Just advertisingExtraordinary singer's voice can easily create a remarkably rich sound palette for each song. Here, everything is thought out, well built and very professionally done. The power of sound, as an integral of the rock, the songs Gradsky nothing more than paint, which is used with a sense of proportion and taste. And most importantly - all visible to the professional work of the highest class... Read more - Songs on the music and arrangement. So, it all started with the «Skomorokhov» in 1966, where you played with Gradsky, Buynova and Shakhnazarov. What began themselves «Skomorokhs»? and the music!

The great and terrible
Alexander Gradsky:
"I'm not any more expensive than the average asshole - Alexander Gradsky"

The newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets"

22 - 29 October 1998.
live Collection

Gradsky can send away anyone. He sent Konchalovsky. And you send, you see, be sure to send. Gradsky - a monster. His name scare children. But the voice - yes. There will not take away. And experience, of course. And credibility is huge. And talent. Nowhere to hide it not. Approximately as admonished me, those who have heard something about Gradskaya. And who is about him, he wondered, had not heard? Alexander B. meets me on the verge of ringing, vigorous mat. A hollow echo, he walks across the expanses of his beautiful apartment. This is not me. This end business negotiations. Numb listeners fascinated heed. And I do leaf through the rock encyclopedia. I read: "AG wrote the ballet based on" Mowgli ". In! I realized who he reminds us - it reminds wise Kaa the boa, the great and terrible." Slu-ushayte, Banderlog! "

Included daughter Masha. Take Dad's desk with a book of Prince Yusupov.

Masha: "This is the one who swings?"

Dad: "No, my daughter, its just a vye ... in the ass, and he called it a beautiful word" bisexual. "In fact, his grandfather - the usual pidaras".

neighbor on the left (sheepishly): "Next to children, and we are here so swear ..."

Dad: "Mary, come teach uncle swear ..."

I already feel Banderlog

I'm almost paralyzed. I do not know where to start.

Heavens! Remembered. Here it is:

"Kaa, they call you a yellow earth worm!"

- you attribute the phrase: "In our country no one can sing, but me and Kobzon".

- I was referring to performers of contemporary music. Although classical singers we have now is almost there. I still trenchant said: "Apart from me here at all no not sing. Is that Kobzon".

- What do you think Kobzon could say: "Here no one can sing, but me and Gradsky"?

- No, he does not say such things, as far as I know. But here's what time - what it means to "sing"?

- And what does that mean?

- Be able to sing at all - it means to own and a voice and skill. The next step - what is the range of voice and what level of skill, whether it is sufficiently diverse. And to be able to sing in my concept - is that there are a set of competencies that I have is from him. Most of its there is no one crooner.

- I heard recently, as Vyacheslav Dobrynin recalled his youth, the first concerts that are coming young Sasha Gradsky and listened open-mouthed and almost with tears in his eyes. It was?

- we met with Dobrynin in very funny situations. First, I was not young - I was six years playing in different groups. First, the Polish group "Cockroaches." They released me as a soloist. I remember how, in the auditorium of Moscow State University, I was singing without a microphone and a girl shouted to me: "Take care of his voice, do not need so grub, comrade!" In short, I was younger in age, but it worked for a long time, and the glory of just took the first steps.

While the group has organized "Vultures" and cafe "Blue Bird" I first saw Dobrynin. Then, in the 68th year, he already had, obviously, some money, he was very fond of "The Beatles" and really wanted to play. And a group of "vultures" had no money. Thank bought a guitar, I bought seems to be one of the guitar ensemble members, and they took him to the group. I did not belittle his success as a singer and writer of cheerful songs. But if I do that time and smile, then a completely different matter. On that say nothing, I have several times in the companies that story reminded him, and he blushed, but laughed.

- In general, some of you have listened to our, or listening to "open mouth"?

- No, of course. Is that horror.

- And anything can cause tears in your eyes?

- There is a standard situation in which the tears in my eyes there are already over so many years. That moment in "Fate of a Man," where Bondarchuk said the boy: "Do you know who I am? I am your father." And when the boy cries out: "folder, the folder, I knew you'd find me," - all I can. I even now remember this episode, and I'm not myself, and I have a little trembling voice. ( True shaking. - CP )

- This is something personal?

- No, I just made this scene so that it somehow gets to me is always and under all circumstances.

- Did you watch those names that appear now?

- Yes. Quite ten - fifteen seconds to turn off the TV or radio.

- But there are still some recognized authority. The same Aguzarova ...

- Who recognized? Now one and all versed in modern music, all labeled, - "a great rock band," "a great singer." But when the entity leaves the confines of our music of Zimbabwe on some children's competition and they are making a muzzle on the table, our media do not find anything more clever, like saying: "Again we sued." Although for me as a professional is quite clear that the singer or the singer nothing can be done on stage. That is to say nothing at all.

- You are some kind of relationship with Pugacheva?

- Well, before we had a relationship, and quite lovely. Now there are none. We almost did not greet each other. But I want to explain: I never discuss specific names. I can tell - no one does not know how to sing. Suppose someone decides that I forgot his name called. While almost everyone and he knows that he can not sing. Still bloated like a balloon, and flies up until zavyazochki not lose somewhere on the border of Poland.

- was at one time a group of "Falcon", it pioneered. But of them all was forgotten. You came later, but for some reason you called the father of Russian rock ...

- I came for three months later. And I would not want me to be so named. Again, this is a cliche. But if called, because it seems that I am one of the first Russian rock formed the concept as such. I decided not to rehash the Western models, and write in every genre of rock music is something in Russian. And he wrote "Reflections buffoon." The principal difference between my rock 'n' roll from the fact that then began to do Makarevich and "Leap Summer", that I preferred a good poetry. And if they wrote their poems, they must have been decent.

- Consequently, the texts Makarevich you do not like?

- Makarevich wrote this text. His first experiences were more like child's play. Then he crystallized his style, and improved music and poetry in general and then became the idol of a generation. But it all began with the failure. I remember a meeting in Moscow rock-club when there take "Time Machine". They cursed all the musicians. There was only one man who stood up and said: "They are all of you have put them in the piston in the ass. Mark my words," Guess who it was ... ( Intonation leaves no doubt that the defender was he. - CP )

- have already guessed. But why I ask you about the "Falcon" - you are not, they do not. You are already engaged in a deliberate promotion of myself?

- We do not even know the word. I still do not do advertising. We just played, and depending on how well we did, we have either had an audience, or it was not. We have no help, the media have not noticed. We had a very honest and clean work.

- Where is the rejection of advertising? It is repugnant to you as such?

- I will not behave like an idiot and telling lies, saying that I am fundamentally opposed. How can you pretend to be an Eastern sage, but actually pierced the left and right. Of course, the ads would not stir. But here's an example. I recently had a concert in the hall of the Tchaikovsky. About him several times declared "Intermedia" and "Radio 1". Posters in the city of Moscow, there were two - one on the left-hand corner of the hall of Tchaikovsky, the other on the right. Was sold to the audience, I was happy to see so many people. And if I had hung banners around the city, all this would be a minus in my fee. Most people would still have room not accommodate.

- but could not give a concert, and five.

- At one time I was giving 4-5 concerts a day for two and a half hours trehoktavnom range. It is very difficult to physiologically. None of the singer in the world does concerts with the vocal load. No one in the world - take the liberty to say it. And I just do not stand a number of concerts. I'm getting ready for one evening a month, I do not drink before the concert.

- So, it is true that you give a few concerts, but very high prices?

- No, I'm more expensive than any average asshole. Here's why - people still do not have the money. When someone says, let me such and such an amount - it may request, but he just does not give her one.

- You do not notice the contradiction in his words? First you say "advertising does not have prevented." And then - what you do not need it in principle.

- I do not need it because it is not profitable to spend money on it. There is no point in creating around his name bubble, and so if people come. There is no snobbery. I'll soon be doing a concert at Carnegie Hall, that's where I'll put money into advertising, because otherwise I do not gather this room. And no one will bring.

Moreover, even some of the legends and respected - that Gradsky not care. I was happy. But if I'm ever coming into the hall only two people, I will sing a recital. And then just stop working. I can earn money in other ways.

- You once sang at the Bolshoi Theatre in Rimsky-Korsakov "The Golden Cockerel." And they sang, I think, about two weeks.

- twice, to be precise. He rehearsed for almost five months.

- And then you have managed to quarrel with the whole troupe ...

- No, this is nonsense. This opera is infinitely raised my favorite Evgeny Svetlanov. A great theater, I must say, it's pretty specific institution. They do not like the aliens from the side. Especially in the party Astrologer. In the play "The Golden Cockerel" of the six major parties executed four or five people invited. Most difficult and, in general, non-winning opera singer to insert itself in the repertoire for the same money one of the soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre does not want to. Tam had to plow. Svetlanov did a great show, 25 minutes, we applauded the audience. It's all fixed, I have a film. If not Yarmolnik Lenya, who charmed the usherette and took me to an amateur camera, this would not have left.

- So what happened then?

- once invited to play on tour in Japan. And here is the soloists of the Bolshoi Theater said, "What do you mean? Theatre is going to Japan? We need to sing in the first part." And little by little began to displace us. Began intrigues against Evgeny Fedorovich, and I said to him: "Let me not going to complicate your life. I will not sing more. I believe that sports a feat we are done, and engage in petty squabbles do not want to".

- Well! And this is attributed to your bad character.

- You know, everything I did, I attributed to bad character. I was happy: the more pristavaly sure that I have bad character, the less they will stick with me.

- Now the story of the "Romance of Lovers." A special case, an unknown student, was invited to write music for the film. In my opinion, then your bad character will serve you good service.

- there also was not so straightforward. Andron was holding me by the young talent. And I already had enough ambition. The situation is this: a well-known composer, who was to write music for the film, for some reason refused. My friend Arkady Petrov advised Andron me. They broke into the studio when I recorded one of his things rather complicated. I told them to go away immediately, while the chair is not received. Go into the studio when recording is in progress - is the top arrogance. They were scared to watch me from the hardware. I sing, sharply reacting to their mistakes, mother. And, as I understand from the words of Petrova, Andron watched delightedly and shouted: "As he sings! What is it emotional! No, I have to shoot him in the starring role. What are his expressive blue eyes". ( It is filled with laughter, and I think that are breaking down the wall. - CP ) Actually, I have green. Then I turned in profile, and Andron said, "Oh, the long nose I do not approve. Let just wrote songs." So we met, and I must say that Konchalovsky can start a great people. I sat down and came up with the song. Since I signed the contract for 600 rubles. And I was in the third year Gnesinka and a night at the dance earned 20 rubles. And 85 received in a month, working as a loader. And then they give me 600. I am in a terrible rush calling all in a row, get drunk beer, and the evening comes to me my friend Alex Costin, who worked at "Mosfilm". We sit, we have two bottles of brandy, and he says: "Alexander, you want to chop. You, Alexander, wrote songs, now they will give a goat to some, he arranges them, it will be music to the film. And the queer receive 4000 or 5000 rubles. And you'll be a songwriter and you get 600. " I say "Chegoy that?". I drink another glass, I called Andron and say, "So and so, is it true?". He replied: "Well, you know, you're not a member of the Composers' Union, you do not approve." I said, "Or I wrote the music for the film and get four of them, or I take my song, and fuck you with your film." And hung up. Ohrenevshy Andron three days running, for some directors, beat his fist on the table and yelled: "I am. Do not know anything, he dork, but I want his stuff." Three days later I signed with a valid contract. In '23 I became the youngest composer who wrote music for the film.

- now - the sensational story of your union with Anastasia Vertinsky. It was officially married?

- Yes, it's official, but I do nothing about it will not say. I have now is not just another family, my family just now. And that was then, I do not think his family. Although this is quite a nice story, good man and a woman - people are pretty well known. As far as I know, Nastia did not like to remember about this period, and now I do not like.

- Not getting into your relationship, just want to ask about you - what rock 'n' roll deadbeat ...

- Could a fashionable lady hit? Talent deushki. ( Walls vibrate again. - CP ) More than anything. The beauty of my God rather offended. In general, it is necessary to ask her.

- What do you think you may like in women?

- I do not know. They do not tell me anything about it. And I did not raise this issue. But! I'm Kate, I have the result, and that says it all. And I'm not interested in getting his way.

- result - this is your current family?

- Yes, the current family and the way I think women react to me.

With the words "It is impossible," he leaves behind. brandy. Somewhere in the depths of the house shouting to his wife: "Olga, I like that in women?". Returns with a bottle and was surprised on his face, "she said - everything!".

- I would like to ask you about that scene with your daughter, Masha, of which I witnessed. They say that you have sinned before that. I am referring to the abundance of expression in children.

- Yes, it is. And they did not swear at me because of it completely.

- How do you know, maybe they just do not swear at you?

- I just know that they do not swear, do not drink or smoke. Although they are allowed to absolutely everything. I always tell them: "Look, my father swears, though for you it will be one of the bad examples. And if you have a protest against your parents, to express the fact that you do not like your father." Then again, most importantly results.

- How many wives have you had?

- Three. The first time I was married to a very good girl, exactly a half weeks.

- They say you are so cool like that your stuff has repeatedly thrown out the door. Almost a grand piano up the stairs exposed.

- I can not put out of the house. I've always lived in his house. And imagine that my 90-year-old grandmother put my piano on the stairs, very difficult.

- Have you ever struggled with excess weight?

- I always struggle with this. Constantly on a diet I sit. Katya, look at me - I'm forty-nine years old soon. And the look? And if you lose weight, then all will be given 38 ... If you take ...

- How did the current crisis in the construction of your problem with a crazy budget?

- I used to have summer residences were not there. And the fact that there are now, what I call "on Gradskij ruins." I started six years ago to build a house outside the city. I decided to make it to the upper class. Because of this, I think I have a house dostroyu age seven or eight.

- On the upper class - is how much?

- It's not about money. It costs slightly more expensive than any house of the new Russian middle. I just decided to do so, as I understand it. Repairs in the apartment, I also did himself, came up with everything - from the stucco before the doors are located. Also, I build a house. When I have money, the workers come. Money is running out - the workers leave. All lined up around a long time to live, make kebabs, but I'm head over heels in the cement. But neighbors have lead tours there - see, they say, Gradskij crazy.

- What is it? Golden bowls?

- No, no, it's not there. Just a very nice house. Most interesting is that even 20 years ago, I drew it to his wife. And he said - look, we'll have a house. There's even a total of four bedrooms - for us with Olya, Olya for parents, for his son and daughter. However, they are large. It is not like enclosed spaces.

- I remember a concert in honor of the 25th anniversary of the "Time Machine". On stage, friends, all singing in the center of Makarevich, on vocals fit around the side of Mr. Gradskij and immediately covers the whole assembly. You only hear one voice - your.

- It's because I am one and I sing. All the rest ...

- Tell me why this was necessary? And so it is clear that Makarevich's voice is weaker. All the same it was his holiday ...

- So he, on the contrary, I do. And then - what could I do?

- A quiet it was impossible?

- I can not sing differently than I can. Sing - this is so. Everything else - it's not singing. And then, in this concert since I was a performance. No one was cut out, just me. I knew that it would be, here and sing their party. No competition was not. Andrew loves when I sing his stuff, and knows that he is not a singer.

Included daughter. "Hey, Mash, for which I can love a woman?" - "For goodness'. - "Wha-oh-oh-oh-oh?"

- You have often said that the music you have many repeat - the same Makarevich. Now you, too, someone repeats?

- They were late for 6-10 years, but still did not do what I do. They just sometimes taken as a basis for my style. The fact that the "Bravo" made in '86, I did in the early 80 th year. What did Grebenshchikov in the 75th, I played in the 69-70th. Now the situation is ridiculous. I am so raised the level of his that I can not repeat, even technically. So I was left alone and no one is trying to compete with me in what I thought. Each has its nagreb cornfield, and it cuts.

- For the average person the level of which you speak, do not understand. It seems that you do not change. Although even a bison as Kobzon, who made a courtesy of the current fashion - remixes and te pe.

- So I'm more bison. I do not reverence. I did create a mod. And listen to the musicians and the fleece on the sly. As far as remixes Kobzon - this is more than the pump, I think this record is not interesting. He just pinned, and all. It is another super.

- I admit, but like I said, a monster of show business, listening to your play - a great voice, but that's just no use to anyone. Do you have a set of undervaluation?

- is invaluable. Yes, there is. And what about the fact that nobody wants - none of them is not needed. It's true. And so sometimes the worm pride still makes itself felt. I think that if I am not a great musician and great singer, it was only because I have slightly above it all. In books written that truly great man do not care what people think - it communicates directly with God. And the awful fact that I actually talk directly to God. There are two options - either all of the great lies. And in their depths, too, wears away the worm. Either I am not a great talent to live and think as they do. I struggle with this complex, both in weight. As with the bad traits in my character. In general, try to tell yourself that it does not matter.

- If it exists, therefore, not very good. You suggested that imprinted on the Star Square. You have refused. Why?

- On this square are many worthy names - to be around them a great honor. But at the same square more names appear next to whom I can not.

- you are not afraid to remain unrecognized genius?

- Yes. I care about, will remember me or not. Hence the sense of responsibility for what I do. I am absolutely confident that if I did not stay in people's minds as something great and irreplaceable, then at least stay as a man who could sing in trehoktavnom range. And who were the elements of vocal skill that nobody can well repeat. This is recorded on film.

- This is an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

- Yes, you spit at eighteen meters on all. And the music is a lot. No one had heard Paganini play. But any musician is clear: to play at this pace, you have to be a great master. Especially now that the artist can write good quality, and in 50 years will not have problems to hear how top Gradskij sings "mi".

- You would think that the descendants of those interested in "mi"?

- And they're always interested in it. Will be interested.

- And such a thing as a "living legend", for you there?

- I do not understand what it is, to be honest. Do not understand.

It covers ever. Smiling sweetly, predatory. Similarly, Kaa, who is fed up.

For myself, I develop a theme. Kipling's Tale in the birthmark of show business. It is easy to guess the Bagheera. Shere Khan is also there. There is a wolf pack, led by Akela, who missed. And the funny monkey tribe Banderlog.

It is not clear: who in this story got the role of Mowgli?