was not for me at all, just uninteresting.

What are your moments of inspiration?

At night.

Do you use old work or some standard techniques to create new works or is this process completely creative, excluding any stamps and all your works are original?

Yes, I do. They are still original, but without the old developments do not work, because you are inventing something, maybe it is not needed today, and a week later will be needed.

Is it true that genius attends everyone, you just need to hear and correctly interpret the inner voice and impulses of the soul in time?

It's hard to say, it's unlikely she, genius, visits everyone!

Is it enough just to have vocal data or a pop singer who is required to receive a musical education?

The more knowledge - the better! If you still have the talent, the more good.

Do you equate professionalism with fame, that is, with public recognition?

No. These things are different.

Is there an "average singer", "middle song" in your lexicon? If so, what do you put into this concept?

What, in your opinion, is the level of singers, musicians in Russia?

Low level plus me.

And among the western performers?

Medium level plus brilliant musicians.

How does the relationship with colleagues? How much mutual aid is common in show business?

Well, relations with colleagues are: hello !. - Hi…

Earnings, advertising, music policy is important to you?


How does the poetry of the musician work with the prose of life?

It's easy.

What are your relationships with the world of business and finance?

Hello. Till.

Do personal relationships influence the achievement of the ultimate goal?


Have you used your chance in life?

Not everything.

What personal achievements in your work are you proud of? What would you like to forget about? Were there failures?

In every success there is a failure, but it is necessary that no one except you guess.

What would you like to change in your work?

Nothing. I do not see any other answer.

What is the most urgent problem that you need to solve immediately?


What do you most appreciate in people?


Do you feel obligated to someone? Do you have any idols?

Idols are not, but obliged of course: my teachers, of course, his wife, Ole, I owe children - such simple things.

Which conflict critical situations were the most acute and remained in your memory?

Rather personal conflicts.

What events, books and works have the greatest impact on you?

Very much. All you will not name.

Which of the awards you deserve (from the first prizes at the festival of bit-bands in Gorky before conferring the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation) are the most expensive? Or do you value the recognition of the five-million-strong army of fans more?

That's right. It's nice, of course, to have some titles when something nice is said about you, although if these ranks were not in principle - nothing terrible. When you know exactly what you need, did something in life, then the ranks are not important. But so it is accepted - the icon was hung ...

What experimental projects excite you today?

There are no such.

With what feeling do you now look back on the past path? Do you go back to past experience?

Yes. Sometimes.

Your feelings at the turn of the era. What are we going to be like?

And the devil knows you!

When will the long-awaited new CD "reader" come from your fans?

This will happen in the beginning of September in the nightclub "Studio" that on the Tver house 10. I'll personally select the list of guests for the presentation. Of course, guests and vodka will be poured, but first I'll do it so that everyone will listen to my disc, and then "bite". I do not like presentations, where the beau monde comes only to eat and drink, forgetting for what reason the presentation is ...

And in conclusion: music and poetry of the modern rhythm of life - what is it?

In the rustle of the forest and the noise of the sea.

Blitz-interview was taken by Andrey Gorbatov (May 27, 2003)

Director of the ethnic concert agency "Live Collection", professional journalist.