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At the presentation of the "Khrestomatiya" Alexander Gradsky made "great"

17.09.2003 17:28
At the presentation - Alexander Gradsky
A comment In "dogonku" two "works" (Note: The first already published - " Thirteen years later ." VT) of notorious representatives of the tribe zhurnalyug. It is difficult to find decent epithets for these self-styled toilers of the custom-made pen, but it is easy to find application for the result of their "selfless creativity", from which it already carries a sorter douche.
Sorry if these creations spoiled your mood. But it's just amazing how these scribes who were with us on the same presentation can be so perverted.
In any case, I now want to wash my hands very carefully.
Phantom (19.09.03)

Press conference by Alexander Gradsky devoted to the release of the album ' Khrestomatiya ', took place in the club 'Studio' on September 16. At the beginning of the meeting the musician gave journalists an opportunity to listen to a new record. "I sing it gently, tenderly, as if I'm 20 years old," the author preached. However, interest from the part of the audience began to fade after the third song, and to the middle of the record, some of the guests began to fidget restlessly on the chairs, glancing at their watches. The reaction of journalists did not embarrass Hradsky: "Now it seems to you that it is impossible to understand the record, but when you listen to it once or twice, you will find in it a lot of interesting things." The album, to which, according to the majority of those present, the definition "pathetic" best suited, was an attempt to unite in one work a lot of musical directions, from Latin to waltz, from rock to lullaby, with musical quotes from Beatles, Stevie Wonder and others. All the time, while "Khrestomatiya" sounded, the expression of absolute bliss did not disappear from the author's face, leaving him only at the approach of the next photographer. After making half a dozen calls in the direction of the bar, the musician finally mellowed and softened. A good mood did not leave Alexander Gradsky and during the ensuing discussion of the work. The musician told that in the near future he does not plan to shoot and rotate the clip for the song from the "Xrestomatia" ("for this I need to lose weight by 25 kilograms and stop eating, which is impossible"), and all presentation events will be reduced to a small block of new songs at his upcoming concerts. The creative process, according to Gradsky, looks like this: "A person goes to the pot in the morning, and something hits him in the head." By the way, Khrestomatiya, according to the author, was made "in large" (that is, as he explained a little later, it contains 15 memorable things without passing tracks).

As it turned out, the meeting with the press was conceived by Gradsky and as an official presentation of the 'Anthology', and the unusual "academic" form of its conduct is explained, according to the author, very simply: "This is the presentation of the album, not new songs. There are examples when people record a shitty album, and at the concert they play completely different from what is on the disc. " In conclusion, the musician added that this record gave him a chance to decide on the recording of the album 'Master and Margarita', whose idea has been visited by the author for several years. Gradsky promised that in the next two and a half years the album would come out: "I'm already 53 years old, and the voice starts to deteriorate from age, and the parties of Yeshua and Master are so complex that if I do not write them now, I will never be able to do it. '

Eugene Chaykin, InterMedia