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Alexander Gradsky
"Unformat" (2011)

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Alexander Gradsky -

At the end of the past in the history of 2011 in music stores did a sinister kind of artifact, which is rolled up in cellophane with a black box - a kind of Pandora's Box of Innovation.

Anyone who, having shown interest in taking this artifact in his hands and tried to consider the black-and-black letters on a black-and-black surface, bound eyes grasped the strip of white paper glued to the reverse side of this mysterious box. The inscription on the band reads: THIS CD IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO PERSONS NOT 18 YEARS OF AGE. Explicit content and offensive language.

A closer study of the artifact was clearing all the way prosperous: Honored Art Worker, State Prize Laureate, People Artist of Russia Alexander B. Gradskij released his long awaited artist album « Unformat ».

You pretty much miss the bus if you have not filled up his musical arsenal that effing time (time in the truest sense of the word) by a bomb in a black cardboard envelope. Father of Russian rock with a twinkle and unique to his unconventional professionalism reaffirms the right of paternity. Personally, I was reminded of the process of listening and festivals, "Backyard," the late 80s with sparkling energy from the musicians of "DDT" and the intoxicating acoustic sets Gradsky, and incendiary television the same time, and midnight on the radio station "Youth" with the "Hit Parade Alexandra Gradsky "opened my SashBasha and" Nautilus Pompilius ", and, of course, the disc «Nesvoevremennyya songs», published in the early '90s, which included the fact All clip perestroika "Gradsky" songs, taking inspiration from the stunning rock fans in the stadiums: they were devoted to Vysotsky «Song about a friend», and «Ballad of the people 'sufferers», and «Anti-perestroika Blues» and «We are not waiting for change", and «Song Untitled», and many other netlenok. Since then, twenty five years, the history of the country has made another round of awkward, and again it is time to songs of freedom and dignity - the songs are honest and unkempt, and unformatted. And even if most of the local rock-n-rollschik, hooked on mortgages and corporate soldering sweet, got a mouthful of water, for the cause once again come from bison.

A kind of common thread is the best time, in my opinion, the track of the album "Unformat» - «Ballad of the "tired" guard», sends us, according to the in the liner notes to 1991. This song could well decorate the brilliant repertoire of "Nautilus Pompilius" period to record the soundtrack did not make a film "Man with no name" (think the song "Boxer"), so it "breathes" by air quenc hing the spiritual thirst of the crystal verified the text Symphony and aching. By the way, the album is "Unformat" recorded with the orchestra (although it does not frighten supporters of the rock tradition, since these songs to face any shirt) and the National Academic Folk Orchestra of Russia, the chorus of the Red Banner Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army Name Alexander and children's choir "Mandrake" (check it out the name!) from Klina. Among the other hits of the album can be called and full of quiet dignity «Chanson» (accompaniment makes the smile, remembering businesslike psaltery players from the film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation") and «Song about love », and «Allegorical song about ", and, of course, dedication, styling «Galich» (album, in general, is replete with intonations of Galich and Vertinsky), and downhole satirical block" Sports» + «Drinking», and the tenacious 10-year superhit old «Year 2000», and how to drop down away into another dimension lyrical «Romance», and the impact the completion of the album (just do not listen to the plate with the children, then almost every track is explosive, not to mention the final two!). In general, as we see, in fact, the whole cycle is worthy of repeated listening and thoughtful, and winding on a mustache, and the author for this album bow. Let us, brothers and sisters are kind to each other and sensitive to what is happening around them. A way out of the "situevina" has long been suggested by a wise creator "Untimely songs" and "Unformat" - refrain from idle chatter arenas and just express themselves, without waiting for a change.