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My impressions about the presentation of the new music album "Khrestomatiya"

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September 20, 2003
Alexander Gradsky

To be honest, I can not comment on this presentation ...

The main thing that I would like to report, although I do not think that anyone is interested in my opinion, is that I visited the presentation for the first time, and besides, I communicated with such a wonderful person as AG.

I confess we were a little late. In the beginning, I felt in the company of strangers rather chaotically (after all, age does not allow itself to be conducted familiarly), but then I got used to it, because I realized that they were absolutely wonderful people. In general, there is a feeling that those who are interested in HIS creativity, real admirers of talent, I would say even more genius, can not be bad people (which, however, does not prevent them from being "psycho", but about this later).

I, the truth, already knew the famous Phantoma, but other "gradskoman" to me were known only by hearsay, which did not stop me from getting acquainted and making friends.

But this is only an introduction. Here begins (though, as usual, half an hour later) the first, romantic part of the program. At first, the culprit of the celebration delivered a short speech to satisfy the journalists, and, behold, it began ...

I do not even know where to start. A lot of impressions. It seems to me, although I am familiar with the work of Alexander Borisovich rather superficially, not in the same way as, for example, my mother, and even more so, the Phantom, this album does not resemble any previous one. It contains, figuratively speaking, "everything for everyone", only these "all" do not want to distinguish worthy music from the shameful one, which is, for example, pop, namely pop music, not pop music, as it is completely different and incompatible concepts. In short, I return to the disk " Khrestomatiya ". Everyone can find 2-3 songs in the collection for themselves, but I do not even know what to stop, each song is good in its own way. In one - murderous sarcasm, and the words of the other are such that it is hard to resist crying. Who will listen to the disc, will understand what I mean. I advise everyone. This is not an advertisement, but a personal opinion.

Then the "journalistic" part of the presentation began. JOURNALISTS who do not care who they ask questions to Kirkorov, Chicherina, or Kobzon, who all chatted and chatted and who, despite the questions, still come up with a duck or write some other muck that they have already done (see. previous publications on the site), finally they were able to ask the traditional (and pulls to insert a "gravel" obscene word) questions and get out of the way.

There was a very good treat, a so-called buffet, and then a complete mess began - half of the guests left (and thank God), and a part remained, and poor Sasha was pestered with all sorts of questions: how the disk was created, why Gradsky did not advertise it, etc. In particular, many questions were asked about his famous project - "The Master and Margarita", and he appointed a deadline of 3 years. Apparently, Alexander Borisovich wants to beat the record Bulgakov, whose book was written for 10 years, and only 20 years after the death of the writer was published. But the singer's answer really upset me. He said that we must hurry with the recording of the "Master ...", since his amazing voice can deteriorate after a few years. Sadly, this is the property of all voices, especially tenors.

There was also a question about why the disc did not go out for so long, because 13 years is a decent time. But after listening, as it seems to me, the answer is obvious - the record is "mature". There are "stars" that every month release albums that are stuffed with unknown, sorry for the expression, shit, and in the same month the public will not even remember them. And with Gradsky remain 4-5 million, who never replace it with Britney Spears. And this, as he himself said, is enough for him. The album grew in the literal sense of the word, it was replenished constantly, and the author decided that enough. Over such a fruitful work you can work all your life, time will not be wasted.

Well, what else to say ... HE - a man who directly and openly expresses his thoughts, not embarrassed by his convictions, not adjusting to anyone, not indulging anyone, not fearing anyone. He is always frank with anyone and will open to anyone - says what he thinks.

There is an exceptional case that people from different points of Russia and the world came to Moscow, to the club "Studio" and visited the presentation. Chicago - Irina Efimova (!), Kiev - Phantom-Antonin, Kazan - Marina Konstantinova, Nizhny Novgorod - Kirill Kolesov, Dnepropetrovsk - founder of the site - Vladimir Tyminsky, Yekaterinburg - Katya Nikanorova, Smolensk - Viorel Gutu and representatives of other cities gathered in our capital homeland at the round table, and were described by Gradsky himself as "PSYCHI".

Naturally, there were collective photos, autographs, and all that ...

Then we went for a long time around Moscow by the "PSYCHOV ROUND TABLE" company and the evening was wonderful. Who was with me, I agree, and who was not, believe me naslovo.

Gorbatova Anastasia, 12 years old

Studying at Moscow Gymnasium

Photo: Ruslan Kovalevsky