Just advertisingI said, «Or I wrote the music for the film and get four of them, or I take my song, and fuck you with your film.» And hung up. Ohrenevshy Andron three days running, for some directors, beat his fist on the table and yelled: «I am. Do not know anything, he dork, but I want his stuff.» Three days later I signed with a valid contract. In '23 I became the youngest composer who wrote music for the film... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

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"Youth of Siberia" (Novosibirsk)
October 24, 1981

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"Show and tell Moscow" 1988

Today the name Gradsky, who was born in the Urals, but considers himself a Muscovite, as a child living in the capital, is named among the most popular pop singers, not surprisingly, given his unique voice, artistic and unique plasticity of his music.

Yet Gradskiy popularity of a different kind than the popularity of, say, Pugacheva. Do we think today at least one variety show without singing divertissements Pugacheva? Practically none. On the radio, on television, almost every open window, with the plates issued by the millions, the singer's voice pours. And how often do you can hear Gradskiy? On television is widely voiced, perhaps, only one song in his performance - "We were so young." And even that was not written to them. Plates produced little: two giants - the "Russian Song" and songs from the film "Romance of the Lovers", an EP, sing with the group "Buffoons". That's about all. It remains only a movie. Gradski composed music for several films, he sang for the staff. Such tapes also not much.

However Gradsky popular. And when he performs a few of his tour with his band "Buffoons" problems with the sale of tickets does not happen. In any case, when this author was at the concert Gradskiy in Tomsk, then witnessed that during the three days the Sports Palace was filled to capacity. And at the Sports Palace no less that 6,000 beds. So what is the secret of Gradskiy?

Key seems, is simple. It was enough to see into the room, hears the songs, to make things clear: there sat very young. And the songs, sounded from the stage, had a clear, specific address. That, and, perhaps, the fact that one of the few Gradsky our pop singers, not to include in their borrowing from other singers, he has a distinctive style.

Becoming Gradskiy as creative personality was not easy. Find your own style lasted more than a year. Could not avoid and defeat. First - a boy - Gradski portrayed popular Robertino Loreti. Then in 1965, with his band "The Slavs" he sang "under" The Beatles. " Then in 1967, the ensemble of "Scythians" - again imitation. And, finally, "Buffoons" - his songs, his style.

Composition "Skomorokhov" many times changed. The first part of: A. Gradsky (lead guitar), J. Shakhnazarov (bass guitar), A. Bujnov (organ, piano), V. Polonsky (drums). Today, "Buffoons" - is three people: Alexander Gradsky, Yuri Ivanov, Vladimir Vasilkov. Solo, bass guitar and drums. And all.

According Gradsky, three people are enough to make good music. If you want to enter some of the other instruments, the band members do it without difficulty. Sam plays Gradsky 10-12 instruments, others also not far behind. If you want to record to record someone's help, we are invited to V. & S. Danilin Zenko.

About Gradsky, about his music, you can write and talk a lot. However it is better to give him the opportunity to express itself. So, questions grad. Gradskiy Music, Music "Skomorokhov" - it is rock music so impressed with today's youth. Hence the natural first question:

- Who in this country profess a similar style? Who can rightly call himself a Soviet rock - musicians?

- there are not many. Of touring can be called, perhaps, only the ensembles "Magnetic Band", "Autograph", "Gunesh", "The Time Machine." There are bands of this type, but mostly in the amateur level, although they perform interesting music.

- «Buffoons", of course, are representatives of this trend. What kind of influence on you foreign samples of rock music? Which of them would you point?

- I was brought up to "The Beatles." Music of the Fab Four so far for me encyclopedia of rock music. On the influence of Western rock bands on us I would not have said we want to go our own way. Last time I try to listen less, since the storage time has passed, it's time to implement. But still can be called Czeslaw Nemena, Chick Karia, "Mahavishnu", "Tal Dzhetro».

- How frequently updated repertoire, when there will be new records, if any?

- Upgrading of the repertoire - a complicated matter. Complex process of adaptation. I often do not seek to enter the repertoire of new songs tend to write them 2-3 a year. This is not to say that every year is sung the same. Let hear the old songs, they all sound the same every time a new way. Every night, every concert. It is always open a new audience for me and I was open to the public, my songs. Because one thing - to hear from the plate and quite another live performance.

For records can tell you that we recorded with the "buffoons", except for the giant "Russian Song", a disc of "Utopia AG". The first has already appeared on the market, I think that will soon come the turn of the second.

- What are working on now?

- over the new program. Going to put their rock opera "Stadium", dedicated to the fight Chilean fascists.

For the new concert program, as with the opera, a lot of difficulties. Well, with the rock opera understandable problem - the space, the performers. But a concert of a different order. With it, we will not be able to speak to an audience of the Sports Palace. Complex, with the latest achievements of electronics music involves trained listener and require extensive work with it.

- In the field of electronic music you are working in parallel with experimental studio E. Artemyev?

- In the studio. But we have different problems. Artemyev involved experimental music. What he does is very interesting, and I personally really like it. But we use the whole electronics in order to make live music.

- And the last question: Do you plan to tour in Siberia?

- I do not know. I would come with pleasure. It is likely that in my touring routes in the near future and will be the city of Siberia.