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"Stadium" Alexander Gradsky


Moskovsky Komsomolets

May 29, 1976

against the "Sound Track" come with a request to meet with the popular composer and singer Alexander Gradsky. We invited him to our club and asked to answer the questions that you ask in their letters.
So, meets Alexander Gradsky.
«Stadium» Alexander Gradsky

«... I have heard that Gradsky won the prize as the most popular composer in 1974. What is this and who prize awards?
C. Nemchinov ».

- Indeed, the European magazine "Music Week" awarded me an honorary diploma "Stars of the Year" for 1974-1975,.

«... What are now it works?
O. Volintsev ».

- The work on the rock opera "Stadium", and is now negotiating the statement. At its creation took three years. The fact is that for the rock opera was going to a lot of facts forming the basis for the libretto. To pack it, in fact, gone most of the time. My work is dedicated to the events that took place in Chile, and the last days of the life of Victor Jara. We wrote the libretto with young Moscow poet Margarita Pushkina.

«... In a radio interview Gradski said that he works at the studio" cartoon. " And what kind of "cartoons", he participated?
N. Tsarevo ».

- In the new animated film "Legend of the lighthouse." In it I had to act not only as the author of the music, but to sing.

«... Sings a Gradsky other people's songs, or just his?
N. Sukharev ».

- Yes, sometimes I play songs by other composers. It happens or when I'm the author of words, or, if the music of another composer is of interest to try yourself in an unfamiliar plane.

He has now

cartoon, I think, is very good, script written by J. Entin. He is the author of the lyrics to music by Gladkov. Called the film "Blue Puppy". There I sang a good sailor and part fish-saw. Worked on this picture and such famous and talented actors like Mironov, singing the cat, M. Boyarsky - he was evil pirate, A. Freundlich, singing for the main character - blue puppy.

recorded several songs for composer Pahmutowa words N. Dobronravova.

"... What are your plans for the future? ..
L. Pugovkina ».

- First, I continue to learn. After graduating Gnessin Institute as a singer entered the conservatory composition class of Professor TN Khrennikov. So for me, as for all students, it is very important to finish the school year.

Just recently, the firm "Melody" to send me a song contest "Bratislava Lyre", where I'll be singing a song specially prepared Czechoslovak and Soviet song young composer Vladimir Feltsman «Elegy». Poems written to her by me in collaboration with poet Reznikov.

I am going to prepare a series of

songs on poems of Andrei Bely. But most importantly, I am prepared to work on a comic chamber opera for the first edition of Lermontov's drama "Masquerade". Incidentally, the first edition of the drama did have a comic slant.

course, has other plans, but it is narrated that interests me in the first place.