Just advertisingBut in contrast to the vocal instrumental, using a synthesizer, a very dramatic: tools like commenting on the tragic content of the song, its very interesting elements of modal variability and unusual rock semidolnym meter... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

Alexander Gradsky:
«Music is like a good science»"

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Music is like a good science - Alexander Gradsky

- Alexander Borisovich You are a veteran not only of Russian rock, and karate. About 10 years ago in the "interlocutor" with your interview was your photo in a kimono, in a combat position.

- It was, it was ...

- In this case, your data and your favorite punch?

- Mayagiri, of course ... I'm not a veteran of karate, just started a long time in one of the first Moscow underground sections. Put for a while has not yet started. Then I passed on the brown belt - the latest front in black. But it was very arbitrary, I now realize that there was no brown. God forbid, to blue, and even lighter than that. Not given. This is the "Kyu-ECU" was called.

- This is handy in life?

- No ... I try to avoid any use of force in life is almost never fought.

- And as a child?

- As far as I remember in my life three times struck the man. And always in this case I do not remember what he did. Fell into a rage and was happy when I'm dragging.

- Where are you now are performing more?

- I have worked in Japan for several years. If I work in the West, most often it is the random site visits, joint, paired with some serious projects musicians. He worked with Liza Minnelli, Aznavour, Diana Warwick, quite a famous singer. But ... Anyway, I was there late. In order to put on me, even if I have a good voice, you must be 20-22-year-old. I have come back, sorry for the terminology such as the master. It is believed that the master is all right, so it is not necessary to offer contracts. Contracts for the record received. Interesting suggestions, but I'm interested in working in Russia, this is the case I will never give up!

- What changes in your life have occurred in recent years?

- Changes are huge, everything can not be said. But the main thing - that I finally fell out with the electronic media. They believe that it is better for me not to say anything. That is, they would show me how, basically exploiting. This game, when the media does not work on the artist and performer working in the media. Typically, the media create an image of the performer, unwind and propagated it, and then use the return flow from it. His popularity, fame, his face if you want. And with me is another story. I unwound to create almost his entire life without TV. And it only shows me this: "But what do you think about this? What do you say?" That is my music does not give. Basically, they use me, and rather one-sided. That I do not like, and recently acquired a character of simple panic. Television lost the remains of a person. It is not clear who the organization represents. What kind of music, how the people. What she wants does not even teach - to teach should not ... But if you watch TV, it is not clear, there is a culture here at all, or only this farce ignoramuses and fools.

Leaves, Culture - accidentally snatched ballet, symphonic music of some kind, some kind of a picture and everything. Judging by the TV, there is no culture of our people. She once there, live, sema develops. A sotszakaz on primitive, unfortunately, is hard and executed.

- Criticism calls you to the patriarch, the grandfather of the national rock 'n' roll. And how would you call yourself?

- I myself would never baptized. I have a name. Would call themselves the same way as their parents. A critical need to earn the money somehow. Therefore, some invented "daddy." Others are looking to age the Pope should be Makarevich. So, I - my grandfather and so on. Great-grandfather, by the way, we have vacant, so we automatically move into the category of great-grandparents, I think. And then - the ancestors. And my grandfather would Makarevich, Dad, let's say, Butusov and granddaughter - Professor Lebedinsky or some other idiot.

- Makarevich I have a song dedicated to you, with the words: He taught us to sing ... was a father to us, and we told him - a child "...

- That helped in their time TIME MACHINE, how would they know. But there is, for example, a group of Bravo, which I so Sergei Bondarenko, head of the Moscow Oblast Philharmonic, chimed in and gave the first professional tour of the Soviet Union. And they were like the pros, get rates. And then it turned out that it did Pugachev. I kept quiet, I'm not interested.


- Is it true that you are the author of neologism "scoop" and how you his winning streak?

- I think just that there was yet another idiot who came up with some three or four words that did not seem completely out of the Russian language. The same "zhurnalyugi" ... Just at some point I began to capture these improvisations. Because, frankly, tired of what I've come up with something, and then it turns out, it turns out that someone has entered. Prove the authorship of the word "scoop" I can not - no evidence of copyright, but I know that I came up with this. And by the way, not in a context in which it is now all navyazlo in the teeth. Invented was as diminutive. As an explanation of hopelessness and futility of struggle, effort, how to say, invite the breeding source. Like, what can you do, guys, we all are. Then these idiots have a word was offensive. But this was not.

Provenance is very funny. After the concert we sat drinking upset in the sandbox. We were not allowed back home or my grandmother or my mother Jura Shakhnazarov. We sat down. Drink was not anything else. From the throat - not nice. But someone forgot to molds. Here we have used them. One rolled over from the grape, the other out of the house trembled, and the third ... In my opinion, there was a pear. Well, I got a wooden scoop. Here's a form! Easily narrow neck, poured out of him beautifully. On it was inscribed: "Scoop. C. 23 kopecks.". I said, "Here's how ... We employ the shovels." Then there was a song with that word. And then I forgot it all. After 10 years, someone has to use. It was funny ... So there is no contribution to the great and mighty there. There is more damage, that I brought (laughs).

- You're not going to as many musicians do business?

- None. Active there. I sell only their own labor. Sale of his life. In a capitalist society I live in the age of 14. Around me, market relations. I've always been into them with my employers, the organizers of my concerts with the people that released my CDs. Already he began to produce. That's lovely and it was a society in which we lived. The more you are worth, the more capitalist relations could you choose to power with management. The more income you are bringing ... I remember when we filmed in Kiev concerts. I refused to remove a song about Vysotsky. Director of the Philharmonic ran, someone else. Crying, screaming terribly, begged off the song. Because losing a huge gathering. There were three 10000th Palace sold. We had it all removed. And no one took off. I took a song, they took off concerts.

Therefore, in principle, it was possible to spin. Actually still wondering how I managed to survive without losing face. It's that time it was quite easy. Still, if there is trehoktavny range, it is easier than to have the ideas expressed in the form of an amateur.

What motivated by choosing poems and poets? First of all, because I liked them at one time. As poetry. Suited to what I wanted to express at this time. This often happens by accident. Open the book and ... For example, the song " In the fields covered with snow and rain " I wrote in the studio to record a totally different thing. I came to write " Girlfriend collier ". It was in December 1971. I wrote this song and the break was flipping through a book. Came across that verse, and mumbled to himself. After 20 minutes, after the recording of "Girlfriends collier," wrote this song. Sam, one. Born in the studio. Everything happens by accident.

Lately I do not take other people's poems, songs I write only on their own. Because I learned to write poetry. In 1980, 1981, I believe, do not know how. Therefore, it was more convenient to take classical poetry.

- In place of the social poetry of the 60-70-80's came to romance ...

- Maybe one day grow old and falling to his childhood, as it should. All elderly people are sentimental and sing about flowers. Also I will sing about them ... Now, while the muscles are working, I can be mischievous. However, the romance is not quite what you had in mind. In " Utopia AG " no romanticism there. Broken Social jet. Poems of English Utopian.

- What are your favorite team?

- You mean in this rock the stage? I'm disappointed. Can not name anyone. There was a time when I wanted to help these people, once put to a close and with them. It was hoped that they will engage themselves to develop themselves as singers, composers and musicians. As this phenomenon from the beginning was the original, honest, spiritual. But as a social phenomenon, and left. Music came out of it. Therefore, all journalists are happy to describe how to use it sotsyavlenie, so to speak, our specific rock (laughs). But this is not a rock. I coined the term, a meal - fixed: "The Soviet people's electric guitar-music" (smiles).

- How would you define the genre in which the work?

- I did not want to define. I think that the only music in which, depending on the tasks that I set myself, I can use what I can. If you need a big voice that I use. If you do not need, do not show it. We need to, say, a purely Italian grace - I'm doing it. If you need text, smyslovataya idea, try to use the bard tradition. Need guitar music or guitar accompaniment - think of what I know about the Spanish tradition of playing the guitar and at the same time, playing the Russian seven-string guitar romansovoy. That is, it all depends on how you are literate. If you write music for the movies or records, such as " life itself " Eluard, there used techniques and style of the French chanson. Since the French poems. The author - a lyrical, even more interesting translation of the poet, we unfortunately do not know him. Max Vaysmaher.

If I did plate on poems by Rubtsov (a Russian poet, absolutely, to the bone), therefore, must necessarily be some- is archaic. Old Russian modal basis. That is, what is called a professional job. Music.

We have, unfortunately, only on a subconscious level people understand where the work is professional and well sung with just a hit. Net subconscious. Do you feel that there was a lot of work, and for what and why it was not always clear.

- What pleases you and what upsets? - Sorry for the social and domestic level.

- I'm pretty tired man, I have nothing inspiring. In addition to random ideas which came to mind. Do not upset anything because he was used to almost everything. I mean, it was disappointment. There was a wild tragedy if something happened to my family, relatives, or maybe some kind of arduous with the Fatherland. Tragedy. Sorry - this small problem. And at this level, I do not care at all for a long time. Honestly.

Sergei Nosov

Photo by Sergei SHARUBY